With greatest trilogy of all time comes the greatest characters of all time, with prominance being to our beloved Vitani, who possesses such a multitude of fans. Poetry, stories, and in this section's case, art are all made in honour of how fantastic she is. This portion of the site is dedicated to my favourite fan art depicting our lovely lioness in all her glory.

Bathtime! Vitani and Zira finally get around to giving Nuka a decent scrub, a task that requires five suns and four dozen shampoo bottles. By Myza-Lioness.
Vitani comforts her Mother "He's been brainwashed, corrupted. He even betrayed his own mother. Tomorrow we will attack him, we'll rip him apart, just like his son. Oh... Vitani, we've lost him. I ask him to do one simple thing for me and he only thinks of himself, he falls for Simba's daughter. Why can't he do this one thing for me?" By Invader Mel.
Details, Details "It's hard, y'know. I don't think Simba really likes me, and I don't know how to change that." Kovu smirked and glanced at the horizon. "You could always use your feminine wiles," he drawled, amused by the prospect. "I think you forget, DEAR BROTHER," she said, just as amused, "that I don't have any." By Galactacian.
Different Views On Beauty "This is my favorite place in the pride lands...it's such a wonderful sight, isn't it?"
Indeed, Vitani thought, though her eyes remained trained on another golden vision. By Galactacian.
Escaped from the Outlands What if, as a cub, Vitani had ran off from the Outlands and was accepted by Simba into his Pride? What if she had grown up alongside Kiara, playing about and having fun like her? What if she had a filling diet of zebra in the Pride Lands instead of bugs and scraps in the Outlands? Here we have a glimpse at what could of been... Vitani, happy, loved, and content with the world. By Kari.
Vitani's Grief Sick from grief of being exiled from the Pride Lands and weary from walking, Vitani collapses, where upon Nuka kindly picks her up and carries her. By Hibbary.
Family "Run. Run away, Scar, and never return."
What if Scar had agreed to Simba's terms at the end of the movie instead of fighting? He surely would have had followers. And in another land, they might have lived out their lives together in peace. Features Scar, Zira, Kovu, Vitani and a healthier Nuka. By Koraden.
Vitani and Kiara The two adorable lionesses Vitani and Kiara gaze with love at each other, only moments away from their first kiss... By Galactacian.
Love and Nuzzles Vitani shares some love with her beloved brother Kovu, in the form of a tender nuzzle. By Charfade.
The Great Kings of the Past Kovu and Kiara decided to invite Vitani, a new member of Simba's pride, to star gaze with them one exceptionally bright night. It suddenly got akward, especially for Kovu, when Vitani suddenly asked;
"Do you think Nuka's up there?" By Capricornfox.
Head over Heels And mere seconds later, Vitani rued asking Kiara what she meant by 'practicing pouncing with Mother.' By Galactacian.
Remember... Vitani thinks back to all the good times her and Nuka had together, that however much she irritated him, however much she got on his nerves, he still loved her. By Spiritwolf77.
Sleeping Vitani Cute little cub Vitani having a nap. By Kari.
Mommy's Little Girl It seems Vitani has inherited her mother's traits... sinuous movement, graceful figure, and seductive in a very dangerous way. By Lucky2bblu.
Vitani kisses Nuka Vitani and Nuka would make such a sweet couple, his scruffiness countered by her draw-dropping beauty. Here she is planting a leonine kiss on that lucky son-of-a-Zira. By Kourukon.
Vitani on Broadway Vitani, with Scar's ghost standing over her; read the full story here (link opens in a new window). By Brittany, Vitani-holic.
Vitani on Broadway A concept design for Vikali's costume if she was in The Lion King on Broadway. By Emy Bitner.
Rise and Shine! The light of the morning sun streams in to Vitani's cave, rousing her from a pleasent sleep with promise of a joyous day to come. By Rex.
Vitani Chews Kovu Out Vitani tries to defend and get Kovu to support their mother, something that he has difficulty being able to do. Go here to read what is happening between them, I highly reccomend it. By Galactacian.
Vitani's Preggers A pregnant Vitani lying down in the shade, looking content, relaxed, and leaving us with one ponderous thought; Who is the father? It would surely have to be either Simba or Kovu... my hopes are for the latter. It just seems a lot sweeter. By Dira.
Wrong Time to Ask "I was just... wondering. You... were close to your mother, weren't you? I... just wanted to know a... little bit about her; about why she acted like she did," he said, pausing now and then, unsure of what to say. He felt compelled to learn more of Zira, and Kovu had proven quite unresponsive. She didn't even look at him. "It's a... little late for that, huh?" she whispered, her eyes falling. By Galactacian.
Unsure King Kovu, the Prince Consort, discusses his insecurities and worries with his beloved sister. Go here to read what is happening between them, it's worth it. By Capricornfox.