My thoughts on this movie- it sucked. Royally. At least, the version Disney released sucks. It was originaly intended to have a few scenes of Zira, showing her being rather sympathetic... among containing other eye-opening explanations. One in particular was so very obviously, haphazardly butchered... which you will notice after watching the last one, then re-watching that part in the movie.
You can watch the Youtube video embeded at the bottom of the page to see them all. They are also available individually for download below:

~ Zira talks with Kovu ~
~ Zira talks about Scar ~
~ Nuka dies ~
~ Zira kills herself ~

As for why I don't like SP... well, first of all it went by way too fast, it made no sense, and the animation wasn't that great. Oh yeah, the music was awful! Especially Upendi...blah. And I didn't like Simba. He was a power-hungry, overprotective jerk. Kiara's not bad at all, I kinda liked her. She was pretty brave to stick up for herself, and was really thoughtful to try and help Zira at the end... and was the only one to try, mind you.
Please enjoy the limited selection of screengrabs I have below.~

This is the video cover... it sucks!

Watch the collection of removed scenes from Simba's Pride:

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