Vikali and Msasi

Lioness does sleep;
Head at flowing water's edge;
Green stalks wave in breeze.

Waking Msasi,
Half-shut eyes spot lioness;
Afternoon sun glows.

Adolescent turns,
Dreams of antelope fill mind;
Hunting in bushveld.

Restless cub stands up.
Play is on Msasi's mind;
Lake intrigues young mind.

Feline kicks out leg,
Vikali rolls in em'rald;
A hunt has begun.

Creeping silently,
Cub escapes Vikali's grasp;
Free now to frollick.

Mothering female,
Notice cub's disappearance;
Something is amiss.

Careful to stay near,
Msasi watches water;
Bright sunlight reflects.

Shadow over cub,
Reflection joins Msasi;
Greetings are given.

Presence is noticed,
Cubling nuzzles lioness.
Affections are shown.

Adult licks cubs,
Lioness look out to lake;
Ripple in water.

All falls to silence;
A special moment shared.
Caressing wind blows.

Shimmering water;
Vikali looks from her cub;
Silver scales glide.

Tail flicks lightly.
Words are not required now,
To show the cub's love.

Vikali nudges,
A paw pointing to shallows.
Fish glides through current.

Eyes spark with delight;
Orbs follow the fish's path.
Paws move cub closer.

Shiny fish moves near,
Breaches lake surface to dine;
A fly is swallowed.

Gasp escapes cubling,
Tail flicks in excitment;
A rare sight for her.

Lioness smiles soft;
Excitement she senses well.
A murmur is given.

The mumur is heard;
Msasi nods happily.
Now the fish is gone.

Adolescent looks down,
The cubling's nape is snagged.
Grooming commences.

Taken by surprise,
Resistance is futile;
It's inev'tible.

Tongue scrapes through fur,
Vikali smiles at work.
Crickets do chirp nearby.

Msasi settles.
Purring initiates now.
Better to be clean.

Her work takes not long.
Vikali holds cub to chest.
Kisses are given.

Cuddling occurs.
The sunlight is fading now;
Tall shadows engulf.

Evening draws in,
The cub is told a story;
Time with her mother.

Words fall on small ears,
Young cub is eager to hear;
As night draws, cub tires.

Sentimental words;
Tears are shed by Vikali.
Breeze ruffles her fur.

Young eyes are shut now.
Sleep creeps up slowy, quietly.
Cub murmurs, "Love you..."

Words are echoed.
Vikali holds Msasi;
Close, they will sleep here.