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Level 2 Vitani-holics

I love Vitani! She and Nala TIE are my favourite characters, with Vitani as my favourite Simba's Pride character. I love the fact that she's a bit of a rebel, even by the Outlands means!    ~ Female
She's really cool and cool-looking. She may not think so, but she is very pretty in her own special way. She is for sure one of my favorite characters.                                        ~ Female
Ever since she first appeared on screen I've loved Vitani! My laptop is covered in pictures of her. I love Vitani she is no doubt the best Disney character ever created!!!                   ~ Female
I love Vitani !                                    ~ Female

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Level 5 Vitani-holics

Jwahir   Raven
I've always had a thing for evil. She's a very dedicated and determined character with a touch of mystery only Disney can provide. ;) Plus those eyes are so lovely.                             ~ Female                 I really adore her ^^ I like to watch her in TLK 2 and to draw her too ;D                    ~ Female

'Cause I love her attitude and looks. :P Strong willed females are my weakness.        ~ Male
Because she's just awesome, Disney MUST do a movie just about her and her true love: Kopa. I love Vitani, one day I would like to do a site for her and Kopa! ^^              &nb         ~ Female
Vikali Kupotea
Some people dismiss her as unattractive and a minor character, but I think she's one of the most beautiful lions in Simba's Pride and pivotal in bringing peace to the prides. And she sounds hawt.                                                 ~ Female