A Story About Simba and Nala

By Hayse Brock

One morning long before the sun rose in the African sky, Simba and Nala had fallen asleep that previous evening out in the savanna. Nala was pregnant at the time and the baby was going to be born in a month.

"Nala?" Simba said a minute later, "Are you feeling okay?"

"Of course" said Nala, "Why? Are you worried about me?"

"Yes Nala and I'm worried about the baby because I love you both. I'm worried about myself because I don't know how to a good father."

"Simba, you'll do just fine and I trust you." she said as she snuggled againist his chest.

Simba smiled and looked down at her stomach and laid down a paw on it. He could feel a tiny paw pressing inside Nala.

"I can feel her." He said, "Can you feel her?"

"Of course silly." Nala said, "A mother can always feel what her unborn child is doing. Would you like to come closer?"

"I would like that." said Simba as he came around to the other side of Nala, and laid down next to her stomach. He could hear Nala breathing slowly as she looked down at him with a heart-warming smile. Simba came closer to her and nuzzled her tummy. He got up, walked, and laid down so he was face to face with Nala. Then all of a sudden she licked him on his muzzle. This stunned him because he didn't expect this. Then she slowly licked him on his cheek.

"Why did you do that?" Said Simba.

"Because I love you, said Nala, "Because your my mate, and you showed that you love me."

"Then I will hug you" said Simba, as he hugged her. He hugged her for a long time,and stopped when he noticed Nala had fell asleep. He decided to get a drink from the waterhole. As he got up, he stopped to lick Nala on the head.

"I love you." He said,he could tell she wasn't completely asleep for a small smile came over her face. After his drink he stopped to talk to the stars.

"Father, I need to know if I'm doing things right. Am I going to be a good father?" The wind started to blow to let him know he was being heared.

"Simba, you are doing things right, and you are going to be a good father. Just do the things you were doing. Be brave, loving, and caring. Return to her."

"Thank you," said Simba as he turned and ran to where they slept. When he returned he noticed Nala had sat up and had her paw on her stomach.

"Simba, put your paw where I had mine." She laid down so he could reach her better. He laid his paw on her stomach. A smile came slowly on his face because he felt two tiny paws pushing hard on her tummy.

"Is it hurting you?" he asked.

"It is a little, actually I'm glad she is because it lets me know that something is growing inside me."

Suddenly the sun rose over the horizon. The two got up and went over to the waterhole so Nala could get some water.

"Are you okay?" asked Nala, "You look sad."

"I'm okay, I'm just happy for you."

"This cub is not just mine, she's ours,she is our daughter, so don't feel left out." she said as she started to cry

"You're right." Simba said as he nuzzled Nala to help her stop her tears."Please stop crying,I don't know what came over me."

"It's all right, I understand. You were acting like something was wrong." Nala said as calmed down with a big sigh. She stared into the water for a while, Simba sat down beside her.

"What are you looking at?" Simba asked with a curious look on his face.

"Just my reflection." she said as she turned and faced Simba. Simba looked deep into her eyes. He thought he saw a cub in her eyes, but when he blinked it disappeared.

"What are you looking at?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"Your eyes." he said with wide eyes

"Why? Is it because you thought you saw a small figure of a cub in my eyes."

"Yes, how did you know?!" Simba said in amazement.

" I saw the same thing. That is the reason I stared at myself awhile. May I leaned againist your shoulder.

"You may, but I rather lay down." he said. Nala agreed, so Simba laid down and Nala snuggled up againist him and closed her eyes.

"Nala." Simba said as he looked down at her,"It feels good to have your body pressed againist mine." Nala opened her eyes and looked up at him.

"You know I was thinking the same thing. You that night in the jungle when we rolled down the hill and you fell on me."

"I know, I hope I didn't hurt you." Simba interrupted.

"No, that is not what I'm trying to tell you.What I'm saying is that it felt good to have you pressing againist me. When I licked you that showed my true feelings."

"Nala, when I first saw out in the jungle, I wondered why a beautiful, young lioness was in the jungle alone." Simba wrapped his arms around Nala for 15 minutes, then he realized that she once again fell asleep. He knew that she had a rough night.

Then, Simba saw Nala's mother, Sarafina, coming toward them.

"Hi" Sarafina said as she walked up, "We were worried about you two. Is Nala asleep?"

"Yeah, she went to sleep five minutes ago." he said as he look down at Nala."She had a rough night, the baby hurt her by kicking her."

"I can't believe my daughter is going to be a mother." Sarafina said with her eyes full of tears. She walked over to her daughter and laid down beside Nala. Simba came and laid down on the other side of her. Simba nuzzled Nala then he look at Sarafina.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a father, I'm just worried because I don't know how to be one." Sarafina smiled and said,

"don't worry Simba, be loving, and caring." Sarafina said as she reach over Nala and put a paw on his shoulder. Nala had cuddled closer to Simba and sighed. "She loves you and you love her, and both of you will love your child. I know I will, because she is my grandaughter."

"I love them both." Simba said, then he stroked Nala's head and neck gently. After that Sarafina nuzzled Nala on the stomach.

"Simba, when Nala went out to find help for us and she found you, I know something happened between you and her. What was it? Sarafina said with a curious look.

"I might as well tell you. When Nala found me, she was happy and I was happy too. Then she let out her true feelings. I took her on a tour of the jungle. It was getting dark and we made our way down a hill. We stopped at a waterhole, as we drank I got a idea. I walked to the other side of Nala, grabbed a vine a swing into the water. When I came up I grabbed Nala and pulled her under. She quickly got out, when I got ashore I laughed at her, then she smiled and she pushed me back in. We played like we did when we were cubs. We tumbled down a hill and I landed on top of her. She gaved a little lick on the cheek. I knew right then we were in love." Simba said as Sarafina looked at him with a smile and a tear running down her cheek. Then he noticed he himself had tears in his eyes.

Then Sarafina said "I can imagine it, I wish I could have been there."

"I know, I wish we could do that again." Simba looked at Nala who had turned and faced her mother. Nala opened her eyes and saw her mother laying beside her.

"Hi mom, where's Simba?"

"He's right behind you."said Sarafina as Simba laid a paw on her shoulder. Nala turned so she was laying on her stomach.

"I've got to tell you both something she is going to be just like us when we were cubs, I can feel it. I can't wait until she's born, and in my arms. I know I have to wait." Nala laid her head on the ground. Simba knew what she was going through, because he wanted the same thing. He reached over and laid his paw on her back, he smiled and looked at Sarafina. She looked at him with the same smile.Simba came closer to Nala.

"Nala, I know how much you want to see our child, but you are thankful you are going to have one."

"I'm very thankful for this cub, but I want to see her in my arms." She started to cry softly, but they were not tears of hurt, they were tears of joy.

Sarafina hugged her daughter, and Nala hugged her back with kiss. She turned around and she smiled at Simba and hugged him. Simba laid a paw on her stomach and Nala laid hers on his. Sarafina sat there watching them.

"Mom, you can come over here, I don't mind." Nala said as she saw her mother sitting alone.

"May I feel?"Sarafina asked as she came closer to them.

"Of course you may, you can do this anytime you want, just like Simba can."

"I just wanted to get permission from you." She said as she sat down beside Nala. First she nuzzled Nala on the cheek, and then she looked at Nala's bulged out stomach. She was uncertain at first but Nala insisted. She laid a paw on Nala's stomach and Nala looked at her mother and she laid her on Sarafina's. Simba looked at them with a smile, and he walked to them and he thought about how proud he is to have a daughter. He thought how proud he is of Nala bringing a cub into the world. He sat down beside Nala who was laying on her back. She looked at him with dreamy eyes, then she closed her eyes.

"I'll leave you two alone." Sarafina said suddenly,"I've got to go tell the rest of the pride that you're all right."

"You don't have to go." Simba said, "You can stay, if you want to." Nala sat up so she was laying on her side. Sarafina looked at them with a happy smile.

"I want to, I just feel like you want some privacy." She said.

"We'll be home in a little while, I want to talk to Simba for a little bit." Nala said as she turned and looked at Simba.

"I will be waiting for you." Nala's mother said with a bit of curiosity on her face, then she walked slowly toward Pride Rock, wandering what Nala wants to talk to Simba about.

"Simba, do you love me, that's what I want to ask you." Nala said.

"Of course Nala, I love you with all my heart and you know that. Why do you ask?"

"I just wanted to know how much you love me." She said as she looked up at him, "I love you too, and I know that she will love us, especially you because everytime I say your name or say "daddy" she always kicks or hits me in some way. I know she's telling us that she loves us, but she doesn't need to hit too hard."

Simba looked down at her stomach and smiled and then said, "I love you too my little baby and you must know I love your mother very much, plus your entire family, and we're waiting for your birth." Then he took Nala's paw and put it on his cheek. Nala drew closer to him and hugged and kissed him. Then they got up and they walked toward Pride Rock, Simba suddenly stopped and then said, "What should we call her?"

"I've never thought about names, How about Kiara." Nala said and she looked at Simba. "That is a beautiful name." Simba said and he walked over to Nala and he put his muzzle against her side and said, "Hello Kiara I am your father and I hope you like your name."He started to walk up to Nala and then said,"Lets go home and lets tell them her name."

"Ok" Nala said with a happy voice, and the two went home to tell the others what they decided to call their new Baby.





December 20, 2002