A Lion King Salute

Can you unleash the king in me

When Simba begins his day

Taking his stand all across the land

He inspects the priceless view


Zazu shares his special wisdom

As advisor to the king

Who can say what he doesnít know

Yet he shares it fairly well


Timon such the noble type

Seeming oh so sure at times

He seems to have a limited life

Very lazy, but he gets by


Pumbaa a most noticeable character

His size and scent give way

Very cautious in his nature

But all too serious all the time


Nala has her special traits

Quite the friend for her to be

Sings with a voice like the wind

Very curious and detailed in mind


Scar shows the darkest side

No fear when he has the advantage

But does he plan things to the end

To account for every possibility


Rafiki most wise in nature

Much that we canít understand

He adds that right amount of spice

To shake things once in awhile


Brave Mufasa, such a great king

And with wisdom, two great traits

He seemed quite blameless definitely

With courage to protect his son


What else can make these special

Such that the high-end spirituality

Marking the way in thunder

Peace be to he the king!

Copyright Thomas Sweet (11/24/97)