LK Fanart by White Wolf

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Airbrush painting on a jean jacket of adult Simba.
Scar flying a plane.. an idea thought up while I was on my way to Disney World. :)
Zira hopefully looks into the sky, thinking about her loving mate, Scar.
Acrylic painting of Scar on a jean jacket.
Aww...this has got to be the cutest pic of Scar I've ever drawn. Isn't he so sweet and adorable in his submissive pose? He's just begging for a belly rub. :)'s me and Scar. :)
I love these White Wolf/Scar pics I've been drawing, so I wanted to make some sort of figurine out of one of the pics. Here's the one I made. See the pic I modeled it after here.
Nothing much, just my lil replica of Pride Rock. :)
More clay stuff! This time a cute lil sleeping Scar.
Some more aibrush work.. but this time a bit different. I'd been dyeing for a decent-sized, cuddly Scar plush. So, I made one! Presenting.. Scar, a-la adult Simba!
A content looking Scar, with a bit of suspition in his eyes
Shaded pic of an angry Scar
A gloomy Scar laying atop a log.
Here's a humble, not to mention cute, pic of Timon.
Besides drawing and all that, I also decorate cakes on the side. Here is a cake I made of adult Simba's for a friend's graduation party.

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