Name: Vitani (originally Shetani)
Meaning: At war/in war
Birthplace: The Pride Lands
Home: Formally the Outlands, currently the Pride Lands
Mother: Zira (deceased)
Father: Simba, Scar (suspected), or rogue
Siblings: Kovu, Nuka (deceased)
Portrayed by: Lacy Chabert (Young), Crysta Macalush (Young Singing), Jennifer Lien (Adult)
Vitani as a cub

Her personality

From early on in the film, Vitani appeared loyal to her mother, protective of Kovu, and disapproving of Nuka. She was quick to tell off her older brother first when he lets Kovu wander off on his own, then to slap Nuka when he insults the sleeping prince during My Lullaby. The feline was eager to please her mother and cares deeply about both her brothers, as seen from the distraught look on her face when Kovu 'betrays' the Outsiders and when Nuka is crushed by a log, her form doubled over in sorrow as she murmurs his name.

Though she loved Nuka, she never hesitated to show her contempt for his often ridiculous actions and lack of knowledge. During several parts of the film, she appears skilled at combat, though her one visible clash with another lion (other than her kick to Kovu during the ambush) ended with her being pinned down by Nala. She was the first to abandon her mother's attempt to revenge her beloved Scar, perhaps out of wanting to protect her dear (and only remaining) brother, showing a much more compassionate side to her than was previously seen.

An interesting and slightly worrying quirk of hers (considering her species) is her apparent love of fire, noticeable by her wide smile at the Elephant Graveyard when the sticks catch alight, then at her laughter when setting fire to the grasslands.

Her role in Simba's Pride

Vitani (along with her brother Nuka) spy on Kiara's presentation and report home to Zira what they had witnessed, with their mother appearing to favour her over the adolescent Nuka. The next time we see the young lioness she is tugging on a root in the Outlands, which her elder brother deftly snaps with a claw. She was quick to chastise him for not taking care of her brother, then amused when Zira appears at an awkward moment for the male. Again in My Lullaby, she is eager to sing her praise of Kovu and show her support for making him king.

Later on during the film, we catch up with Vitani and by now she has grown into an adult lioness, apparently in charge of Zira's plans for setting fire to the grasslands, an act she performs with apparent glea. She is next seen spying on Simba and Kovu following Upendi, gradually growing more and more distressed as her brother fails to take upon the chance to kill him. In digust she runs off to inform her mother.

She is amongst the leonines present during the ambush of Simba and the one to temporarily dispatch (by the means of knocking out) Kovu when he tries to protect the king. When he falls down the slope into the canyon, she is one of the first there and makes a leap for Simba, chasing him until they come to the log dam. Here she hesitates and waits at the bottom for her brother to throw Simba back down to the Pride, then watches on in despair as Nuka's attempts fail, ending in his death. She hangs her head in mourning over her dead brother's body while Kovu is punished.

During the battle between the two Prides, she appears upon a ledge above Nala and taunts her before leaping at the queen, though when the two of them roll down the slope Vitani ends up at the bottom with Nala having the upper paw. Her most important part of the film follows Kiara and Kovu's arrival. Zira orders her to attack, but Vitani has realised that the war is pointless and decides to join the Pridelanders, urging her mother to stop fighting. She is last seen at the finale at Pride Rock, watching on while Rafiki gives his blessing to the union of Kiara and Kovu, smiling and content with life at long last.