A Prominence

 Do you hear the voices in the wind?

They carry messages our ears will hear

Tranquil in the deliverance of them

They tell of one basic truth


Where is the king to be found?

And how we prosper under his name

We raise our voices aloud

And pronounce his great kingdom


He himself has mastered the ways

He has trained us in his wisdom

And delivered us from ourselves

Even the wind changes at his command


Who but Simba has learned?

And taught his life to us

Mufasa taught many inspirational things

And bestowed in Simba the truth


Trials of might and sorrow filled

Special traits possessed by them

To help them get through those days

And leave us a trail in his example


Consider every word you say

He has heard them all before

Settling in his rightist mind

To bring what hes learned to Earth.

Copyright Thomas Sweet 1997