Have you ever been roleplaying, writing about, or drawing lions and wondered what it looks like when they do something you aren't sure about? To avoid those constant flick through image search engines, I have compiled a list of links so one need only visit one page to find all the references they need. If you wish me to add a reference for something that is not already up, please send an email (found on the Contact Me page) with your request.

None of the images linked to in this page have been taken by myself, nor do I claim any form of ownership or copyright to them. Please do not use without the photographer's consent.


  • A close-up of a cub's face (Look)
  • A very young cub lying down (Look)
  • Close-up of a young cub's face (Look)
  • Cub in stalking posture beside a lioness' tail (Look)
  • Cub suckling from one of his mother's teats (Look)
  • Full body shot of a standing cub (Look)
  • Lying down cub (Look)
  • Photo of a focused young cub (Look)
  • Three day old cubs (Look)
  • Three walking cubs (Look)
  • Underside of a forepaw (Look)
  • Week and a half old cubs (Look)


  • A bloody face, following eating at a kill (Look)
  • A juvenile in a stalking posture (Look)
  • Climbing out from under a log, still possessing cub fat (Look)
  • Lying down in the sphinx position (Look)
  • Full side view of young male with cub spots present on his legs (Look)
  • Full body shot, from the side (Look)
  • Overhead shot of a young juvenile, note tail tuft colouration and the large paws (Look)
  • The back of a seated juvenile, note the lingering cub spots (Look)
  • Two older juveniles lying down at sunset (Look)
  • Yawning, displaying milk teeth (Look)


  • A lioness camouflaged admist grass (Look)
  • An adolescent lion mid-sprint (Look)
  • Head-on shot of a walking female (Look)
  • Snarling male, a very good shot of his mouth. (Look)
  • Two adolescents, a lion and a lioness, fighting (Look)


  • A lioness drinking from a pool (Look)
  • A female looks up from her meal (Look)
  • A lioness rests among the boughs of a tree. (Look)
  • A lioness sharpening her claws on a tree (Look)
  • An adult female swimming in a river (Look)
  • Front view of a lioness' face (Look)
  • Lioness from the side (Look)
  • Lioness resting on a rock (Look)
  • Side view of a lioness' head (Look)
  • Two yawning lionesses near a kill (Look)
  • Yawning lioness (Look)


  • A full yawn (Look)
  • A lion resting on his stomach (Look)
  • A lion's roar (Look)
  • A side-on view of an adult male lion walking in the sunlight (Look)
  • A yellow-maned male (Look)
  • An exceptionally large maned lion (Look)
  • Blonde lion resting on the ground (Look)
  • Close-up of a lion's eyes (Look)
  • Elder lion (Look)
  • Male leaping out from behind some bushes (Look)
  • Pleasent shot of a lion sleeping on his back (Look)
  • Roaring on ground (Look)
  • Scarred face (Look)
  • Side of a lion's head (Look)
  • Side view of a roaring lion (Look)
  • The face of a lion (Look)
  • Trotting male, note the mane colouration (Look)
  • Underside of a forepaw (Link)
  • Yawning (Look)


Simba and Nala
  • A lion grasping his mate's scruff (Look)
  • A male prepares to clasp his mate's neck as he gets in position (Look)
  • A lying down pregnant female, note her teats (Look)
  • Close-up of a male clasping his mate's neck (Look)
  • Front view of a mating couple (Look)
  • Following mating, the female rolls on her back and stretches her legs (Look)
  • Heavily pregnant lioness (Look)
  • Pulling out shortly after ejaculation, note the roaring from both the lioness and lion (Look)
  • Side view of a mating couple (Look)
  • Side view of a pregnant lioness (Look)
  • The flehmen reaction, one use of which is to detect if a lioness is in heat (Look)
  • The genitalia of a lion (Look)
  • The genitalia of a lioness (Look)
  • Underside of a pregnant lioness (Look)


  • A lioness taking down a zebra (Look)
  • Adult male trying to drag a kill away (Look)
  • A Pride eating from a giraffe (Look)
  • An almost finished zebra carcass (Look)
  • Fantastic shot of a lioness looking through her kill's ribcage (Look)
  • Lion carrying an Impala kill (Look)
  • Lioness dragging a half-eaten wildebeest (Look)
  • Lioness muzzle-biting a giraffe (Look)
  • Lionesses standing over giraffe kill, keeping an eye on nearby hyenas (Look)
  • Pride feasting on a zebra kill (Look)
  • The nose-biting technique used upon a buffalo (Look)
  • Two lionesses and a male eat from a fresh kill (Look)
  • Young male carrying Gnu leg (Look)


Simba and Mufasa
  • A leonine mother carrying her cub (Look)
  • Pride at Buffalo kill (Look)
  • A resting Pride (Look)
  • A pair of fighting lionesses (Look)
  • A Pride on the move in the savannah (Look)
  • Lioness scratching her neck with a hindpaw (Look)
  • Lioness carrying cub (Look)
  • Nuzzling lionesses (Look)
  • Sleeping Lions (Look)
  • Three juveniles with their mother, note the cheek ruffs on the cubs (Look)
  • Two adolescent lions snuggling (Look)
  • Two cubs playing with their mother's tail (Look)


  • A juvenile having his muzzle cleaned (Look)
  • A lioness grooming a male (Look)
  • An adult male licks across a lioness' neck (Look)
  • Lion bathing his foreleg (Look)
  • Lioness grooming one of the Pride's young (Look)
  • Lioness scratching her head with a hindpaw (Look)
  • Male grooming female's neck (Look)
  • Two females bathing themselves after a meal (Look)
  • Two ways a lioness can clean her back (Look)
  • (Look)


Simba and Nala
  • A one year old juvenile with his adult teeth in place, but not yet fully developed. (Look)
  • A young lion's milk teeth (Look)
  • An adult's teeth in good condition (Look)
  • An elder lion's teeth, note how worn down they are (Look)
  • Close-up of the lower half of a lioness' lower jaw (Look)
  • Paw print in dirt (Look)
  • Paw print in mud (Look)
  • Paw print in sand (Look)
  • Size comparison between a lioness and a lion (Look)
  • Size comparison between a lioness and a juvenile (Look)

Information about Lions

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  • The African Lion - David Shelburne
  • - Information on - Habitat, hunting behaviour, territories, social organisation, mating system, birthing, communal cub rearing, infanticide, threat and submissive displays, mating systems.

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