Plot Synopsis by Margaret Petrie
From the Simba's Pride storybook by Golden Books

Simba and Nala give birth to Kiara, and soon find out that Kiara likes to roam. Simba put T&P in charge of gaurding Kiara without her knowledge and when she finds this out she gets angry and makes a point of getting away from them.
On one of these occasions she meets Kovu and the two begin to fight (Kiara must've been told about the Outlanders) While they're fighting they don't notice that the log they are standing on is actually a crocodile and a chase ensuses with the upshot being that Kiara saves Kovu. They then decide to stop fighting and begin playing together.

Simba finds his daughter with Kovu and protectively snatches the cub away, Zira shows up and does the same telling Simba that Scar chose Kovu to be his heir and thet he hasn't seen the last of them.
Simba has a talk with Kiara as they go back to PR, he tells her how she must be careful for him and the good of the kingdom. In the Outlands Zira scold Kovu for playing with Kiara and Kovu protests saying he only wanted to be friends with her. Zira then gets an idea of how she can infiltrate PR. The two cubs grow up away from each other until one day as Kiara prepares for her first hunt(apparently a rite of passage for a lioness, sound familiar?) Zira is not far off and she orders a few of the Outsiders to set fire to the tall grasses which surround Kiara and the herd she is hunting (Apparently by the time of SP lions know how to make and use fire :P)

Kiara finds herself surrounded by flames when suddenly from nowhere Kovu rushes in and rescues her. Simba arrives and seeing what Kovu has done allows him to join the pride. Everyone gets along great for a while until one day while Kovu and Simba are patrolling the Pride Lands Zira and her crew show up (This page has a pic of Nuka who is without a doubt the ugliest, stupidest and clunkiest character design I've every seen. He's grey, with a black curled beard on a light muzzle with a mane that only covers the top of his head and weird tufts sticking out of his shoulders. It's really awful looking. Also it seems all evil lions look like Scar, maybe Scar then could be excused for having the "evil gene" or an extra "Y" chromosome or some such)

Zira thanks Kovu for getting the Lion King alone for them to kill and Simba is shocked as he thinks Kovu has betrayed him. Kovu is shocked too as he knew nothing about this. The Outsiders attack Simba who barely escapes although he is injured. Back at Pride Rock Simba denounces Kovu and throws him out of the pride. Kiara goes with him as she doesn't think kovu was responsible. Kovu suggests that maybe they should run off and make their own pride but Kiara refuses, saying that the prides must unite for all to be well.

The two return to PR only to find a battle going on between the Outlanders and Pridelanders. She gets everyone to stop and gives a speech about how they must all live in peace and that they are all one with the Circle of Life. Everyone sees the wisdom in this except Zira who makes one last ditch effort and lunges at Kiara. They both tumble down a ravine. Kiara lives but Zira is never heard from again(sound familiar?) And they all live happily ever after.

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