Posted by: Sydney's Clownfish (
Date: May 31, 2003
Okay, there's this new Pixar movie out called Finding Nemo that I simply loved. It came out yesterday and I went to see it then, and I just got back from seeing it again. There's one part in the movie that made me think of Lion King - When a little clownfish named Nemo rushes over to his sleeping dad in the morning and tries to eagerly wake him up. He bounces on top of him going "Dad! Dad! Wake up! It's time for school!" And if that isn't enough, he gets so excited that he timbles right back into a coral.
The movie also has some extra Lion King hints, such as when Nemo wanders off into forbidden territory when he crosses "The Drop-Off" O_O and when two characters shout to each other: "No worries!!"