Posted by: Simba
Date: Aug. 27, 2012
The movie is kind of like o combination of LK 1 and LK 2. THe beginning is like 1, starting off with the cubs and a high cliff that looks sligtly like Pride Rock. Then the cub(girl) grows up and likes to explore. Like LK 2 she vetures to the "outlands" and meets a male lion, she loves him. Back at her "pridelands" her mother ad father find out and her parets dont want her in the outlands. Also like LK 1, in the outlands there were 3 hyenas chasing the young cub, in a real elephant graveyard! Then the "outlands(wich also has little water and scarce food)" lion saves the cub from the hyenas, just like mufassa. The "outlands lion" has an evil brother (like scar) who wants to have a fight to take over the "pridelands" across the river. Back to the older girl lioness, she mates with the "outlands" lion and have 4 cube. During the night his brother eats 3 out of the four of them. Later the daughter returnes to her "pridelands". Her parents were thrilled. Like LK 2 the outlands pride, ventures into the "pridelands" across the river. The daughters father starts to fight with and daughters mate and brother. The daughter doesnt like her father hurting her BF. THe two "outlands" lions, chase each other up the cliff of the "pride rock". Then the BF of the daughters brother slips over the ledge and hands on to it(Like simba in the ending of the 1st movie.) Then they fight eachother, and the male says "you killed my cubs" and throws his brother off the edge of the cliff and kills him(like Simba and Scar). In the ending of the movie (like LK 2) THe New male and the daughter, the father and mother, stand up and roar, kind of like the ending of Lion King 2. Very neat movie.