A Nocturnal Dream


I am very happy

To see the setting sun

To close my eyes for awhile

And live in another place



 Lift your voices everyone

Behold this special creation

Shining toward an endless horizon

Great creatures all around


I touch the peaceful earth

Not like our own back home

The colors brightly reflect

A hue not quite like our own


Africa is where Iíll be

Inside the great Pride Lands

Zimmerís music fills the sky

A special place to be


To see the lion approaching

Much different than the usual king

It is Simba, oh yes I can see

His courage brings him to me


Can this be real on earth?

Can one make the fictional real?

Quite so, and in a brilliant flash

I see Simba passing by.


Copyright Thomas Sweet (12/3/97)

If anyone can put music to this, please contact me