No bones about it, Taka (Scar) is one of the most popular Lion King characters, and in my opinion, the most attractive. But sadly, during his youth, he suffered a wound to his left eye - In A Tale of Two Brothers, Taka is injured by a water buffalo after an attempt to disgrace Mufasa, so his father would see him as being better than his brother, and make him King instead. In Chronicles of the Pride Lands, he ventures into a honey badger's burrow to prove Mufasa that he isn't afraid and to obtain a wish (the badger was rumoured to be magic and could grant wishes) so that Sarabi can sit with him when he joins the Great Kings of the past. At any rate, I digress, although I do recommend reading Chronicles of the Pride lands: Legacy of Ahadi for more. I've re-worked these pictures of Taka using GIMP, showing us what he would look like if he never recieved his namesake... More attractive by far.

Ooh, nothing better than a mouse to start the day! "Adieu..."
Why won't you let me just EAT, you puffed-up little dodo? He just never gets a chance to snack inbetween meals.
I hate cubs. I really do. Even if you're not a borderline schizophrenic regicidel lion, little nephews beating you to Kingship and bothering you all day when you're trying to sleep will still irritate you.
Precisely... "Precisely..."
When at last I am given my dues! I have good looks, a fantastic singing voice, a lush mane, and an entourage of hyenas... I could be up on Broadway. Oh, ho ho... I already am!
Idiots! There will be a King! "You're all dumber than sticks, so listen to me and listen good! Now is the chance of a life time. Stick with me, and you'll never go hungry again!"
You just couldn't wait to be with Mufasa, could you Sassy? You couldn't wait to betray me. "No, you're just not looking harder enough!"
Now here's my little secret... "Now here's my little secret..."
Well, while we're here, I might as well kiss my nephew. Oops! Did I think that out loud? There's not much difference between this picture and the above, but this one is timed so it looks like Taka's about to kiss Simba, so I just had to throw it in!
I AM THE KING! Simba confronts Scar.
Take that, your Majesty! The two males of Pride Rock fight out atop the summit.
Oh no...The nightmares have come true. "Frie-he-hends? I thought he said we were the enemy!"
"Yeah, that's what I heard."