Hyena Love by Loa

Chapter 1 - What Happens When You Change Sides...


I like the hyenas best out of all the characters in The Lion King, so I’ve dedicated this entire fic to them. At least, they are the ones who star in it. Not to mention I believe Shenzi and Banzai belong together. This fic starts at the end of The Lion King. Oh, and The Lion King belongs to Disney, not me. This fic is a PG13?


The Totally Decimated Pride Lands…

Three hyenas sat in a circle; two males, one female. They were complaining together, but still managing to make an argument out of it.

"Oh man, Shenzi, I’m hungry!" whined Banzai. As well as being the oldest, and the toughest, he had a very short temper. He made bad jokes, and because of this, he was always the first to get into trouble. He was in love with Shenzi. He was 20 in hyena years.

Shenzi was gnawing what little meat was left on a bone. She looked up for a moment, "Look Banzai, if you’re so damn hungry, you’ll go to Scar and tell him to move us all!" She went back to eating. She was both attractive and smart with a mane that hung over her forehead like a fringe. She was 19 in hyena years. She was afraid of Scar. She hid it well though - she was the matriarch, and there was no such thing as a weak matriarch.

Ed laughed stupidly. As well as being only 17, he was the most flea-bitten, and had the IQ of a digested peanut. He only spoke in a maniacal laugh. He was Banzai’s brother, and Banzai was the only one who understood him.

"Shut up, Ed!" snapped Banzai at Ed, then "You go!" to Shenzi, "We still don’t know what happened to the last moron who tried!"

All three hyenas shuddered.

"How ‘bout we go together?" suggested Banzai "He can’t do us all in at the same time! At the worst he’d only get one of us!" He laughed.

"Why doesn’t that make me feel any better?" said Shenzi, dryly.


Next Day, in Scar’s Cave…

Banzai looked at Shenzi, "Someone’s gotta go see Scar… Hellfire, I’m starving!"

Shenzi snarled, "Maybe we should leave anyway. Who needs Scar? We can find food on our own!"

"Uh-uh!" said Ed.

"Ed’s got a point, ya know," said Banzai, "Any other pride would turn us out of their lands!" He sighed, "Look, we’ll go see Scar together. Or are you guys too scared?"

Shenzi groaned, Ed laughed, and they padded over to Scar’s cave. They could hear Zazu singing woefully, inside.

"Hey, Boss," interrupted Banzai, "We gotta bone ta pick with you."

"Oh, what is it this time?" sighed Scar. He was the current king of the Pride Lands. True to his name, he had a scar across his left eye. What had caused it no animal knew. He turned to face the three hyenas.

"There ain’t no food! There ain’t no water!" said Shenzi. Ed gurgled.

"Yeah, like Ed says, there’s nothin’ for dinner! Not even a stinkin’ entree!" said Banzai.

"Oh, you and your petty complaints." groaned Scar, "You don’t know what real hunger is. Day after day it gnaws at the very core of my being."

"I had that once," said Banzai, sagely, "It was worms."

"No, no… it’s like an itch… deep, persistent, profound… a want, a need, deep down," corrected Scar.

"That’s it - worms!" Banzai repeated, "When they get real bad all you gotta do is get down and..."

Scar glared at the three hyenas. Ed was scratching himself absent-mindedly, "Thanks for the tip. Ingrates! If it weren’t for me you’d be beating off buzzards for your next bite!"

"Look Scar, we want something to eat!" shouted Banzai, "I got bones sticking out in places I didn’t even know I had!"

"Like your skull?" suggested Scar.

"Or his..." Shenzi bent over and whispered something into Ed’s ear. They both burst into uncontrollable laughter.

"Yeah, that’s real funny you guys," growled Banzai. Shenzi and Ed continued laughing, "But you know what? I’m still hungry."

"Oh, eat the bird," said Scar, dismissively. The three hyenas turned to look at Zazu.

"Oh, I’m not tasty at all!" said Zazu, hastily, "I’d be so tough and gaby and, eeww..."

"Look, Zazu, all you need is a little garnish," chided Scar.

"Ok, we’ll split the bird," said Shenzi to Banzai, "but I get the wings."

"Sure," mocked Banzai, "and I get stuck with the bill!"

"Ok, we’ll split the bill!" The hyenas were shouting now.

"Shut up! You’re giving me a headache!" roared Scar. The hyenas stopped arguing. Scar sighed, "Nobody loved me, there’s the rub. What did my brother have that I don’t have?" he asked the world in general, miserably.

"Do you want the short list or the long?" asked Zazu.

"Whatever!" snapped Scar.

"Well, he had adoring subjects… a loving family… a devoted queen..."

"That’s it! I need a queen!"

"A what?!" asked Zazu, "Who could be mad enough… I mean, good enough for you?"

"A queen, man!" cried Scar, "Without a queen, what am I? A dead end. No descendants, no future. With a queen, I’ll have cubs, a family again… Immortality will be mine!"

"Scar?" A voice came from outside the cave.

"Ah, Nala… Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect," said Scar, pleased.

Nala was a young lioness. She had blue eyes, blond fur, and had been Simba’s playmate as a cub. She had been

betrothed to him. "Scar, you’ve got to do something," said Nala, "We’re being forced to over hunt. You’re the king. You have to control the hyenas! They’re destroying the Pride Lands!" Shenzi and Banzai glared at Nala.

"You are very beautiful, Nala," said Scar, thoughtfully.

"Huh? What are you talking about? Are you listening to me?" asked Nala, puzzled.

Scar appeared to reach a decision, "Come, sweet Nala. Our love is written in the stars."

"Get away from me!" cried Nala, shocked.

"Tell me I’m adored by you. Oh, Nala… you know how I loathe violence… One way or another, you will be mine."

"Never, Scar! Never!" cried Nala, and ran out of the cave. Scar watched her run and the hyenas looked at him as he smiled, lazily.

"Uh, boss?" asked Banzai, after about a minute.

"What?" snapped Scar, coming out of his daydream.

Now came the awkward part. Banzai, who had drawn the short bone, shuffled his paws, "We… that is, all of us, not just me… we’ve just been thinkin’… er… we should… um… move somewhere… uh… where there’s still food?"

"There’s plenty of food!" growled Scar, his voice approaching a roar, "You simpletons aren’t looking hard enough! And if my brother or nephew were alive you’d still be in the Elephant Graveyard poaching for it!"

Then Shenzi lost her temper, "At least under Mufasa there was food to -"

Scar’s eyes flashed, "ENOUGH!!!!" he roared, turning and sinking his claws into Shenzi’s shoulders. She yowled like a tenday pup. The pain was horrific. Banzai and Ed froze in terror, "Are you implying that he was a better ruler than me?!" Scar roared. Shenzi’s breathing was laboured, and her shoulder was bleeding freely where Scar had dug his claws in. He dug in down to the bone, "Are you?!"

"Please..." Shenzi managed to gasp. She was now scrabbling at Scar’s claws, but her efforts had no real strength in them, and it was to no avail. Scar just tightened his grip again.

Banzai stepped forward, his face pale, "She means ‘No’, boss."

Scar released Shenzi, and she passed out, "Good. Now get out. All of you."

Banzai pulled Shenzi over his shoulders and the hyenas hurried out, Ed giggling as they left.


In The Den…

"She’ll be alright," said Banzai, looking at the sleeping Shenzi. "She just needs some rest." Her shoulder was still bleeding. Banzai pressed his own shoulder to it, "I’ll watch over her for the night though, just in case." He said this just a little quicker than he had meant to.

Ed sniggered, "Hur hur..."

"It ain’t funny, Ed. You know what I meant."

Ed tried to stop, but burst out worse "Haw-haw-haw!!!..."

Banzai growled, but stopped himself from jumping at Ed. If he started fighting, all the blood that he had held

back would just leak out again. Hyenas didn’t understand clotting. He remembered better times, when the hyenas

still lived in the Elephant Graveyard. He dismissed the thought hurriedly. It didn’t do to dwell on the past. Ed grinned again, then turned and loped off, leaving Banzai alone with Shenzi. Banzai could hear him laughing in the distance. He looked down at Shenzi. He could still remember the day she had come to the Elephant Graveyard. When he had first seen her, he had thought she was the most beautiful thing on four legs. He looked down at Shenzi. What was she thinking now? He sighed. Just then, she came to.

"B-Banzai?" she asked, "What happened?"

"You got hurt," explained Banzai, "So Ed and me brought you back here," Shenzi tried to get up, but he pushed her back down again, "No, lie down. You should rest."

"My shoulder hurts..." Shenzi grimaced. Banzai saw that she was confused and still in a lot of pain. He bent down and began licking the dried blood off her shoulder. She was a little surprised at his sudden action. "Huh? Ow… ow… hmm… that feels much better… Thanks, Banzai..." Shenzi relaxed. The pain in her shoulder seemed almost to be melting away under Banzai’s tongue. She paused, "What happened, anyway? I remember me shouting at Scar, then the pain, then… nothing."

"Scar punched you." Banzai growled. Even thinking about what Scar had done made him angry, "He dug his claws into your shoulder." He continued licking Shenzi.

"Oh..." a strange look flashed across Shenzi’s face, "He’s always doing stuff like that..." She gasped with horror, realising what she had just said, "I mean… that is..."

"WHAT!?" Banzai screamed, jumping to his paws, "I’ll kill the bastard! I’ll tear him apart! I’ll rip his eyes out and shove them up his arse so as he can see me kicking it!!!"

"No, don’t!" cried Shenzi, "It doesn’t matter, really it doesn’t..."



Shenzi tried to jump up to stop him and fell over, "But you’ll get hurt!"

"NO, HE’S THE ONE THAT’LL GET HURT!!!" Banzai was starting to go blue in the face.

"No, just calm down Banzai!" Shenzi shouted, "I’ll tell you what’s been happening..." Banzai was about to run off to Scar’s den to fight him when he saw the look of fear on Shenzi’s face. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and listened as Shenzi told him what had been happening over the past few years…


When Scar got angry, who got hit? Shenzi. When anyone said something wrong, who got hit? Shenzi. When Scar didn’t get food, when Scar lost an argument, just when something went bad, who got hit? Shenzi. But only when Banzai and Ed weren’t around. Banzai knew the hyenas got beat about a lot, but he hadn’t realised that Shenzi was Scar’s personal punchbag. And Scar knew he could get away with it, because Shenzi was smart. Because she knew that a matriarch can’t be weak, and if she let it be known that Scar hit her, she’d be deposed faster than sharp claws go through warm flesh.


"So, that explains a lot," said Banzai quietly, when Shenzi had finished. "Is it true?" Shenzi nodded, sadly, "Show me..." he said, softly. Shenzi silently lifted up her fringe and touched a deep cut. Then she pointed to another on the back of a hind-leg. The bruises were harder to see, but she pointed to one on her face, and another on her back. There was one on her chest and five on her neck where Scar had grabbed her. Banzai’s face became more and more grim, "How long has this been going on? How long have you… known?" he asked.

"Ever since Scar became king. He told me you… cared for me," Shenzi waited for a moment, "Is it true?"

Banzai paused. Then he turned away from Shenzi. "I don’t know..."


One Week Later, on the Outskirts of the Pride Lands…

Simba looked around him in shock. There was desolation everywhere. A look of determination came into his face.

"Simba! Wait up!" called a familiar voice. He turned around and saw Nala behind him, "It’s awful, isn’t it?" she asked, sadly.


The Den…

Everyone was hungry now. Nothing had changed since Shenzi, Banzai and Ed had gone to see Scar. Some hyenas actually thought it had gotten worse. Everyone, from the hyenas to the lionesses, were starving. Everyone was gnawing on bones for the last scraps of meat. Suddenly, there was a drumroll.


Everyone turned. Behind them, there was a meerkat in drag standing next to a warthog.

"If you’re hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat,

Eat my buddy Pumbaa here because he is a treat!

Come on down and dine,

He’s a tasty swine,

All you have to do is get in line!"

All the hyenas were drooling now and advancing slowly towards Timon and Pumbaa. They didn’t notice Simba and Nala sneaking past.

"Aaaare ya achin’

Fooor some bacon?

Heee’s a big pig,

You can be a big pig too!


Timon and Pumbaa ran for it, and the hyenas chased after them.


Pride Rock…

"Nala, you find my mother and rally the lionesses," whispered Simba, "I’ll go look for Scar."

"Right," Nala whispered, and padded away.

Simba didn’t have far to look.


Simba’s mother slowly walked through up the line of hyenas towards Scar, looking down her nose at them. Some snapped at her heels. They were hungry, and they were angry. Sarabi reached Scar. "Yes, Scar?" she asked, distainfully.

"Where is your hunting party? They’re not doing their job!" snarled Scar.

"Scar, there is no food. The herds have moved on. We must leave the Pride Lands."

"We’re not going anywhere."

"Then you have sentenced us all to death!" Sarabi snapped. Some of the hyenas looked at each other, and then at

Scar. Much as they hated to admit it, the lioness had a point.

"Then so be it."

"You can’t do that!" Sarabi said quietly, disgusted.

"I am the king. I can do whatever I want." Scar turned away from Sarabi.

"If you were half the king Mufasa was -"

"I AM TEN TIMES THE KING MUFASA WAS!!!" Scar roared, turning around and striking Sarabi across the face and onto the hard rock floor. All the lionesses growled, at least twenty hyenas visibly cringed, and another ten gulped. And Simba leapt down from the rock and over to his mother…


The Top Of Pride Rock…

"You don’t deserve to live..." growled Simba.

"Simba..." begged Scar, unsure of his tactics, "I am… er… family?"

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed approached unseen from behind, ready to attack Simba.

"But Simba," pleaded Scar, "Don’t you see? It’s the hyenas… who are the real enemy! It was their fault, it was

their idea! They forced me to do all this!" he gabbled; a tissue of transparent lies.

Still unseen, the three hyenas growled, and left to tell the others…


The Bottom Of Pride Rock…

Scar screamed as he was thrown off Pride Rock, hitting a few of it’s smaller relatives on the way down. He

landed on a large pile of dead bushes and staggered to his paws. It felt as if at least two ribs were cracked, and

one paw looked as if it was dislocated.

"Urrgh," Scar looked up to see Shenzi, Banzai and Ed grinning up above him. "Ah, my friends..." he managed. Now he could raise a new army, invade the Pride Lands again. He could still rule…

"Fre-he-hends?" sniggered Shenzi, her voice full of malice. She winced as she turned to Banzai and her shoulder gave a painful twinge, "I thought he said we was the enemy!"

"Yeah, that’s what I heard," grinned Banzai. He and Shenzi turned, "Ed?"

Instead of his usual stupid laugh, Ed gave an evil chuckle, "Hur hur..."

Scar gasped in horror as more hyenas appeared, "No! You don’t understand! No! L-l-let me explain! No! I’m sorry I- No! NO!! NOOOOOO!!!" The entire army of hyenas leapt onto him. For every one he hit away, there were two to take their place. "This is it..." he thought, as he went down, "I’m going to-"

There was a roar from above. Several lionesses looked down on them. The hyenas gulped. Nala jumped down, with several other lionesses behind her.

"Er, hello," said Shenzi nervously. She regained her composure, "We were just finishing off this last job, then we’ll be going..?"

Nala’s eyes swept across her and the other hyenas coldly, "Go now. And take your trash with you." She kicked the unconscious Scar to make her point.

"C’mon, guys," said Banzai, "Let’s go, go, go!" About ten hyenas grabbed Scar and started dragging him away,

none too gently. Banzai looked back at Nala, "We’ll go, but we’ll be back, like that itch you can never reach."

"Yes," said Nala, dryly, "Like fleas." The lionesses watched them leave.


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