Hi there..

So, someone actually wants to know me, eh? Well ok you nosey person. I'm currently 28 and reside in Arkansas.
Hobbies of mine include drawing, driving, being active and getting to the gym when I can. Building fursuits also, however that's more of how I make my living. :) Not a huge huge Lion King item collector, but I do like to find new/rare things and trade some stuff off on occasions. I enjoy listening to music.. I don't think I could live without it! I listen to rock, metal, alternative.. stuff like that. I'm not too picky about what I listen to, as long as it's not crap. Some soft stuff's good once in a while too. I also love animals, my faves being wolves and big cats.
Jobwise, I am also employed part-time at Petco as the reptile specialist.. it's just something fun for me to do on the side and to get out of the house. Do a little contract work for a local small pet-sitting business, too!

So what's with me and The Lion King, anyway?

The Lion King became my all-time favorite movie before I even saw it. I know that sounds weird.. but I only saw a couple of the previews on TV and from then on I was hooked and immediately started searching out LK merhcandise. Believe it or not, I never even had a chance to see the movie in theaters until it was released in IMAX!
After I saw the movie for the first time, I was covered in tears- both sad for Scar's pitiful demise and happy for Simba's powerful triumph. I was frozen in awe, and sat there, literally shaking, as the ending credits rolled by.
Why? Perhaps it's because of the awesome music, the breathtaking art, the powerful plot and the meaningful story behind it, or maybe because I'm just a really sensitive person and a sucker for animal/animated films. The music did play a big part. It was very deep and moving, even for a person like me who'd rather listen to the more heavy-duty stuff. The music gave the scenes that added feeling they needed to cause such dramatic impressions (even finding myself bopping my head along to the silly antics of I Just can't Wait to be King ;). I really enjoyed the animation, the art.. the characters and the wide variety of personalities they each had. Need I mention Scar as well, with his awesome character design.
Watching TLK has always intrigued me to draw more, think more, wonder about new things, and even to write- something I'd never done, or even liked doing, before. The effect this movie has had on me ever since the first time I've seen it has been very powerful.

  Here's a little tidbit.. me in the newspaper due to my LK-ness!

Now what's up with Scar?

Incase you didn't notice, my fave character from TLK is Scar. I refuse to believe he is "evil"...but sad, confused, "shoved aside", lost, and misunderstood. A mixture of these things can cause one to be, well, "unstable".. not necessarily bad. Sure, what Scar did was wrong, but that doesn't make him wrong. We all make mistakes, don't we? The poor guy was often left out and put down...i.e. by Mufasa. It's plain to see why he had dislike for his brother. If Scar was truly evil, he would have wanted to get rid of everyone from the start. But this assumption should have clearly been rejected in the beginning when Scar calmly accepted his fate, stating, "I shall never be king..."
No, I'm not crazy. I just tend to see through things that nobody understands, or cares to try and understand. Besides.. Scar is one slick looking lion.

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