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This Archive seems to have served its purpose well over the past few years. I have you, the users, to thank for all your help in telling me what needs to be improved, what's broken, what I'm missing, and all that good stuff. But that doesn't mean the Archive is complete! I still need to hear your comments and find out what needs to be done. So, don't hold back! :)

Some of the questions here ask for your name, age, profession, and other data that some people wish to keep private. If you don't wish to answer these questions, just leave them blank. If you choose to provide these, they will not be publicly released; such information is used for demographic purposes only so that I have a better picture of users of this site.

Your feedback will be sent to the maintainer of this page via email. If you just have a question or comment and don't want to fill out the whole form, please send email to me at

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Please elaborate on your comments above. If there's anything that you feel I could improve in a specific way, or if there's anything that you think might go well with the theme or the contents of the Archive, please tell me! While I can't possibly incorporate each and every suggestion into these pages, I do try to get a general idea of what I should do next.
Please note: I am not Disney, nor am I affiliated with Disney. I have nothing to do with the movie itself-- I'm just a fan who happened to write a web page about it. :)

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