The Lion King 3:

The True Queen

ROAR!! Kovu had just roared for he was the new king with Kiara. Kiara smiled as Vitani looked up at them. Simba motioned the Rafiki to hold up the new born , Gredo. He was Kiara and Kovu’s son. He looked just like Kovu , but with a tuff of hair the color of Kiara’s fur. Vitani smiled. She thought she would never see the day her brother would be king without killing Simba. Vitani sighed. Something was missing though. She knew it.

"Vitani." Simba said. "Why don’t you go hunting with the others?" "Yes sir." She said making sure she respected Simba.

She ran off with the hunters thinking why she was missing something. Out of nowhere all the lionesses screamed. A lion who looked like a mix of Kovu and Simba came out roaring at all of them. He looked just like Kovu , but a lighter mane and fluffier like Simba’s mane. He finally got to the back to where Vitani was and tried to scare her.

Vitani fought back and scratched him. He scratched her. The fight went on for a few more minutes and the male lion had made his final attack. With a huge thump Vitani landed on the ground.

"What are you doing Vitani ?!!??" screached a loud voice like Scar’s. It was him. He came towards her. "Get up and finish him off!!!" he demanded. "Yea little termite! At least I tried!!!" said a Nuka walking up. Vitani tossed and turned seeing them again was weird for her.

"Vitani? Vitani?" Kovu said worringly. "AHH!!!" Vitani screamed as she woke up. "It was only a dream.." she whispered. "What was only a dream?" said a mysterious voice. Vitani sat up and saw that she was in the cave and lion that had attacked her was right there. "Kodo saved your life." Kovu said.

"Kodo?!?" Vitani laughed. "That’s your name!?!" "It is similar to Kovu." He stated. Vitani stopped laughing at his ridiculous comment. "Whatever. Who cares . I could of survived without you." She said walking out of the cave. "Yea huh sure." He said following. She walked off Pride Rock onto the plains to look at the sunset. "You couldn’t do anything without me!" Vitani turned her head. "Excuse me?!?" "You couldn’t do anything without me." He said repeatedly. Vitani was shocked. "You only tried to kill me to get to Kovu and be respected and why would be living here if all I needed was you?!?" she said stomping off. He still followed. "I just think your jealous." He said. "Jealous of what?!?" "Jealous of my good looks? Charm? Cuteness?" he said temptingly. She turned her head. She had to admit he WAS cute. Kodo turned his head. "I think you might have a crush on muah!" he said walking off.

Vitani stared at the ground. "You aren’t gonna leave him are you?!?" Nuka said. Vitani turned her head at him. "Why would I follow him?!?" she asked Nuka. "Well maybe he could be the key to finally taking over. You ARE our only hope Vitani." Vitani laughed. "Yea , Kovu failed , but what can I do?!?"she asked. "Who are you talking to?" said Simba walking up. Vitani looked to her side and Nuka was gone. "Oh nobody." She answered. "You know Kodo would be a nice mate for you. You have the same personality , but you won’t show you like each other." He said. Vitani turned her head. "I just don’t think so…" "KILL HIM NOW!!!!" hissed Scar’s voice. Vitani grasped her head and fell to the ground with pain. "Urgh…." "Vitani?!?" Simba yelled in shock picked her up and running back to the cave once again.

When she woke up Kodo was at her side. "You ok?" he asked sweetly. She nodded her head in agreement. She had never seen a soft side to Kodo.

As she sat up Kodo went down and they touched noses. He immediately stopped and blushed. "You gonna be alright?" he asked. She sighed walking out of the cave. "Yea." This time Kodo stayed sighing.

Vitani sat in the grass looking at the stars. "What do you want from me?" she asked her self tryng to speak to Scar inside her. "What?" She looked at the stars looking at a shape of scar lying down dead. She shook her head and they were stars again.

"You alright Vitani?" Kodo said walking up quietly and sitting down next to her. She smiled and felt her heart melt. "I’m ok. Just thinking." She whispered. She felt an urge to tell him how she felt , but it came out differently. She leaned her head on his shoulder and a tear rolled down her cheek. "I’m being invaded by my old outland family." He looked at her and licked her. "It is ok." They nuzzled for a while staring at the stars. Vitani looked up. "Kodo , I want to tell you that-that-that…" "Yes." "I love you…" she said licking him and nuzzling him hard. "I love you too." He said licking her. They walked off.

Rifiki , on his tree , looked at them and smiled. "They must know , love." He whispered. Vitani and Kodo got under his tree. Rifiki holded out his hands and pushed they together. They kissed. Vitani lay down and Kodo lay over her licking her back and falling asleep.

In the morning , Kodo was gone and Vitani couldn’t help , but cry under Rifiki’s tree. Rifiki looked down upon her. "Kodo left child. He will be back though. I promise." Vitani nodded her head walking back towards Pride Rock. Half way there Scar spoke in her ear. "You must kill Simba and be a Queen. Take Kodo with you. He will go…." Vitani instantly had a spark of murder in her life. She didn’t know it , but Scar had brainwashed her!

She ran to the Pridelands and spotted Simba. She pounced on him and strung her teeth in him fur leaving teeth marks. He fought back scratching and pulling each other’s fur. "Vitani NO!" Kovu yelled attacking heras he saw her. She slung him across the room as Simba still tried to go away. Vitani went for him again and got slung just like she did Kovu.

Vitani lay there , helpless. Simba panted and tried to go for HER! He wanted to get her back and GOOD! Kodo was near by and heard huge crashes then heard Vitani yelp. He ran to the Pridelands onto Pride Rock and guared Vitani. "STOP SIMBA!!!" he yelled. "SHE TRIED TO KILL ME!!" he yelled back. Kodo’s voice went down soft. "I know what is happening. She is getting taunted by Scar." Kiara came out and saw Simba , Kodo , Vitani , and even Kovu scratched up. Gredo came out looking for his dad , Kovu and saw him lay there knocked out. "DAD!!!" he screached. Kiara covered his eyes and cried. "Kovu!!!!" She yelped of sorrow still covering Gredo’s eyes. Simba stopped and Kiara ran towards Simba as Gredo ran towards Kovu. "Father…" Kiara said still cryng. "Kiara…. Take care of the Pride Lands……" Kiara cried as Simba passed away right in front of her eyes.

Vitani was unbrainwashed and sat up , dizzy. Rifiki saw all this mess and came to tell them the truth. As Kiara and Gredo were still crying he approached the rest of them. He went up to Kovu and put his hand on Kovu’s chest. Gredo backed away. "Oppacasaloonamoo!" Rifiki said healing Kovu. Kiara walked over. "KOVU!!" she screamed with delight as she nuzzled him. "Can you heal father?" asked Kiara. Rifiki shook his head. "No , I can only heal the undead. Your father has passed away , yet Kovu only passed out." Kiara lowered her head. "I guess I am queen now…" Rifiki shook his head , "No , Vitani is."Vitani looked up and asked "How can that be?" "It all began when Mufasa was king. He died of course and Scar was supposed to be king next because that was Mufasa’s brother." "So , My dad was never king?" Kiara asked. "He was to the animals , yet not to the real circle of life." He answered. "Scar passed away and Nuka was born. He was supposed to be king then yet he died also." Kovu sat up. "That means I am king…" "No , Kovu you were the third born. Vitani was second. She is queen." Kodo looked at Vitani. "Your majesty…." He stepped off Pride Rock and ran into the plains. "KODO!!!" Vitani ran after him leaving Rifiki behind.

Vitani finally caught up with Kodo and layed down beside him. "What is the matter?" she asked. "Outlanders aren’t allowed to marry queens or be on their land. I am an outlander and last night if I knew you were queen I wouldn’t of licked you so much your majesty." Vitani turned her head towards Kodo. "It wasn’t your fault. I leaned my head on you. Kodo , you don’t know , but I love you. For you…." Vitani touched his paw. "You are king…" Kodo stared at her. "I can’t marry you… your too beautiful." He said. "That is not what I heard the first day I met you…" she said thinking back on that day. Which was yesterday. Vitani got on all four paws. "If this is the way you want it to be then-then-then…." Vitani couldn’t help leaving Kodo. She just licked him and ran back to Pride Rock.

Rifiki looked at her when she got there. "It is time…" Vitani nodded her head. "I love you Vitani…" Was all Vitani heard on the way up. She couldn’t stand to hear Kodo’s voice anymore. Scar was in the clouds looking upon her with Zira and Nuka. "My daughter…. Queen….." Scar whispered in the clouds with Simba and Mufasa right next him too. Vitani looked down on all the kingdom and lionesses and lions. A tear rolled down her cheek thinking of Kodo. She raised her head in the air and let out a huge roar. ROAR!!!! They all roared back. ROAR!!

She walked back down Pride Rock with not so much pride. Kovu came up to her. "I know it’s hard , but you must choose your mate." Vitani lowered her head. "A mate…. Kodo…" she whispered while walking in the room with tons of lions. She looked at all of them and gave an excuse why not to marry any of them. Then Vitani looked in the back and saw a lion who had charm , cuteness , and good looks.

Vitani walked back there and saw that he looked just like Kodo! "Vitani…." The lion said. "Kodo?" the lion nodded. It was Kohu! Vitani leaned over to him and they nuzzled. "Wow. How did you get back dere? Phla! Curious very curious…" Rifiki said. "Yet outlanders aren’t allowed… I guess that law will be broken…. Things I do for love…" Vitani went towards Rifiki. "Thank You…" she whispered.

All of the lions roared as Kodo and Vitani walked up and roared. The peace and confusion was finally over for the new aera was born….



Hey guys!!! I am MckenzieAnn (Kenzie)! I created this story and all of the story is © to me yet all the characters are © to Disney except Kodo. He is © to me!! I worked on this story and I think I deserve credit too!! Hope you enjoyed it!!! We are one……