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Lion King Trivia

101 questions and answers. Many thanks to Phil Pollard!

You can download this trivia quiz in RTF format, thanks to Ryan Stegeman!
  1. On what date did The Lion King open in theaters?
  2. In how many different "ages" do we see Simba?
  3. What does "Simba" mean in Swahili?
  4. What is the color of Simba's eyes?
  5. What is the name of Simba's father?
  6. Do we ever see Mufasa's claws?
  7. If so, when?
  8. What is the name of Simba's mother?
  9. What is her position in the pride?
  10. What does "Sarabi" mean in Swahili?
  11. Who is Simba's best friend as a cub?
  12. In how many different "ages" do we see Nala?
  13. What is the color of Nala's eyes?
  14. Do we ever see Nala's claws?
  15. If so, when?
  16. How many times did Nala pin Simba?
  17. What is the name of Simba's home?
  18. What is the name of Nala's mother?
  19. What is Scar's relationship to Mufasa?
  20. What color is Scar's eyes?
  21. Over which eye is Scar's scar?
  22. Where does Scar live?
  23. Who is the pride's shaman?
  24. What is Rafiki?
  25. What kind of tree does Rafiki live in?
  26. What is odd about Rafiki's mixing bowl?
  27. What does "Rafiki" mean in Swahili?
  28. Who is Mufasa's bird friend and retainer?
  29. What is Zazu's title?
  30. When is the first time we see Zazu?
  31. What kind of bird is Zazu?
  32. What is Timon?
  33. How many stripes does Timon have?
  34. What is the color of Timon's eyes?
  35. How many fingers does Timon have?
  36. What is Pumbaa?
  37. For what two actions does Pumbaa use his tusks for during the movie?
  38. What does "Pumbaa" mean in Swahili?
  39. Name the three main hyenas.
  40. When do they first appear?
  41. What is one of Ed's most noticeable features?
  42. Which of Ed's ear has a notch?
  43. Who is Banzai's voice?
  44. What does "Banzai" mean in Swahili?
  45. Who is Shenzi's voice?
  46. What does "Shenzi" mean in Swahili?
  47. Who first says "Hakuna Matata"?
  48. When?
  49. What does "Hakuna Matata" mean?
  50. How many years does Simba spend with Timon and Pumbaa?
  51. What is the first line spoken (NOT SUNG) in the movie?
  52. By whom?
  53. What is the last line spoken in the movie?
  54. Who speaks it?
  55. What is the last sung line of the movie?
  56. What is at "that shadowy place" beyond the northern border?
  57. What Japanese animated series do some purists claim was the basis for The Lion King?
  58. The Lion King is based on what Shakespeare play?
  59. How many cheetahs appear in the movie?
  60. What animal(s) were at the base of the animal pyramid that formed in "I Just Can't Wait to be King?"
  61. What does Timon suggest that the stars are?
  62. How many belches are heard in the film?
  63. What other animated features, aside The Lion King, were animal only?
  64. How many characters and animals does Scar strike?
  65. What well-know film music composer worked with Elton John on the music for The Lion King?
  66. What is the title of Scar's only song?
  67. What famous organization's motto is the same as this song?
  68. What is odd about the kick that Simba uses to block Scar's attack and throw him down the cliff?
  69. In how many locations was music for this film recorded?
  70. What is Rafiki's chant? (recite it)
  71. Where did it come from?
  72. What is its translation?
  73. Who is Brenda Chapman?
  74. What is Lebo M.'s full last name?
  75. What is the only thing Mufasa is "afraid of"?
  76. What is Mufasa's last line before he dies?
  77. What is the last thing Scar says before killing Mufasa?
  78. What do Pumbaa and Timon eat?
  79. What did Mufasa tell Simba that the stars were?
  80. What causes Scar to "quiver with fear"?
  81. What is the other name that Pumbaa said he could be called?
  82. Why is Pumbaa an "outcast"?
  83. What were Timon and Pumbaa doing when they happened upon Simba?
  84. What dictator was Scar portrayed as in "Be Prepared"?
  85. What does Scar offer to the hyenas as food?
  86. What saves Simba from being killed by the hyenas?
  87. How many scenes occur on the upper point of Pride Rock?
  88. What is odd about Scar's claws?
  89. After his bath, where does Simba say he and Nala are going?
  90. Which is the first Hyena to speak?
  91. What does she say?
  92. How does Mufasa discipline his son?
  93. What kind of meat does Scar give the Hyenas?
  94. Why is Timon leery about keeping Simba?
  95. What are all the songs in which Zazu sings?
  96. How does Pumbaa explain to Timon that he's being chased by a lioness?
  97. Where does Timon sleep (the only time we see him asleep)?
  98. What old Spike Jones' hit does Timon sing a corrupt version of while wearing a hula skirt?
  99. Who corners Timon in Zazu's cage?
  100. What does Rafiki tell Simba before he ascends Pride Rock?
  101. Who are the characters on Pride Rock during the presentation of Simba and Nala's cub?
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