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Lanes near Watership Down and Watership weather,

in Summer 1985.

Sorry, but this should be a waterlogged lane.
A waterlogged Watership lane.
These are not photographs of a places specifically mentioned in the book Watership Down, nor do they feature in the film. However the rabbits would have had to cross this narrow lanes such as these.

This was just after a sudden and torrential cloud burst. Visibility had become so bad that I had to stop the car and wait for the rain to stop. The lane had become a shallow and steep stream, the water cascading down the two depressions in the ancient road surface as you can see. Readers tend to think of Watership Down as being a place where Frith always shines, as that is how Adams wrote it. However it does rain, and hail and snow and the down is often shrouded in mist and fog. When the sun does shine on Watership you could be forgiven for thinking that Hazel might just hop warily out of the hedge to eye up the strangers who come to the down...

Watership Down takes place in a more or
less rectangular area, 17km (10.6m) n-s x 6km (3.75m) e-w of northern Hampshire, with a bit of southern Berkshire. It is about 8.6km
(5.4m), as Kehaar flies, from Sandleford to Watership Down, while Efrafa is 6km
(3.75m) further south. The area is bounded
by roads north/south and

Blackberry knows all sorts of interesting facts about Watership Down.
Sorry, but this should be a waterlogged lane.
A waterlogged Watership lane.

Here you can see just how much water ran down that lane. I took the picture above standing at the tee junction visible in the middle distance on the right. The dark, brooding mood of that picture is the result of shooting into the light.

This is a Rainbow over Watership, seen from near Hare Warren farm.
Rainbow over Watership, seen from near Hare Warren farm.

This is a rainbow over Hare Warren farm.
Rainbow over Hare Warren farm.
After rain sometimes comes rainbows, and according to Adams, rabbits are certainly no strangers to them. Here's one a bit further south down the power line from Watership, at Hare Warren farm.

Hare Warren farm doesn't get a mention in Watership Down nor Tales from Watership Down. Perhaps simply because Watership Down is about rabbits, not hares! However, its the sort of place that's within easy enough raiding distance for the more adventurous Watership rabbits. Silver, Holly and even Buckthorn might well have a few tales to tell of it.

These are among the very last photographs I took in the Watership Down area.

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