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February 2013

02/08/2013: Hello, all! We have a few applications for you to download, now...
  1. Snake
  2. Pac Man
  3. Second Life
  4. Jarnal Journal maker

January, 2013

                      Joe Wolfboy is now playing Halo 4! Friend him on XBOX LiVE!
01/08/2013: We now have two more games here! To play, simply right-click on the folder in Windows Explorer and select "Extract Files". The two games are Pacman and Snake, two games which I think you may find very interesting. Double-click on the .EXE application within each folder.

01/01/2013: Don't forget to play our Halo: Combat Evolved challange! Click here to get it today!

December, 2012

12/31/2012: Happy New Year, everyone! I hope this year will be better than last!

Archived News

November, 2012

11/29/2012: The site will be going under construction during the New Years season! Good bye 2012 and hello 2013! I hope that everyone will love the new site!

11/20/2012: TWbP edits coming soon! Watch out on YouTube for new videos and updates about Wolfboy and his books.

11/06/2012: Happy Halo day! Remember to Vote first, Play second!

October, 2012

10/30/2012: Hallo, all! Today is the day that the new website goes up and the old comes down. Now I will still be having my yearly reboot of the site, so expect a lot to change! Now, a few changes will be: No more home.html (the homepage will be the root); No more leftovers (all old, unneeded files will be deleted); and possibly a new UI (user interface both mobile and desktop).

September, 2012

09/12/2012: Hello, all! Last night I uploaded the new BETA site for the main site! Over the next few days I will edit and upload the BETA fot The Wolfboy Project. Don't forget you can get Halo: CE for the PC for free here.

09/12/2012: Hello, everyone! I wanted to tell everyone that I now have been working on my Halo: CE for PC setup for a while now and you can view it by downloading the primer app here! Thanks for your patronage!

09/07/2012: Hello, all! School has started and if you haven't noticed, I have been posting to my blog about school. Now, my forum, however has ZERO patrons. Please help me change that! Thanks for your guys help here!

August, 2012

08/18/2012: Three more days until school! UPDATES TO THE SITE: WBNN (The Wolfboy Podcast page) will be removed today at about 6:00pm EST; The Wolfboy Project mini-Site will be finished by at least 6:45pm EST; We will be re-adding the download center through our online SERVER through DriveHQ.com; and more micro-updates through the rest of the day!

08/17/2012: Four more days to edit the site before school starts! The Wolfboy Project is almost done behind the curtains, but I am soon going to do away with the Wolfboy.NET Player. It is too bulky and no one uses it, so starting with those edits tomorrow if I get on. The One Lost is becoming a hit on Goodreads! I'll have a link on the new Wolfboy Project page soon!

08/05/2012: I'm going back to school on August the 22nd! Unfortunately, that means that I'll be leaving you guys for a while, but, don't worry... you'll live! I'll be on Fb and YT most everyday with updates (and VLOGS) so check me out there! I will also, now that school is starting, be posting examples of my homework and possible solutions so you all can put your thinking caps on everyday! Now, I do need to mention that the WBRN is going down and will be replaced with the Wolfboy Podcast! The Wolfboy.NET Player v2.0 is coming soon! Check here for more updates! I hope that you will enjoy the updates and all the future possibilities of the site!

July, 2012

07/09/2012: Cool new layout! I love it! Do you? I'm going to try to add a comments box so you can comment on every day posts here and on every page!

03/31/2012: Wow! Now Joe has all of his social media on every page! Also: I will be adding some new things to the Homepage soon! News will be added from Yahoo! News and will contain the latest stories from Y! News! I will also gladly tell everyone that I'm working on getting a YouTube button for my YT to go along with my social media buttons!

03/10/2012: Holy Macorloe! Look at this! Click here to look at our new home search page! Comming soon to the page:

03/09/2012: Wow! This is a whole new site! Click the "D" button beside the facebook follow me button to view the Wolfboy Download Center! Or click here!
02/25/2012: Check out all of our new stuff in the new player that is semi-cross-browser! I'm on Facebook, Google+, and twitter! Click the "Follow Me" buttons at the top to the page!

02/16/2012: Are you ready to have some fun? Will the Wolfboy FanClub is here to offer you some awesome, exclusive deals on software, hardware, and more! Every month a newsletter is sent out filled with exclusive videos, pictures, and downloads! Sign up today! Simply choose how much you want to pay! below!

02/16/2012: Are you all ready for the new Wolfboy.NET PLAYER? Well v. 1.0 is online! Click here to view the first BETA page!

01/24/2012: Ready to get in the Fan Club? The FC will be a newsletter/magazine sent to your e-mail onece a month for a year! The price is only $3 and it supports all my work that I do here to help you guys! Signup is easy! Simply click the PayPal button below to go to our secure PayPal site and buy the subscription! Thanks for looking if you don't buy it, you're still Awesome!

01/19/2012: Hello, all! If you came here because of the new Login button, you've come to the right place. This will be covered more in-depth on my blog, here. I love the new system, though you cannot change your info without my doing it for you. I am working on a better server, but not working so far, so... please be patiant as it may take some time to work out the kinks!

01/18/2012: Hello, all! I've been asked several times to create a fan club, and, if you remember correctly, I had one for three days, but the hosting server was full. Twenty people, but that was it... unfortunately... but soon we'll be using a MySQL server... signups can be ordered here. If you want a month free, please e-mail us at wolfboycomments@live.com

01/08/2012: Ready to play in a world of math? Now JMSP supports and plays DimensionM: Evolver! Have a question? E-mail out tech team at: jmspdimnm@hotmail.com or call us at: 740-358-0265 (Mon-Fri: 10am EST-4pm EST). Where can you download the full game? Well... right here!

01/03/2012: Like a flash, the wolves already have half the site looking much better! Thanks for all who pushed and helped! Thank You!

01/02/2012: Happy New Year, sorry for not posting, I've been busy with my You Tube videos, and comments, for direct contact, follow me on twitter! Also: We will be performing a lot of work on the site, and soon, hopefully, I'll be able to finally get a side news pannel! Yay! BTW, the Audio page won't be going up for a few months, so sorry for that, but like always, follow my blog, circle me on G+ and follow me on twitter! Also... did you know we had a newsletter? Sign up atJMSP. (Simply click the link and sign up in the sidebar!)

10/26/2011: Wolfboy.NET is not supporting Chrome at this time, we apologize for this event, and possible misunderstanding... but at the same time, we thank you for coming to Wolfboy.NET and spreading the word! Over 300 people last month! That calls for a celebration, eh? Well in three weeks, Wolfboy.NET (in part with JMSP) is welcoming a new page! What it is... you'll have to wait to find out!

10/05/2011: The passing of Steve Jobs, please read our doc here!

10/14/2011: Wolfboy.NET Videos are up!