My thoughts on this movie- it sucked. Royally. At least, the version Disney released sucks. The original version of Simba's Pride contained scenes of Zira, showing her being rather sympathetic. I am extremely upset at the fact that Disney took these scenes out in a lame attempt to make the "villain" appear as if they can't have feelings.
For anyone that'd like to see the wonderful animation that Disney butchered out of this movie, here they are for download:

Zira talks with Kovu - 6.57MB
Zira talks about Scar - 9.12MB
Nuka dies - 4.64MB
Zira kills herself - 6.91MB

As for why I don't like SP...well, first of all it went by way too fast, it made no sense, and the animation wasn't that great. Oh yeah, the music was gay! Especially Upendi...blah. And I didn't like Simba. He was a power-hungry, overprotective, jerk. (I think he's gay too) Kiara's not bad at all, I kinda liked her. She was pretty brave to stick up for herself, and was really thoughtful to try and help Zira at the end...and was the only one to try, mind you.
So now I have all new screengrabs up (made by yours truly, so don't use without permission) of only the characters I liked in the movie. Enjoy...

This is the video cover... it sucks!

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