The lioness herself, Vikali

Name: Vikali
Age: Adult
Rank: Huntress
Birthplace: Kupotea Grasslands
Home: Kopje Valley
Mother: Utamu (deceased), Nikani (adoptive)
Father: Nadhifu (deceased), Kubwa (deceased, accepted), Manatunde (deceased, adoptive)
Siblings: Afnu (half), Nusara (deceased, half)
Daughters: Kichaa, Jumdu (deceased), Msasi (adoptive)
Son: Ktobwe

What does she look like?

Having finally crested the hill of adolescence and into adulthood, this young lioness still seems just a half step behind her peers as far as her size is concerned. Vikali possesses a slender, fairly graceful build that is as toned as one would expect from any pridal huntress, yet at the same time, she appears to be rather skinny. Painting a pale streak from the furthest reaches of her body's underside, all the way up to her chin is fur growing more towards a creamy white and away from the dull beige tint of before, perhaps a sign of a healthy diet. While her muzzle is of the same light colour as her neck, the rest of her coat is of a mild tan, though it shows potential for becoming a far richer tone.

She has gentle, green-hued eyes that stand out in contrast to eye patches the same colour as her underside. A long tail protrudes from just above her posterior, ending in a silky tuft of brown fur. Despite having reaching adulthood, she remains as playful and high-spirited as she was when she was but a cub, never passing up the chance to have some fun or to play a game.


Vikali is generally a playful and high-spirited adult, never passing up the chance to have some fun or to play a game. Unfortunately, when it comes to playing, she can get a bit rough and carried away, leading to a few 'incidents' in the past. With those she knows, she is friendly, affectionate, and (as taking after her name) fiercly protective of her loved ones. She can be quite stubborn when her mind is put to it, yet she can also be quite clumsy and not the brightest at times.

Did You Know...

That Vikali particually enjoys chewing muscle, so almost always chooses the neck over the rump when it comes to dinner?

That Kupotea means 'To get lost' in Swahili? It was chosen both because of Uhodari's objective when he left his old Pride and by myself to reflect Vikali's history.

That whilst she has been adopted by the lions Nikani and Manatunde, Vikali also has an adoptive panther family out in the savannah?

That Vikali means 'They Wild' in Swahili? It was chosen to reflect to the speed at which she changes moods.

That she frequently goes to the summit of Waterfall Cliff in the Kopje Valley to look up at the stars and talk to her deceased mother?

That the original design for Vikali was based on a female Simba, though with a mentality closer to that of Kiara?

That she's taken to looking after a young lioness cub called Msasi, who feels for her as if she's her mother?