Hi! Welcome to my up-to-date merchandise page.
Why? Why am I doing something like this? Well, one is that there are people who are interested in buying stuff from TLK/SP from other countries for one. To give people the opportunity to expand their collection this way, and hopefully, mine too!

What? What is there here in The Netherlands that you might want to have? Well, just take a look at the pictures I took, and you'll see. Hopefully there's something you want.

How much? What will (decent) merchandise cost these day's? I'm not sure what YOU want ofcourse, but I've listed here everything I could lay my paw's on. If there is from an article more than one --in stock and items, I'll try to give you an estimation of how much there where when I left the store.

Who? For who is this meant? For the *TRUE* TLK/SP fan! Nah, kidding! For everyone who want's an article can write to me. :)

When.. was this page last updated? 12 september 1999

See the pictures here. They've been all thump nailed to make the loading faster.

Requests? You can ask me to look for an article not listed. I'm willing to look for it, if I've seen it somewhere. I can give you no guarantees what so ever if it will exist, is still available or what the price is.

Last words: I'm doing this to share merchandise, not to make money from this. I can not guarantee that ANYTHING from the picture list is still available, or what the price is when I'll buy it for you. If you want merchandise, I'll make NO exeptions to who you are, age, sex or anything not listed here.

You can mail me by clicking here. :)

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