Posted by: Stephanie
Date: Oct. 22, 2005
I haven't watched this movie in the longest time, but there's this one part that stuck with me. Near the end, the rugrats are trying to get across a bridge to find help to get out of the forest, and a big, dark wolf jumps out and attacks them. Right before it gets to them, Spike (Tommy's dog) jumps in front of them and starts battling with the wolf to protect them. At the end of the fight, the wolf knocks Spike off-balance and he almost falls off the edge of the bridge, but just manages to grab the edge with his claw, struggling to get up, while the wolf towers over him, ready to send him to his maker. It was so similar to the stampede scene when Mufasa is hanging over the cliff. When I first saw the movie in theaters, my mind began screaming "LION KING!!! LION KING!!!!"