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  • White Wolf's Furry Art Gallery It's one of my other pages, my Furry and Animal Art Gallery, where you can find lotsa stuff made by me, all fur-related.
  • The Home of Zira and Scar And here's another of my pages (this one Lion King related). This one is strictly for Zira and Scar, a place to find fanart, writings, sounds, images, and more on these, and only these two lions.

  • The Lion King Mailing List - Join the Lion King mailing list now and send and receive emails from lots of Lion King fans every day!

  • Scar: The True Lion King A neat page all about Scar.. be sure to check it out.

  • Kiara's Page These character pages are lining up. :) Make sure you visit this new page dedicated to Simba's daughter- Kiara's Sahifa. (that's "page" in Swahili :)

  • Stop by NDege's Page where you can find stuff on TLK and more.

  • Here's another kewlie LK page by Bornfree at

  • Kovu's Kuzimu Here's another character page, this one just for Scar's son, Kovu!

  • Jim Burgess' Homepage, complete with a LK section where you can find fan fics, poetry, sound files, fan art, and yet more links. (beware of the animated gifs ;)

  • Visit The Graphics World of The Lion King for neat and interesting pictures.

  • Another Lion King page by Remy Monsen.

Not LK related, but still cool! :)
  • Shere Khan's Territory - A page created by me and a friend of mine, Mikazo, strictly for that cool cat from The Jungle Book.

  • Kaltag's Balto Page Another page by a real good friend of mine, dedicated to another wonderful movie.

  • A page dedicated to saving that cool cartoon, the Road Rovers! Visit Eric's Road Rovers Page to support R. U. F. F- Rovers Under Fiendish Fire, and don't let our Rovers die!

  • Visit Ndoto's Den, and learn about this lion, his life, friends, and dreams. Also a nice collection of stories he has written. Nice page overall.

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