Posted by: jennopotamus (
Date: June 16, 2002
haha....can't believe that no one has mentioned the trailer for Lilo and Stitch! When Rafiki holds up Stitch and Timon and Pumbaa say "Hey...that's not Simba" and everyone runs away? Riiight.

Posted by: Brad Hart (
Date: Dec. 9, 2002
I was brousing through some pictures from 'Lilo and Stitch' and i found a movie promo poster that has a subtext that reads "there's one in every family." Sounds like when Zazu was talking to Mufasa about Scar's unexcused absence at the presentation of simba. Happy Hunting -

Posted by: Brad Hart (
Date: Dec. 11, 2002
ALSO, in the same movie promo poster for 'Lilo and Stitch,' there are several characters from previous disney movies and behold, there is rafiki, timon and pumbaa!!! Happy Hunting -