Listed in this section are links to works written by devoted fans featuring the lovely Vitani as either the main role, central figure, or one of the lead characters. Please be the best possible fans by respecting the writers by not claiming, altering, or uploading their stories anywhere without their permission.


After the Rain by Trixi
A poem/story about Vitani's feelings following the war between the two Prides.

Ngano kwa Fahari by Msanii
Vitani's life after the battle between the two Prides, praised by a series of very positive reviews.

Vitani by Modeconfusion
Though perhaps not the most inventive title, it is reasonably long as fan fics go (excluding the wonderful Chronicles of the Pride Lands). It is based roughly six months after the death of Zira.

Vitani's Dare by Alice Dryden
Vitani is jealous of her brother's friendship with the princess of Pride Rock, so she cooks up a scheme to get them both in trouble...

Vitani's Vision by Alice Dryden
Vitani's causing trouble again. This time she tries to fool Zira into thinking that Scar has changed his mind about his heir...

What if... by H.C
... Kiara wasn’t the one that stopped Zira from killing Simba?


My Vitani by Tessa
A moving piece from Zira's perspective and her thoughts about her only daughter as she plummits to her death.

Vitani's Ghazal by Airezi
This poem is about Vitani’s life in the outlands, and is written in a poetry form called a Ghazal, which involves repeating certain lines.