Posted by: shannon (
Date: April 10, 2001
i was watchin LEAVE IT TO BEAVER (the new movie) and theres one part when Beaver gets in trouble and his dad in him have one of those emotianal "father and son talks" at the end Beavers dad looks like he's near tears. later Beavers brother Wally asked how the talk with his dad had been. Beaver said " Well I think it went very well, except at the end dad had that same blubbery look in his eye that he had at the end of the Lion King!!"

Posted by: Lia (
Date: Nov. 21, 2003
On the Disney movie, "Leave it to Beaver," Beaver shocks his dad by telling him he was too old to be tucked in to bed. Beaver discribes his dad's expression to his brother as, "his face was just like it was when the lights came on after The Lion King."
Perhaps this is because his dad was seachless after the movie...?