Here I keep track of all the changes I've made and all the pages/images I have added since I had this idea for creating the page in this way.
25 september 1998: Idea to update my page came in mind...
26 september 1998: Idea to put my room and what I have in it online. But how..
27 september 1998: Started to draw my room, but didn't work out. Started with the 1st figure you see when you come here. Drawn my room now as you would see if them you enter it. I like the idea.
28 september 1998: Drawn and drawn and drawn... Will continue for a while..
4 october 1998: The first page created with Netscape, and added the 1st picture.
6 october 1998: Came with the idea to have images where you can click on. 
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