Making easily a Web Cam from your Kodak digital camera.

Do you have a Kodak DC200 or DC210 camera?

Then this is interesting for you! As you know, it is already possible with the camera to give the computer the 'order' to make a photo and to download this into the computer. With some thinking (what other people did for me) was adding 1 and 1 together: If this is possible, then why not do this with a time interval and upload this picture to a Web Page?

This is all you need to make from this camera a Web Cam. The program I found that can do the job is Webcam32 ( This program can make thumbnails upload the pictures and to your page, can safe them locally to your hard disk, and it can print in the picture the time, date, and or text.
The options you'll have for text beneath your photo, here's a list:
%c,                          datum, time (in numbers)
%A,                         day (name)
%b                           month (name)
%d,                          day (in numbers)
%Y - %H:%M,        year, hours minutes (in numbers)
%z                            location (written)

I have it like this:

And modified to this:

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