Have you ever been roleplaying, writing about, or drawing leopards and wondered what it looks like when they do something you aren't sure about? To avoid those constant flick through image search engines, I have compiled a list of links so one need only visit one page to find all the references they need. If you wish me to add a reference for something that is not already up, please send an email (found on the Contact Me page) with your request.

None of the images linked to in this page have been taken by myself, nor do I claim any form of ownership or copyright to them. Please do not use without the photographer's consent.


  • One month old cub (Look)
  • Two month old cub (Look)
  • Two and a half month old cub (Look)
  • Three month old cub (Look)


  • Front view of lying down juvenile cub (Look)
  • Juvenile leopardess, sitting down (Look)
  • Juvenile in stalking position (Look)
  • Juvenile leopard lying down (Look)
  • Juvenile male leopard, front-side face shot (Look)
  • Lying down (Look)
  • Standing juvenile leopard, looking to the side (Look)


  • Adolescent female hiding in a tree (Look)
  • Adolescent leopardess with baby warthog (half-eaten) (Look)
  • Adolescent leopardess lying down, showing hindpaws (Look)
  • Snarling male (Look)
  • Yawning male, note the papillae on his tongue (Look)


  • A full yawn (Look)
  • A resting leopardess, from front (Look)
  • Adult leopardess grooming her neck fur (Look)
  • Adult female with impala kill (Look)
  • Close up of a leopardess' face (Look)
  • Front adult leopardess, looking to side (Look)
  • Leopardess grooming her hindpaw (Look)
  • Leopardess with zebra kill (Look)
  • Snarling female (Look)
  • Standing adult leopardess, note the tail tuft used for signalling to cubs (Look)
  • Watching in a tree (Look)


  • Adult on the hunt, snarling (Look)
  • Adult male grooming his paw (Look)
  • Drinking male (Look)
  • Lateral view of an adult (Look)
  • Leopard climbing down a tree (Look)
  • Leopard hiding out of the sun (Look)
  • Lying down male, revealing the underneath of his hindpaws (Look)
  • Resting in a tree (Look)
  • Playing with a dead squirrel (Look)
  • Photo of a leopard mid-sprint (Look)
  • Side view of an adult leopard (Look)
  • Sleeping male, paw references (Look)
  • Two leopards fighting (Look)
  • Walking leopard (Look)
  • Yawning adult (Look)


Simba and Nala
  • A leopard grasping his mate's scruff (Look)
  • Mating leopards, note the size difference (Look)
  • Pregnant leopardess (Look)
  • Pregnant leopardess in a tree (Look)
  • Pregnant leopardress resting on a branch (Look)
  • Side view of the scruff-grasping technique (Look)
  • The genitalia of a leopard (Look)
  • The genitalia of a leopardess, after mating (Look)


  • Adult female camouflaged amongst the branches of a tree (Look)
  • Adult leopardess in stalking position (Look)
  • Adult male hiding in the grass (Look)
  • Leaping adult male (Look)
  • Leopard in a tree with a duiker kill (Look)
  • Leopardess returning to a kill (Look)
  • Leopard waiting in dried grass, note the similarities between the colours (Look)
  • Leopard with baby warthog kill (Look)


Simba and Mufasa
  • Adult female with her two young (Look)
  • Leopardess and her juvenile cub (Look)
  • Mother nuzzling her juvenile cub (Look)
  • Two mates visiting a waterhole (Look)
  • Two siblings play-fighting (Look)
  • Young cub and her mother (Look)


Simba and Nala
  • A leopard, blind in one eye (Look)
  • Close-up of a leopard's eye (Look)
  • Fur colouration and pattern example (Look)
  • Leopard jumping between tree trunks (Look)
  • Leopard paws, front (Look)
  • Male and female leopards, note the difference in size (Look)
  • Underside of paw (Look)

Information about Leopards

  • CatCollection - Leopard
  • - Information on - Mating, young.

  • Lioncrusher's Domain - Leopard (Panthera Pardus)
  • - Information on - Range and habitat, distribution status, physical appearance (body size, height weight, fur colouration and length, claws, sexual dimorphism, melanism), dietary and hunting behaviour, reproduction and life cycle, social behaviour, relationship with oher animals.

  • Raising a Leopard
  • - Not so much an information link, but it provides seventeen good quality photographs and details about a leopard cub in Botswana, following her life to adolescence.

  • The Cat Survival Trust - Leopard
  • - Information on - Description, distribution, habitat, diet, behaviour, reproduction.