Hobby :)

Some hobbies are also listed on the movie page. That's because I like the movie and like to collect the video from them, if possible. You'll see that with The Lion King and Robotech for instance.

Everyone has one hobby at least, and my biggest hobby is to collect all kind of merchandise from the movie The Lion King. You can see what I have collected so far. It's quite a collection, and I'll give you the change to view it in two different way's: One is a list where you can select what you want to see directly, and a better one, a guided tour through my room!
I also like to collect Donald Duck Pockets, see how many I have so far. The image is 90 degrees rotated and if you go to this page, you'll see how high it really is.
And I have another passion: Robotech. This movie / serie was my first love for Japanese animation films, and has been playing here on Super Channel. Unfortunately, Super Channel are in other hands now (since 1986 if I'm correct) and the serie is no more..

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