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The flight to the River Test,

in March 1982.

Sorry, this should be the railway from the track near Efrafa.
Just south of the railway line, where Bigwig confronted Woundwort
and Kehaar attacked.
You are looking along the railway line; the roadless railway arch lies in the dip ahead of you. The river Test is to the left, while Efrafa is on the right, over the railway. Ahead, in the dip, is the spot where Bigwig confronted Woundwort in the rain and thunder.

From chapter 38, 'The Thunder Breaks':

'Along one side of the field, beside the elms, farm tractors had pounded a broad, flat path downhill towards the water-meadow below - that same path up which he had run three nights before, after had had left Hazel by the boat. It was turning muddy now - unpleasant going for rabbits - but at least it lead straight to the river and was open enough for Kehaar to spot them should he turn up.'

Mr. Adams says he got so carried away by
the Efrafan adventure that he wrote it all in one
long session. He says he was so excited about
writing about Thlayli-rah's escape that he
couldn't stop writing!
Me? What was I doing? Well, I was waiting
just down the slope, on the way to the river,
then it was Bluebell, with Fiver-rah right by
the river.

Blackberry knows all sorts of interesting facts about Watership Down.
Turn up he did. So did Silver, and he and Bigwig urged the Efrafan does to move on, to the left in this photo, towards the river. Here's another photo, taken from the same spot, but looking towards the river, which flows left to right in the dip in the middle distance. Try to imagine this scene in drenching rain...
Sorry, this should be towards the river Test; the escapees route to safety.
Towards the river Test; the escapees route to safety.
Sorry, this should be looking back towards iron road from the river Test.
Looking back towards the arch from the corner of the trees near the river.
The rabbits would have run straight across this scene.

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