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Efrafa: the Crixa,

in May and June 1983.

Sorry, this should be shot of the Near Hind ground.
Efrafa, the Near Hind's, Bigwig's mark, ground.
From chapter 35, 'Groping':

'Bigwig made his way into the field, conscious of the wary glances of the rabbbits he passed. He felt perplexed and apprehensive... Nibbling and pondering, he moved slowly over the open meadow in the evening sun. After a while he found that he was approaching a small hollow, much like the one on Watership Down where he and Silver had found Kehaar.'

According to the small map of Efrafa found in 'The Thunder Breaks', this is looking towards where Bigwig was 'nibbling and pondering'. You should have been able to see him some ten yards away clearly outlined, his fur glowing in the light of the low evening sun which turned the inner part of his ears a warm and rich pink. No wonder Hyzenthlay liked him.

Sorry, this should be the Council's ground.
Efrafa, the Council's ground.
According to the same map this, the south-east quadrant, is where the council burrows and ground were. It was from just a few yards in front of you that the General set out to persue Bigwig to the railway and the river.

Take a look at the Crixa on Google maps.

I’ve never been to Efrafa. I’ve been close;
too close. Efrafa is not really a sensible place
for a hidden warren. It’s located on the crossing
of two tracks – human tracks; hardly the best
place if you don’t want to be found by
men! Indeed if you wanted to be found it
would be an almost ideal place. On the
other paw, Cowslip’s warren was quite
out of your way in comparison.

Blackberry knows all sorts of interesting facts about Watership Down.

Sorry, this should be the view north from the Off Hind (I think).
The view north from what I think is the Off Hind.
Efrafa is sited at the junction of two tracks barely six foot wide. The four quadrants thus formed are quite different from each other.

This is the view north on the north-west quadrant. The Near Hind was sited looking south in the south-west quadrant just across the western arm of the east-west track. The barbed wire would present no problem and have no significance to the rabbits but to us it adds to the Efrafan experience.... Click here to see more 'You Can't Imagine it Unless You've Been There' images.

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