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This is a site dedicated to The Lion King, from the movies, to the Muck, pictures, avatars, an extensive lyrics database, and various other writings.

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Latest Updates

15th October 2008

After just over eight months of work, the Simba's Pride gallery has finally been completed! 4,579 files, near 1.4 gigabytes, and 3026 images (including thumbnails) went into the making of the gallery, which I feel safe in saying is the largest anywhere on the net! Also, a new interactive feature has been added to the Kopje - under the Writings section, a new entry titled 'The Lion King Meme' has been added. Do check it out, as many laughs (and the occasional eww) ensue!

12th October 2008

Following a vaguelly hectic week and a day-long blitz, three more Simba's Pride galleries have made it online! Firstly, the famous One of Us scene; secondly, You will never be Mufasa!, where Kiara leaves Pride Rock; and last but not least, Love Will Find a Way. At the rate things are going, I hope to have finally finished all of the Simba's Pride galleries by the end of this Tuesday! Oh, and once again, kudos to Msasi for the brilliant advice regarding how to display the latest Simba's Pride galleries.

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