Zira’s Lost Daughter
BY: Kristin Nienaber (KristynLioness)

This story is copyrighted to me Kristin Nienaber (KristynLioness). Do not use without permission. Thanks Saiairah for giving Fading Light to me! I love her to death!

The sun rose one fine morning, shining its light on Zira and her cubs Nuka, Kovu, and Vitani. The warmth of its light urged Zira’s oldest daughter, Fading Light awake. Fading Light looked like an exact duplicate of her mother, except that her dorsal stripe was a nice creamy pale yellow, hence her name. Fading Light had always loved to explore, and the early morning was the best time to do it. Fading Light yawned, and stood up stretching and basking in the good morning sunlight. She shook the dew from her coat, and headed off, for a fun day of exploring.

Fading Light hummed an old tune that her mother used to sing. She trotted through the tall grass enjoying the feel of its brush against her tawny fur. “Let’s see, I think I’ll mosey on down to the watering hole,” she said, feeling completely alive and free and as if she were queen of the world. Fading Light reached the beautiful blue, sparkling waterhole which was surrounded by shade providing trees, and bushes just the right size to hide behind. With a loud whoop, Fading Light took a running dive into the cool water, relishing its cool silky wetness on her body. Fading Light swam and dove, and took to the water like any fish. Fading Light emerged from the water awhile later, feeling completely exhilarated and happier than she’d been in her entire life. She didn’t notice the gray clouds which were starting to intermingle with the white clouds and cover up the blue sky. Fading Light shook the water out of her fur, and happily trotted home without a care in the world, and a song in her heart.

Fading Light returned to her den with no sign of her family anywhere. “That’s odd,” she said in confusion. “MOM, NUKA, TWINS, ARE YA IN THERE?” she shouted into the den. No answer. Fading Light, feeling very confused, walked into her family’s den with slow unsure pawsteps. “Mom, are ya in there? Nuka?” There was not a trace of them anywhere in the den. Fading Light sniffed, as tears started to come to her eyes. “C’mon guys, this isn’t funny!” she said, her vision slightly blurred by tears. Sniffing and swallowing the lump in her throat, Fading Light dashed out of the den, her tail flying behind her, and came to a halt at the spot where she and her family had been sleeping the night before. It was the place where she’d last seen her beloved family. She loved so much more now that they were gone. NO, NO THEY WEREN’T GONE! They couldn’t be!!!

The gray clouds had completely covered the sky, and bulged with the rain it was yet to let fall. Fading Light stood in front of the tall grass with her head lowered and a hopeless expression on her face, her eyes wide and round with concern. “
Mom, Nuka, where are you?” she croaked, the tears welling up again. A searing pain coursed through Fading Light’s heart as full realization hit. There was no denying it, her family was gone without a trace. There was no way for the cub to know where they’d gone.

Fading Light curled into a tight little ball and sobbed. The rain started coming down, but Fading Light embraced it. It fit her current mood so perfectly. A while later, Fading Light slowly and dejectedly got up, and with her whole body drooping, left to go sit on her favorite hill. Her steps fell with 1,000 pound weights on the quickly dampening ground. Tears continued to course down the pitiful little cub’s face as she headed towards the place all alone. Images of happy and not so happy times with her mother Zira and the others, filled her mind to torment her and make her cry harder as she came to the hill, and slowly scaled it. Fading Light reached the top, and sat down on her little haunches to cry some more. She sat with her head bowed and tears streaming down her face letting the rain soak her through. “I don’t believe it! I’m an orphan! I have nowhere to go, and no one to go to.” Fading Light gasped out between sobs. With a sniff, the tawny cub with the yellow dorsal stripe got up, and started climbing down the hill and heading away from the Pridelands.

Fading Light did not know where she would go, but she knew that without her family she’d forever be alone and never be as happy as she once was. For all her life, Fading Light would be a solitary rogue lioness fending for herself, and forgotten by everyone until no one knew of her existence. Fading Light would be Zira’s Lost Daughter.


This story was created May 14,2002 and is copyrighted to the name mentioned on the top of the page.
Zira, Kovu, Vitani, and Nuka are copyrighted to Disney.
Fading Light is copyrighted to me, KristynLioness and was created by and given to me by Saiairah.