Tales from the Outlands





Volume II – Legacies


The following tale is the second volume of Tales From the Outlands, and is slightly different than volume one.  It will NOT follow the life of one single character as volume one did.  Instead it will deal with the characters that were introduced in volume one on a more personal level.  This first section picks up after TLK II, Simba’s Pride ends, and it deals with certain things left unanswered in volume one.  (All characters not of my own design are created by Disney and used without their permission or consent.  I use them here with the utmost respect and admiration.  Those characters not found in Disney’s greatest animated movie of all time that will be seen in subsequent sections, such as the dark lion, Kisasi are of my own design.  Fabana was created by John Burkitt and David Morris and is used once again with permission and many thanks.)  It is highly recommended that one should read volume one first, or the second volume will make little sense, if any at all.  I have decided to stress reader discretion for volume two due to primal violence and adult themes.  For this to make more sense, if volume two were to be made into a movie it would be rated PG-13.  Remember this as you venture into the following chapters.  Any questions, comments, or concerns, can be addressed to scarcasm@yahoo.com. And now the long awaited follow up to volume one… Enter Tales from the Outlands: Volume II – Legacies…       




Part One: In a Perfect World





Light, pale, white, warm, and of a luminous glare shone in his eyes.  Scar raised his head slowly, and gazed towards the dazzling light.  Its splendor was brighter than the sun, but it was not painful to the eyes as an intense sunbeam could be.  Instead it filled him with a deep sense of peace and serenity.  It flowed through his veins, and caused his mind to feel more at ease than it ever was.  But he could not remember where he was, what had happened, how he got there, or for that matter, where there even was.  All he knew was that he felt a deep sense of love that caused him to spread his muzzle into a massive grin.  Slowly, he rose to his paws and shook violently, marveling at how his pelt and mane shined in the light, and how perfect each strand of hair seemed to be.  His pelt was usually matted and hung close to his flanks, but in this light it gleamed and swayed like it was caught in a gentle breeze.

Eyes slowly taking a bearing on where he was, the lion looked in all directions, but all he saw was a pale mist illuminated by the light.  He took a moment to consider this light.  It did not seem to shine from a source far above him, as the sun did, rather it permeated throughout the mist, moving with it, as if the light and the mist were one and the same.  Suddenly a feeling between his paws felt like he was standing on something softer than the freshest moss.  It was a luminous, fluffy surface and it massaged his paws to the point of causing his entire body to relax.  It filled him with the same sense of pleasure and peace as everything else in this place did, and for some reason he suddenly felt like walking on it.  Shaking his head, dizzy by the pure sensations surging through his very being, Scar began to follow a path, that just seemed be there, even if it wasn't a second ago.  Shrugging his shoulders he decided to follow it.  After all what other direction could he go in these constant changing mists?

The path took him through a mist like valley, and in a definite northern direction.  All the while, Scar felt better than he ever had.  All thoughts were centered on happiness and no gloomy thoughts pierced this wall of peace.  It seemed to him all he could think about was the sheer beauty of this realm and not about anything else.  All the grief and sorrow of his past, seemed to melt away.  Suddenly, a clear lagoon caught his attention a far ways off the path.  Scar was curious, and since he wouldn't mind a cool drink, he took a slight ways off the path and headed towards the shimmering pool.  When at last he reached the quiet lagoon, he was amazed at how the light reflected off its surface, and the water was so blue.  He had never seen so pure a shade of blue in all his life.  It made the brackish water hole back at Pride Rock become just another distant memory. Confused but curiosity quickly overcoming this confusion in a mere second, Scar plodded towards the edge of the water.  He was about drink the azure water, but then noticed his reflection was beginning to be cast upon the pool's clear surface.
Scar's eyes spread wider than they had ever been when he saw the image that was cast before him, and he jumped back in absolute shock, praying to the gods that he hadn’t seen what he thought he saw.





No it could not be true!  Scar kept telling himself over and over again that he was only seeing things.  He shook his head, screaming at his mind to tell him what he just thought he had seen, reflected by the azure waters was a devious lie.  But the other half of his mind screamed back at him to walk backs towards the lagoon and see, if what he thought he’d seen, was indeed true.  Scar hung his head low, not quite sure what to do, terrified that if it was truth it would be even worse than if it was a lie.  Slowly, Scar managed to regain his composure, and his head began to nod, deciding that he must know the truth, even if it will break down his nerves.  He placed his shaking paws onto the ground, one after the other, and methodically as if he was stalking prey, Scar trudged back towards the water's edge.  Breathing in a deep breath, he suddenly ran towards the lagoon and gazed upon the waters, then watched his reflection begin to take form once again.

It was true!  Dear gods, it was completely true!  The image was cast before him in a reflection that he never thought he would see.  Scar’s face carried its entire commanding demeanor that it always had, but now he saw the image of a lion staring back at him that was never there before.  His scar, the mark that defined his entire being, the symbol that was he in every meaning of the word, it was gone!  Where it once had been was now just as radiant as the rest of his fur.  All blemishes had been erased!

He was Taka again! (Taka, the name he was given at birth. He was that pure, innocent lion once again!  From this point forward, he would never to be called Scar again.) Taka suddenly bellowed a roar of absolute happiness, and he couldn't help but look back down upon his reflection once again.  Of course now it was cast as a handsome lion with a huge, content grin on his face.  Emotions of joy began to course through his veins, and he turned from the water's edge with a mighty leap.  He began to dance and laugh like a cub, finally feeling the effects of his eternal symbol drain from his nature and erase from his mind.  All of his pain was eradicated and all the denial was obliterated, he was at last free!  At last, the one thing holding him back was gone, and now his life could begin anew!

Suddenly, reality hit him like a thunderbolt, as his eyes gazed upon the misty surroundings.  Life begin anew…  His head swung left and he viewed the white mists; his head swung right and he saw the radiant light permeating the clouds, and then finally realized the ironic error of his statement.  If this notion wasn't enough, a female voice behind him, suddenly told him the truth.

“Welcome, Scar.  I have waited for so long, at last we are finally reunited! I knew we would meet here one day, and now, my love we shall spend the rest of eternity together.” Taka knew that voice so well, but the frightened lashing of his tail, gave proof that he did not want to turn around.  Somehow, after a long while, and hearing the calm breathing behind him, the lioness no doubt waiting patiently for Taka to look at her, Taka somehow summoned the courage to turn.  However, his eyes remained focused on the wispy ground he was standing upon.

“Scar look at me!  I know you know where we are, but it doesn't matter.  All that matters is we are together!”

Taka slowly allowed his gaze to travel up his companion's body.  His jaw opened even wider every inch his eyes traveled up their route towards the face. When at last Taka's gaze met the face of the lioness, he already knew who it was, but by the time he made contact with those alluring eyes, it was still too much and he thought he would surely faint from shock. The lioness grinned back at him and then nuzzled his face,

“Hello, my love!  I've waited so long!” Taka couldn't find words to express the emotions that were now flooding his brain.  The only thing he could say was her name.  She was the lioness who had healed his heart, the lioness who pulled him from the depths of depression, and gave him a purpose for living.  She was his mate, his one and only love.






Taka could not believe his eyes.  It was she!  She was here and standing before his widespread eyes!

“Zira, this cannot be real!”

“But it is, my love.”

“How can you be here?  You didn’t...”

“It doesn't matter what happened, all that matters is we are here together.” Zira began to nuzzle Taka once more, but looked back with a look of confusion when Taka failed to return the caress.

“Scar, what is wrong?”

“This is so... strange.  You must tell me what happened to you.” Zira lowered her head and kept her eyes focused upon the pallid ground, but nodded her head.

“Scar… when I lost you, I lost my life, I lost my goodness, and I lost everything that mattered to me. The lioness you fell in love with died the day she learned of your murder.  In her place, remained a lioness that was the exact opposite of all the things you fell in love with.  The only thing I lived for was an eternal lust for revenge, and an undying hunger that would never be sated.  I somehow survived and assembled a pride of Outsiders.  I suffered so much, but somehow I continued to survive.  My mad obsession with vengeance was the only thing that kept me going, but in the end, it was the thing that destroyed me.  I was slain by this hate that consumed me, because I couldn't let it go.  I fiercely fought any help that was offered to me, and I chose death by my own paws, rather than live in a world without you.

I chose death, in hopes to be finally reunited with you, for I knew I could no longer carry on being separated from you.  However, my vengeance was never completed, my ultimate goal was never reached, and all those who I tried to raise in your name, turned against me in the end.  They all betrayed you, betrayed me, and betrayed your memory!  This thought burning in my mind, was too much to take, and there was only one choice left.  Death by my own paws, in hopes that I would be with you in eternity someday!  Please tell me you understand why I had to make this choice, and please tell me you forgive me.”

Zira kept her eyes locked onto the ground, and did not look up, praying that Taka understood why she had to make the ultimate choice, and why it was the only choice left.  She felt her muzzle being lifted with his gentle paws, and the two lions gazed into each other's eyes for many moments.

“Oh, my love!  Zira, I am so sorry. I do understand!  Through all your suffering, all your grief, and all your pain, your love for me still remained!  And… committing the ultimate sacrifice to be with me... what can I say but this.” Taka's lips met Zira's and he kissed her with so much passion and love, that Zira's eyes spread wide.  Zira tried to grin, eyes filling with tears, but then immediately returned the passionate kiss.  The love the shared burned brighter than the radiant light that fell upon the two lions.  The soft light illuminated the two in an embrace that was as warm as the love the two lions felt deep in their hearts. The two lions continued their caresses as they sat there, nuzzling each other as only lions can.




After many moments, Taka broke the long merging of hearts and gazed into his love’s eyes.


“I cannot remember anything, my love.  I am still astounded that you are here with me now.  I mean it seems like an eternity since I last saw you.” The two cats met in another passionate nuzzle, a fevered purring flowed from both of their throats.  The two cats nuzzled for what seemed like an eternity.  But time meant nothing to the two mates, for time was nothing in this world.  Zira finally looked up to Taka.

“My love, how long have you been here?” Taka looked down and his eyes locked into Zira's.

“All I remember is a darkness consumed me after I felt Shenzi's jaws close around my throat.  Darkness was all I could see and I can plainly remember it.  It was a soundless void, cold, black, nothing.  Then after about an eternity of this, I could feel a deep pain pulsate throughout my body, it was worse than anything I have ever felt.  It felt like it was ripping me from the inside out.  Ripping my very soul from the body it was housed in!  I cried out in fear and anguish, but no voice escaped my lips, no sound echoed in that cold, dark world, only more pain answered my futile screams.

Then all at once the pain left me in an instant.  I began to grow warm, and a deep sense of calmness washed over me.  All at once a light shone in my eyes, and as I looked into it, it began to move as if in a gesture for me to follow.  Something was pulling me, and my body responded before my mind, and I found myself walking towards it.  It opened up to this world, and the next thing I knew I found you. Strange isn't it?” Taka looked down and his eyes spread wide as he saw Zira had tears in her eyes, and had the happiest grin on her face he had ever seen.

“Oh, Scar, that is so beautiful!” Zira's eyes gazed at her love as if she was looking at him for the first time.  The two cats were always passionate lovers ever since that first glorious night under the stars.  Nevertheless, here in this place it seemed their love had increased ten fold, and as her eyes scanned all corners of his body, she felt the fires of passion begin burn in her blood.

“Scar, I….” Taka placed a claw on her lips and shook his head.


“My name is Taka now,” he pointed to his left eye, “Wouldn’t you agree?” Zira grinned and nuzzled him once more.


“Then I am Ushandra once more.  Do you remember, Sca… Taka?  Do you remember my real name when we first met?  Do you remember that glorious night we shared together?”


“Every night in my dreams, Zir… I mean, Ushandra.”  


“Taka, here in this place I feel like I could tell you anything, and I've been so lonely without you.”

“Ushandra, through all the pain of the purging, my thoughts remained focused on you!  I love you so much!  I always have and always will!  You were the one, who carried me through it all. You were the one who eliminated my pain, you were the one who healed my heart, and you were the...” Any more words from Taka were unable to be spoken as Ushandra swiftly pressed her lips against his. The two cats kissed each other fully; their muzzles locked together in a sweet caress.


Taka's tail began to slide and brush across Ushandra's flanks and the melodic purring of the lioness told him that he was making her happy.  Keeping her eyes closed, since the only sense needed was touch, Ushandra caressed Taka's own body with her own tail, moving it equally across his back and then down across his underside.  Taka shivered as the sensations wracked his body and ignited the fires within him, soon becoming as consumed into the dance as Ushandra was.  Ushandra sensually walked away, then as she walked back, she rubbed her body across his, spreading her musky scent all through his pelt as she passed.  She continued her passes, until the scent was intoxicating, and she occasionally painted Taka’s face with her tail.  The preludes ended, she looked back with a sly grin.

Taka needed no further urging and ran to her lips kissing them fully and deeply. Ushandra suddenly broke the kiss and nuzzled Taka's mane much more fiercely, a grin, larger than it had ever been plastered across her face.  Her tongue shot out of her mouth and ran it along his lips then traveled down his neck.  She quickly fell to her belly and then Taka almost roared in pleasure as her tongue began to touch every section of him.  Her roving tongue missed no inch as Zira continued her sweet, maddening torture.  It was only a matter of time, before Taka's roar filled the realm with resounding resonance.

Ushandra then rolled to her back and allowed Taka to do whatever he liked to her, and Ushandra's melodic purrs changed to yowls as Taka's own tongue and tail painted her body in all the right places.  After an eternity of blissful attention, Ushandra rolled to her side and then rose to her paws after another sly grin.  She then proceeded to stand in the "presentation stance," looking back over her shoulder with a seductive smile. Taka needed no words, as his actions alone caused Zira's grin to widen as he joined her in perfect union.  Their song began, soft and slow at first, then gaining momentum and fervor, then the crescendo finally arriving at a grand finale.  Twin roars ended the dance, and an intense kiss upon each muzzle of the lovers was the encore.  Taka and Ushandra lay in each other's paws for an untold amount of time after the dance was over.  Each held the other tight and promised never to let the other go again.  Still, each knew that in this place, they were finally together and would never be torn apart again!  There was no time; the only time was with each other.





Ushandra's eyes slowly opened as she gazed upon Taka sleeping peacefully.  Her lips became a grin, and she softly nudged her love with her nose. After about seven attempts she finally made him open his eyes.

“Mmmmm, what?  Oh, my love. Why did you wake me up? I was enjoying this perfect dream.”

“That dream is a reality now, Taka.” Taka smiled, and licked Ushandra’s face. Ushandra looked up to the pallid light and the vast clouds and sighed. “It looks like we are going to be here for a long time.” Taka’s words calmed her.

“Ushandra, I couldn't ask for anything else.”

“You're are so sweet, you know that?”

“You have no idea.”

“I am sure I can grasp most of it, after all I fell in love with you didn't I, and that was the best decision I ever made. Still, do you think there is any one else here?”


“I do not know, my love.  Are we in the place that my mother and father told me of?  Is this the land beyond the stars? Are we with the kings of the past? Are we…”


Taka was forced to stop, as he saw Ushandra's face was frozen in shock, as if she had seen a ghost.  Taka saw a huge shadow pass over her form, and he slowly turned his head.  When he saw what Ushandra had seen, his mouth dropped and his face became the same mask of shock as Ushandra's was, only Taka's was worse..."



            The shadow fell upon the two lovers, then an insane laugh was heard, and a strange looking lion with a huge grin was suddenly running towards them.


            “Mother, mother, mother!  Look I’m back!  Did ya miss me?” Ushandra could only stare in shock at the lion that was now standing and speaking before her.  She suddenly felt tears of joy in her eyes as she rose to her paws and nuzzled him.  But this lion was so full of zeal that he threw his paws over Ushandra’s back in a huge hug and toppled onto her.  Through the laughter, nuzzles and kisses, Ushandra tried to speak.


            “Oh, dear gods, Nuka!  It’s you!  I thought I would never see you again.” The lion laughed and could not stop his tongue from giving his mother an uncountable number of licks.


            “Well, finally I have your attention!”


            “Oh, Nuka, I missed you so much!  I can not believe this is true, all three of us finally reunited.” The lion curled his features into a confused look.


            “All three of us?” Suddenly Nuka’s head swung towards the male with a shocked expression of his face. “You mean this is….”


            Taka suddenly backed up to his paws, and could not stop shaking his head, as he looked up and down at this abomination of a lion.  No…. it wasn’t possible, he and Fabana, he thought it was not conceivable, she promised him it could not work…. No, she lied, this was…. It had to be true as his gaze fell on this half lion, half hyena, proof that love can exist between a lion and hyena.  Taka could only gasp as he though of that night, when he had nothing and Fabana, the only creature who could see the lion as he truly was both of them engaged in…. no it could not be possible.  Taka backed up and started shaking, trying not to look at what was trying to look at him.


            “Uh… mother, why won’t Dad look at me?” Ushandra bit her lip, knowing how naïve Nuka was. She never knew if he learned the truth about his heritage, for she never told him. Fabana told Nuka when he was a cub that Ushandra was his mother, to try and not confuse the young lion. Years passed and Ushandra tried to teach Nuka how to be a killer, but everything backfired or went terribly wrong. Nuka was killed as he tried one last time to prove himself to her, and the moment before his eyes closed was the most painful of her life. Thinking these sad thoughts, she was suddenly drawn to the light. She looked to the light once more for some time and it seemed to calm her. She suddenly nodded and sauntered towards her love, placing a paw on his shoulder. She looked down and smiled.


            “Taka, this is your son, Nuka.  Nuka, behold your father.”  The two lions only stared at each other.  Ushandra lowered her head.  It was the truth and Fabana would be so proud if she was here.  Ushandra suddenly looked around in wonder, maybe she somewhere she was.  Scar suddenly broke the silence, and wrapping one paw around Nuka’s neck he hugged him close.


            “My son…. I don’t know what to say.” Nuka only grinned once more, and hugged back fiercely.


“It doesn’t matter all that matters is my ultimate dream has come true.  All four of us are finally together.”  Taka narrowed his eyes.


            “All, four of us?”


            “Yes, I am sure my closest friend Fabana is around here somewhere.” Taka looked up to Ushandra but the lioness only shook her head.  Nuka looked at both of their faces and his face fell.


            “She is here…. Isn’t she?” Ushandra placed a paw on Nuka’s shoulders.


            “I haven’t seen her…. Nor has your father.” Nuka could feel his lips begin to quiver.


            “But… but she promised me she would be here with me. She said all four of us would be together, a long time from now, and this is what she meant isn’t it?” Taka nodded.


            “We will find out!  Come on, my son, let’s find out what this place has to offer and if this place is the place we think it is.” Nuka grinned at Taka’s words and hugged his father once more, then walked in the middle of Ushandra and Taka, as they disappeared into the mists.





The trio wandered along the wispy paths, seemingly going in a northern direction, but the pallid clouds and the changing mists could give no real sense of direction.  Nuka kept chatting to Taka and Ushandra constantly, but in this place for once Ushandra listened to every word and felt no annoyance, it seemed as if all her negativity was no longer a part of her.  She was finally happy, for she had her love, and Nuka only made her happiness increase. What more could the lioness ask for?


            Taka likewise absorbed every word Nuka had to say, and Nuka told him everything, about Fabana, and all about the things Taka had missed.  Nevertheless, it seemed Nuka could not think of any of the things that had caused him pain.  Those things were behind him now.  He felt completely content, and as he grinned at the white clouds and warm radiance, as he knew why.  Nuka skipped and pranced about, so happy for once that in this place of wonder, those damned insects could no longer bite him. That was enough of a heaven for him. Being with Taka and Ushandra just made it more wondrous, but if he could see Fabana all would be perfect.  Still it seemed like it was only the three of them in the realm of peace, and Nuka was beginning to think it would have to be enough.


            Meanwhile, Ushandra’s thoughts went to Vitani, and Kovu.  She wondered about her cub’s well being, and then her thoughts traveled to the father of these cubs.  She suddenly stopped, remembering the inferno she saw him plunge into and then she wondered if he too could be in this place. She looked to Taka and Nuka who had turned and looked back at her with confused glances, but Ushandra only grinned and rejoined there sides, thinking if the dark lion, Kisasi, was here, they would find him eventually.


“Taka, do you think that this is where the Kings of the Past are?”


“I do not know, my love.  All I see is an vast expanse of nothingness, though I do not mind too much, being with you, is all I need to make me happy.”  Ushandra grinned and nuzzled Taka, a few licks by their tongues ensued, but Nuka suddenly gasped and nudged the two lovers, breaking up the kisses. Ushandra and Taka looked down to the lion and he suddenly pointed to a place where the clouds were breaking up. Six eyes spread wide and three mouths hung agape when the saw what lay before them.




The cloud like mists parted, and the luminescent rays fell upon scenery from Taka’s most beautiful dreams. There in the distance was a rocky outcropping, a small mountain rising up from the savanna like a natural throne.  It was Pride Rock, only cast in a magnificence that he could only dream of.  The rock itself shown with a brilliance it never had before, gleaming in the sun’s golden rays. Trees and vegetation grew in abundance around it, and every beast of prey grazed on the surrounding lands. It seemed to be a pure paradise untouched by the forces of evil.  Standing atop the huge rock that was ten times bigger than it ever used to be, was every lion Taka ever knew and all his ancestors that he did not.  He couldn’t believe it was possible.  He had finally made it! Taka’s shocked expression looked to equally bewildered looks of Nuka and Ushandra; no one could find words to begin to explain what they were looking at.


            “My brother, you have arrived.” The trio spun and all ended up face to face with Mufasa. The benevolent King of Pride Rock, smiled down at all three of them.


            “Welcome to what you all have waited for.”  Taka, Ushandra, and Nuka, could only look at Mufasa with awe, but then suddenly Ushandra felt tear in her eyes, Nuka felt like laughing with joy, and Taka could only do one thing.  He padded up to his brother and looked into his eyes for a long time until he finally nodded. He dropped to his haunches before his brother and bowed to him, then, looking up with a grin, he wrapped both of his paws around Mufasa’s neck and hugged him as he always wanted to.  Mufasa joy in his heart and he embraced back, this moment he has longed for his whole life.


            “Mufasa, I… I…”


            “No, Taka, it doesn’t matter now.  Here in this place the only things that do matter are each other.”  Taka looked up with tears in his eyes and saw everyone looking down at him.  All creatures great or small were filled with joy to see him. This was the moment he has waited his whole life for.  At last he had found his happiness.


Taka let his embrace end and he looked up to Mufasa and nodded.  The past would no longer be dwelled on.  This was the future he had held in his heart forever and now it was a glorious dream come true.  He turned to Ushandra and nuzzles her fiercely, knowing that she too feels the same joyous thoughts as he does. At last they are reunited, together for all time and among those that they can finally accept.  It is all they ever wanted and now it is theirs.


            Mufasa smiles and motions to Pride Rock where the others wait.  All three of them see whatever or whoever brought them happiness on earth is there.  Nuka will have Fabana and his love, Usiyahi, and Taka and Ushandra will have each other.  Everything is at last perfect. At last the three transformed souls have their perfect world!