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The Roadless Railway Arch and a final view of Watership Down,

in 1983 and 84.

Sorry, this should be the Arch under the Iron Road.
The Roadless Arch under the Iron Road.
This is a scene very familiar from the 1978 film. We're high on the bank on the far side of the railway, away from Efrafa. In the film, this is where Bigwig faced up to Woundwort in the rain. In the book it happens well out in the field beyond. Clearly this made for a more visually dramatic location.

I can make out very little of the graffiti on the central arch, what little I can read is typical Watership stuff - I can make out the names Kehaar and Silver but little else.

I'll leave you with this rather nice rabbit's eye view of Watership Down. It's taken from a field near to Nuthanger. At one time I took a lot of this sort of shot - out of focus plants against backdrops - but most now are pointless. This one, however, I think is rather good, and is an image I'm proud to leave you with. The plant, by the way, is cowparsley.

Sorry, but this should be Watership from near Nuthanger.
A final rabbit's eye view of Watership Down.

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