The Lion King Muck

What is a Muck?
Well, a Muck is a place where you can chat with other people. The name from the Muck say's (obvious) something what the muck main(!) subject will be. So, now you know the story of Simba and his friends, you can chat with other people over the newest film, your precious merchandise, or anything related to the movie.
Entering the Muck.
To enter there, you have to follow some rules. There are no special rules, but there are some never the less. The first and most important rule is: you must be an animal to enter the Pride Lands (or any other Land within the Muck). You can be any animal you like, as long it an African animal is. So, when you enter this world, no one will be scared from you.
Now, since everyone IS an animal, you should behave like one. When you enter, you'll see more of the specie you've chosen but you'll see other animals as well. You can play with them, find a mate, fight over a piece of territory, and so on.
What am I?
I'm a leopard there, and my name is Watani. The name of the animal is free to your choice (as long it's not taken already), but my preference goes for a name that is in some way related to the Swahili language. I find it more original, but that's up to you. I did that, and Watani means "One of the Family".
Suggestion for an animal?
I can give you suggestion for an animal, but I won't give any. You have to decide for yourself I think. If you want to be an animal that you really like, just be it! But try to be original.
Connecting and setting up a connection + the rest.
Hopefully I didn't care you with all this information. Are you interested in chatting there, then I'll give you the information how to do this (for Windows 95!! I'm not an expert in Linux -yet-). There are a few way's to connect to the Muck: Telnet and a Program that looks 100 times better than that. I'll tell you how to connect with them both. Text that you should type stands between brackets [ ] . The text I'll show you what you'll see if everything is going well is in green! this is normally in black or any colors you have defined!! But the text _IS_ correct.

Telnet: Click on Start, Run, and type in the text box: [Telnet 7675] After a short while, you'll see a window appear with the following text:

                              ___  _  _  ___
                             ' | ` |__|  |__`
 au                            |   |  |  |__,                    .ooooo. o
  88      ----------------------------------------------------  o8"   `"o8
  88      ooo  oo888oo   ooo    ooo    ooo  oo  ooo ooo    ooo d8'       "
  88       8 ,8'     `8.  8"8    8      8 o8'    8   8"8    8  d8
  88       8 88       88  8  8   8      8o'      8   8  8   8  88      oooo
  88       8 88       88  8   8  8      88o      8   8   8  8  88       di
  88    ,o 8 `8.     ,8'  8    8.8      8 `8.    8   8    8.8  `88.    ,8i
 o88ooooo'o8o `"ooooo"'  o8o    o8o    o8o `8o  o8o o8oo   o8 (c)"88oood'
        The Lion King is copyright 1994 by the Walt Disney Company.
       This MUCK in no way constitutes a challenge to this copyright.
        Administrative contact:  TLK Admin <>
     Registered users: type 'connect <character> <password>' to connect.
      Guest users:  type 'connect guest guest' to connect as a Guest.
        For finding a name, type 'names' after connecting, and to
                apply for a character, type 'help pcapp'.
 Web-based character application:
  *If the MUCK is DOWN, please email the Admin so they can restart it!*
=-------------------=  NO HUMANS BEYOND THIS POINT! =---------------------=


There'll be a cursor blinking under the last line. Now you have to type [connect guest guest] to connect there as a guest. You are limited in your movement now, but it gives you an inpression how it is there. Below you see the screen when you have entered the line from above:

 TLKMuck's Server graciously provided by those great computer pips from:
      Otter Space Software, Inc.        1-800-76-OTTER (really!)
    Providing solutions for your busines. Call for more information!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guest Room {OOC}
==Welcome to TLKMuck!=========================================================

   Thank you for your interest in TLKMuck.  TLKMuck is an exciting online game
that allows  you  to  'be'  an  animal  of  the  African Savannah! Inspired by
Disney's _The Lion King_, TLKMuck brings together many wonderful people in one
exciting online environment.

For a list of basic Muck commands, type:  HELP
To learn more about TLK Muck or how to get a character, type:  TOUR

==Thank you again, and welcome to the Pride Lands!============================

   The Guest [TOUR] Room

Use 'MOTD' to view Messages Of The Day.
--- You have connected as Guest1 ---

What I did by telling you how to recognize what to type -everything between the [ ] -, is also done within the Muck. So, you should be a little familiar by it now. You can see that [TOUR] is between the brackets, and therefor a command. It's a command to go from one place to another. This link, as I will call it, will take you on a tour trough the Muck. I will stop here with showing the rest of the screens, because it's more important to know how to speak to other persons. When I knew how to connect, it took me over half an hour to find out, I will save you this time.
To say something within the same room or place where you are: [say Hello]. Another possibility is:
[" Hello]. The result is the same, only the last command is much shorter. If you know someone in another part of the Muck, then you can Page him/her. So, if you want to page me, you would have to type:
[p watani=Hi Watani!]. The command to move from one place to another depends on what [look] gives back to you. Look does a look trough the rom you are in, and tells you this. So players, rocks and or plants and or water or what ever there is IN the room will be reported to you.
There are many commands, and I will not tell them all here, just the one which are 'vital' to you. If you need help, type [help]. Many commands are explained now. If you need help, you can also speak (by paging) to a Staff Member or Wizard. They know much more than I do, and can therefor help you better.
To disconnect from the Muck, type: [QUIT], this must be done with capitals!

That fancy program I was talking about (the one I'm using) is called Gmud. It is a very user friendly program and has lot's of features, that you can control quite easily. If you want to try this program, download it then using this link.

Other information about The Lion King Muck.
There's much more information available, from an almost complete layout of the Muck to here's what I have found: one So, as you can see, The Lion King Muck is a pleasant place to spend your time, and if you want to meet me or other animals there, just connect there as a guest. I can help you then with the very basic's. Other people like Logozo can help you with a permanent character, if you find it pleasant to stay.
Quick list important commands:
[connect guest guest] make a connection with the muck as a guest, with password guest.
[say Hello] or [" Hello] speak with someone within the same room
[p watani=Hi Watani!] speak with someone NOT within the same room
[help] help over various subjects
[look] look around you what there is (environment) and which players there are
[QUIT] quitting your connection to the Muck
A complete list of commands can be found here.

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