Tim Rice BBC Documentary
Contributed by Andy Etheridge

Notes on the Tim Rice Documentary

Originally Titled: Tim Rice, The Ultimate Fan
First Broadcast on BBC Radio 2, Saturday, 11th July 1998 7pm-8pm GMT
Third part of a three-part series; the first two parts were broadcast on 27th June and 4th July respectively, but do not contain material relevant to The Lion King.
Copyright: Unique Broadcasting/British Broadcasting Corporation

This programme has been edited to about 1/3 of its original length. The clips included here are connected to either Disney, The Lion King, The Lion King Broadway Musical or Aladdin. The songs from the movie that were included in the programme have been edited out for copyright reasons, thus, some of this clips have slight edit points in them. These clips are marked on the list below with an asterisk (*) but are hopefully not too noticeable.

If following the continuity of the program, the clips should be played in the following order.

  1. Intro.mp3 - Background to the programmme.
  2. Disney.mp3 - How Tim Rice became involved with Disney and ultimately the production of TLK (all from a memo for a Dolly Parton Movie!).
  3. EltonJohn.mp3 - How Elton John became involved with TLK.
  4. Concept.mp3 - The concept of TLK and why it became such a success.
  5. AladdinBreak.mp3* - Tim breaks from TLK project to work on Aladdin and wins an Oscar.
  6. Producers.mp3* - One of the Disney production team.
  7. TheWriting.mp3* - How the songs were written.
  8. AnimalKingdom.mp3 - Elton John opinion on Disney's Animal Kingdom Opening, and how TLK and Disney opened new doors for him.
  9. Broadway.mp3 - Tim Rice's opinion on musicals and the TLK Broadway Musical.

Audio files produced by Andy Etheridge (Stealth), a_etheridge@yahoo.com. Please direct problems or questions to this address.

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