The Lion King


Forgotten Memories

By Matthew Rhodes

(A.K.A. Kita, Kisima, Malaika, Asikari, Shujaa, and Cajun.) 























The characters used in this story are trademarks of the Walt Disney company. Kisima, Sarina, Briana, Taka, Sazu, Kita, and Takia are characters that I created out of my imaginary world and are part of me, they are my friends. I take pride, no pun intended, in my Ideas and creations. This story was started as a fun project that I thought probably would not do well but after hearing the reviews on it I thought it should have been brought to Disney’s attention. I wrote a couple letters that I haven’t gotten replies from so now I am publishing this every where with this disclaimer so that if Disney happens to trip over the story and wants to use it they have to come to me. Written in September of 2002 I want every one to read it and send reviews, I want to know what ever one else thinks.


Simba: King of the Pride lands.

Nala: Queen of the Pride lands.

Kovu: Next in line for King of the Pride lands now married to Kiara

Kiara: Princess of the Pride lands and mate to Kovu.

Kisima: Son of Kiara and Kovu.

Sarina: Kisima's playmate and one Betrothed to the prince.

Briana: Sarinas mother. Lioness from another pride

Taka: King of the heartland pride.

Kita: A lioness of the heartland pride.

Vitani: Kovu’s sister, daughter of Ziar.

Ziar: The head lioness that controlled the outland pride when they were in exile.

Raffiki: Baboon and the ceremonial shaman and family guardian.

Zazu: Simba's informer.

Sazu: Son of Zazu, the new Majordomo.

Sheir Khan: Tiger and King of the Jungle.

Shanzi, Bonzi, and Ed: Bloodthirsty hyenas still upset about the return of simba and the betrayal of their former boss Scar/Kata.

Takia: Son of Simba and Nala. Kiara‘s twin brother.










A new circle begins.

It was almost time for Kiara’s newborn son, whom she named Kisima, to be presented to the kingdom. Raffiki made his way through the crowd carrying his stick as usual. The same stick he used when Simba was just a cub. This made almost four generations he has ceremoniously presented. He was getting older and was in the process of training his replacement. Raffiki never brought him to meet Simba or his pride. Simba was delighted to see his old friend.

“Ah Simba,” Raffiki said. “This is a very special day.”

“Yes, it is.” Simba lowered his head and whispered to him. “It’s a shame that Vitani has left this day.”

“Hakuna Matata, Simba she’ll be back.”

Raffiki already knew that she had left. She would return and with a surprise. ‘Timone and Pumba seemed to have left a lasting impression upon Raffiki. It was a shame they couldn’t be here now.’ Simba thought. Deep down Simba felt something missing. ‘This should have been Takia’s day.’ Even though Simba felt sad, he donned on his brightest smile. It seemed to fool everyone, everyone that is except Nala. Nala could always tell if Simba was up set about something. Simba walked over and sat by Nala. Nala whispered to him.

“Simba, What’s wrong?”

“I’ll tell you later.” he answered silently.

Just then Zazu landed in front of them with another hornbill right next to him.

“Good morning sire.” Zazu said bowing low.

“Morning Zazu.” Simba replied curtly. “And who might this young bird be?”

“This is my son Sazu. He is in training to take my position.” Sazu bowed lowly.

“It is an honor to meet you sir.” he spoke curtly. Simba laughed and thought he might be useful.

“I have an idea then. How about if Sazu watches over Kisima. Like you used to watch over me and Nala.”

“Oh, an excellent idea your majesty.” Zazu said excited.

“It would be an honor to watch young Kisima.” Sazu aid bowing lower than Zazu ever could.

“He’ll do just fine.” Simba said laughing.

Hiding in the rocks at the back of pride rock stood a pair of green, angry, eyes. The eyes belonged to a tiger, the king of the jungle. His name was Sheir Khan, a very devious tiger who was about as sly as a fox. He loathed the pride land lions, and with good reason, or so he thinks. When He was younger Simba had lived in his kingdom, he didn’t expect Simba to have become king. During that time Khan had been nice to all creatures that entered his land. Had he known then, about Simba, then he probably would have killed him when he had the chance.

Simba watched with joy as his grand son was presented to the kingdom. In the clouds stood Mufasa, looking overjoyed at the new prince. A ray of light shown down upon Kisima causing all the creatures to bow. when the ceremony was finished, Simba left pride rock followed by Nala. Kiara was curious. She had noticed that Simba had dropped his smile for a few seconds during the ceremony, long enough for her to notice.

“Hey Kovu.” Kiara said softly so as not to wake up her cub. “Will you watch over Kisima for me?”

“Why, are you going to see what’s wrong with Simba?” Kovu had noticed too.

“Yes, I hope he’s alright. I need to know.”

Kovu laid down next to Kisima. The cub snuggled close to him and let out a small purr. Kovu smiled, looking at her, and nodded for her to go.

“Thank you.” She said nuzzling him. “I’ll be right back.”

The sun was now setting and the savannah turned a light golden color. Simba and Nala stopped near the water hole. To Simba it was a walk down memory lane.

“What’s wrong Simba?” Nala asked hearing him sigh.

“Today reminded me of Takia. This should have been his day.”

“Oh Simba. I know its hard, its been hard on me too. I’ve tried everything to forget about that day.”

“Yes but Hakuna Matata doesn’t work if family is involved I know I’ve lived with it long enough. We need to tell Kiara you know. He was her brother.”

“No we don’t. It may just upset her. She was too young to even remember what happened. Need I remind you about the other…”

“Don’t remind me about that.” Simba snapped. “ That’s the last thing she needs to know.”

It was too late. Kiara found out. She was more than upset. Wanting to know more she stepped out of the moonlit shadows.

“Kiara, What are you doing here?” Nala yelled furiously.

“I wanted to know what was wrong with daddy so I followed.” Kiara said sadly.

Nala was furious. Simba sat with his back turned to them.

“You want to know about Takia, Don’t you?” Simba said knowing she had to have heard everything.

“Who was he? And what other thing were you talking about that I shouldn‘t know?” she asked sadly.

“Takia was your twin brother. He was to be king when my time had come. I was to teach him how to protect and run the kingdom. One night, just after the ceremony, he was taken. No trace of him anywhere. We lost any hope of finding him alive and so banished Zira and her followers to the outlands. I though it was her doing. After all she was a follower of Scar. And as for the other thing.” He growled looking at Nala in anger. “Is none of any ones business.”

Kiara didn’t know how to take what her father had told her.

“It’s getting late.” Nala announced sternly returning the angry stare at Simba. “Lets drop this subject. Kovu is not to know about this.” Nala turned to leave then said to Kiara when she walked up beside her. “Vitani was to betrothed to Takia. I just hope that’s not why she left.”

Kiara was stunned. She didn’t know that Vitani had left and so she asked Nala.

“When did she leave?”

“This afternoon.” That was all that was said for the rest of the evening. Kovu was now asleep. Kisima laid next to his father, also asleep. Kiara walked over to them and laid down. Unable to think of anything else but what her parents had told her.

A month later a young Kisima ran from the cave taking in the sight of the Pride lands and with him was his playmate Sarina.

"Why are we up so early?" Sarina asked stifling a yawn. It was just before sunrise.

"I want to show you something cool." He followed a path that led to the upper part of pride rock and Sarina followed. They made it to the top but it was still half an hour before sunrise. “We’ll have to wait a bit for what I’m going to show you.”

“Ok.” said Sarina yawning then laid down to go to sleep when Kisima pounced on her. She hadn’t expected it but was able to retaliate and pin him, just like Nala had pinned Simba. He looked up at her with a surprised look on his face.

“Nala taught me how to react to a pounce.” she laughed. “She also told me that she, as a cub, used to pin Simba.” Just then a stream of light pierced the horizon.

“Look here it comes” Kisima said getting up. The whole savannah turned red and orange then to gold.

"Wow. Its so beautiful." Said Sarina

"Yea. It’s so peaceful up here. We’ll come back tomorrow for now we need to get back before the pride wakes up.”

“Yea my mother would be worried if she woke up and found that I wasn’t there.”

They slowly walked back to the cave not knowing that a scheme that would change there lives would unwind that same day.

Kovu awoke just after the cub's had left, watching them go for a stroll. He got up and walked out of the cave only to find Simba sitting at the edge of the promontory looking out at the horizon. He had a sad look on his face.

"What’s wrong Simba?" Kovu asked silently.

"I'm not sure. I should be happy. But something has been bothering me. Like I may not see Kisima grow up."

“Don’t worry Simba. You will. Trust me.”

Kisima and sarina slid behind them silently back into the cave when Simba called with out looking back laughing.

"Going back to bed kids?"

"We hoped we didn’t wake anyone up." said Kisima surprised.

"Well, I was already awake when you left. You might as well just go play."

"Alright." The cubs chorused together.

"And try to stay out of trouble.” yelled Kovu.

“You know us dad.” Kisima yelled back.

“That’s what I am worried about.” he said softly to Simba.

Kisima and Sarina walked to the bottom of pride rock laughing and wrestling . They wrestled all the way to the water hole. Not knowing that a tiger lurked near by. The tiger jumped out of the shadows kicking Sarina away. Sarina passed out after hitting her head against a rock. Kisima was grabbed by the scruff of the neck tightly so he could not scream.

"Shhh." the tiger tried talking to him with clenched teeth. "Hush now or you'll not live to see you little friend again."

Then off he ran, with the prince, out of the savannah probably never to be seen again.

Sarina awoke in the cave. She shook her head trying to remember what happened.

“Kisima. Oh no.” She cried

Kovu and Simba both walked in arguing. Sarina pretended to be asleep and listen in on the little debacle.

"I am going to go after my grandson by myself, you need to stay and take care of the pride." Simba suggested to Kovu.

"No Simba. He is my son I will go after him."

"Yea but how can you help him if you get killed."

"And I'm supposed to just sit by and wait for someone to tell me that my father-in-law was killed?"

"Well we both can't go and you have to take care of Kiara." The argument was getting really heavy now.

"Excuse me but I am going with you." Came a lionesses voice from the cave entrance. "Besides he is my son. You should have been watching him better."

“Look how was I supposed to know we had an enemy in the pride lands.” Kovu said defending himself.

"Kiara I can't let you go." said Simba softly yet sternly.

"Why not. If I lose him I don't know what I would do. Remember what you told me dad. How would you have felt if Zira had taken me at that age. This time Kisima is not at fault." Kiara had a determined face. She was not going to give up without a fight and without letting Takia slip into the argument.

"Fine but who will stay behind and watch the pride?" Simba asked.

"I'll stay and keep watch. No need for me to go if Kiara is going. Just promise that you bring Kisima back alive." Kovu said sternly. Kiara went over to Kovu and nuzzled him.

"I'll bring him back. I promise." She said sadly. After that Simba and Kiara set out from Pride rock in the direction of the jungle that Simba had stayed at with Timone and Pumba. Little did they know that Sarina had Followed them.

Sarinas mother, Briana, was out talking to Raffiki.

“My daughter needs to know the truth.” She argued.

“Yes but in due time. You must go and tell Taka about the betrothal. Go strait there. I will look after Sarina.”

“Thank you.” Briana said then turned and ran.

In the jungle the tiger dropped Kisima into a hole that was created from a tree that had died and been uprooted. Kisima tried to get out but it was just too slippery and steep. The hole was 10 feet deep and 12 foot round. The poor cub had no chance of escaping at his age or height.

"You can try all you want boy but you'll never get out." Came a growl from above.

"Who are you?"

"I am Sheir Khan the king of the jungle." said the voice in a deep nasty hiss.

"Do you know who I am? You will be killed for kidnapping a child of the royal family."

"Yes I know who you are. I have followed your family since your great granddad Mufasa and uncle Scar were little cubs. When Mufasa became king he took my land from me. I talked to Scar and told him about the hyenas so he could help me to take back that which his brother had stolen. Afterwards he betrayed me and tried to have the hyenas kill me. I remember them too. Not very smart yet not too dull. When your granddad, Simba, fought Scar and banished the hyenas. I thought that I would finally get my Kingdom back. I didn‘t get anything out of it. Simba took my land for himself so I decided to get back at him by taking his most precious treasure. His grandchild. Poor Zira got the blame for it and was cast out of the Pride Lands. I also had the help from the hyenas. It was because of them that my plans went into action, but I won‘t make the same mistake that Scar made." There came an evil maniacal laugh that sent shiver up Kismia's tail. He was stuck who knows where in the bottom of an inescapable pit with a maniac like his great uncle Scar. He laid down on the pit floor and cried. He was loosing all hope just as teams of hyenas swarmed around the hole.

Sarina wanted to help but didn't want to get in the way she wanted to find Kisima too. She was older now, Before Simba and Kiara would set out for the jungle they had sent a couple teams to scout the area but always came back with fewer lions than were sent out. Simba knew it would be up to him and Kiara now. Sarina wasn‘t going to give up she loved Kisima and didn't want to lose him. Her true feelings were showing with her determination. She would find Kisima herself if she had to. Simba and Kiara left one night and Sarina followed both of them trying not to be seen.

Sarina tried all she could just to keep up with them, both of them were determined. They had reached the edge of the Pride lands out of sight from pride rock when Simba spotted Sarina behind what appeared to be a tree of some sort.

"Go home Sarina." He yelled scaring Kiara.

"Sarina what are you doing here?" Kiara asked surprised to see her.

"I wanted to come help. I don't want anything to happen to Kisima. I miss him." She started to cry.

"But you may just end up like he is, trapped some where?"

"No I can take care of myself."

"You've got to admire her spirit, Kiara." Said Simba Smiling. He looked at Kiara remembering when she was in love with Kovu.

"Oh so now your taking her side. Why weren’t you that way with me?" Kiara retorted.

"That was different I didn't want you to get hurt though how could I stop you. You at least you got the pride back together." he laughed remembering the time that she said that she didn't want to be queen. And how she first met Kovu. Simba reacted quite harsh toward him when he was a cub.

"O.K. I see you didn't want me hurt but now you are going to let Sarina go and maybe become worse than hurt." she turned to look where Sarina was standing but she wasn't there. “Where did she go?”

"If you two are just going to stand there and reminisce about the way things were between you two then I'm going to go look for Kisima myself other wise we leave now." She told them

"The only place your going is home we will do this without you." yelled Kiara with a mean look on her face.

"You can't press on her like that." said Simba "You may be queen but you are not her mother. Besides she loves Kisima." Simba said coolly.

"Enough to risk her life to find him?" she asked.

"Just like you loved Kovu so much that you left pride rock. At least she loves him. I remember when Nala and I thought it would be weird if we got married because we were best friends. I missed so much time without her. I missed my training to be king. My time was with Timone and Pumba. I hope there are well somewhere. I can't bare to lose any more of the ones I love but I guess that comes with age. Besides I’ll keep an eye on her.”

"I didn't know you felt that way.” she said sadly nuzzling him. “Alright but you have to make sure she stays with us. Promise?"

“I promise.”

Time marched on and Kisima was almost a full grown adult. He tried desperately to get out of the hole but it was hard. Sheir Khan was asleep at least. With a last effort strength Kisima managed to make it out of the hole. There were sleeping hyenas everywhere so he stole off silently into the nightly jungle. Shansi, who slept near the hole got up to check it. It took her ten seconds to realize that the lion had escaped. "Oh man Khan is not going to like this." She thought to herself. Then she saw the lions tracks near by and followed them. It had been a few months since they had captured him. Shanzi woke both Bonzi and Ed up.

"How could you let him escape?" Yelled Bonzi. Ed just laughed as he usually does at the sight of the fight.

"Hey it wasn’t my job to watch him." She replied

"Well lets go after him then." They all followed the tracks into the jungle and were ambushed. Kisima jumped all three of them.

"You!" He roared. "I should have known that Khan had you help him. Just like Scar made you help him." Kisima had a full mane now and he looked fierce.

"What? Who. Now wait I… I don‘t know no Scar." Bonzi said scared.

“Don’t play games with me.” Kisima growled.

"Ok, ok, yes We know who he was. We had killed him." Bonzi said with exasperation.

"He may have deserved to die but he was still family. So because you kill a member of the royal family its my turn to kill you."

The three hyenas looked at Kisima with disbelieving expressions. Finally Shanzi spoke softly, out of fear.

"We…we can he…help you get out of…of the jungle."

"Why would you do that? You'd just be betraying Khan." Then a thought arose. What if they actually helped him out. Then again what if they lied. "Fine help me but if you get me lost or we end up back at Khans place I will kill you."

"Fair enough." Said Bonzi. Kisima let go of them and attacked Ed. The other two stood frozen, shocked at the sight. Kisima ripped and tore into Ed till he laid dead. His eyes looked glossy and his tongue laid on the ground. They would never hear his laugh again.

"That’s was a warning to you two. If you try to escape me then I will hunt you down and then kill you. Is that under stood?” Growled Kisima. Both Shanzi and Bonzi nodded their heads sadly. A storm was fast approaching. The time had come for Kisima to make his escape.

Simba, Kiara, and Sarina walked for what seemed like eternity. Sarina was now at the age were she could go on a hunt of her own. Had they been at Pride Rock she would be going through the coming of age ceremony. They saw the jungle, now, from where they stood. They could also see a group of hyenas standing guard.

“So how are we going to get past them?” Kiara asked in a whisper hoping that the hyenas couldn’t hear.

“I’ll go down and distract them long enough for you to go. Then I will join up with you later.” Simba said sadly knowing he may not make it and yet was able to hide his thought from both of them.

Simba charged full force into the pack of hyenas claws extended. That was the cue for Sarina and Kiara to move in. Outside of the jungle they could hear the cries of battle. Simba roaring with pain and then there was silence. The hyenas started laughing. Kiara wept knowing what had just happened. Simba was dead.

Simba knew he was going to die and so headed back for Pride Rock. The fight ended with a chase from the leader which he killed after it had pounced on him. At least he had knocked some sense into some of them, so much that they were laughing hard. It was strange that only one of them would chase. Maybe war was at hand. Slowly he trudged his way back to Pride Rock. Sazu saw him on the edge of the Pride lands and went for help. Kovu ran as hard as he could only to find a weak and exhausted Simba clinging on to what time he had left. He had to get Simba back to the cave. It was a hard struggle but they finally made it to the cave. There Simba took his last breath and said to Nala.

“Nala…I wi…will always…love…you.” his breathing was now shallow. “I…will…be…watch…ing…over…you….” He whispered before laying down for the final sleep.

He fell asleep never to wake again. Raffiki performed the last rites while Kovu announced Simba’s death to the Pride. No one would ever hear his stories again. The whole kingdom took it as a tragic personal loss. But none more than Nala, who took it harder than any one else. “Why did he have to leave me here all alone?” she thought. “I should have gone with him that should have been me in there.” Nala spent the rest of the day by herself trying to forget the events that of which has brought grief to the whole kingdom. She would have her revenge on Khan

Kiara and Sarina wept all the next day, not having the strength to go on. It was a tragic day all around as the sky was filled with dark storm clouds. Kiara would never see her dad again.

The rain beat down on Kisima and the two hyenas. It had now been a few days since his escape from the pit and capture of his two hostages. Khans Roar could be heard around the jungle. Kisima missed Sarina, a weakness that he knew he couldn’t show around Shanzi and Bonzi for they would attack and probably kill him. ‘Will I ever see my family again?’ he thought to himself. Voices could be heard from behind a bush so he went over to investigate.

The storm finally let up after a couple days. Kiara’s hope rose along with the storm. Sarina never gave up hope, she was determined to find Kisima. She had to see Kisima more than anything. As the days passed Khans roar could be heard near by like the sound of thunder of in the distance only closer. Their pace picked up. They where determined to find Kisima. Hopefully alive and well.

“So you’ve finally come to rescue your son.” Came a sinister voice from above them. “You’re a little late. Kisima escaped me a couple days ago and killed one of my guards.”

“You’re lying.” Sarina yelled.

“Ah young Sarina I should have taken you too, princess.”

Sarina had a look of wonder on her face. What was he talking about.

“Why don’t you show yourself?” Kiara said fiercely.

“Oh in due time,” He chuckled “In due time. Until then I must find Kisima.” he leapt from tree to tree, out of ear shot, and gave a laugh that sent shivers up both Kiara’s and Sarina’s Tails.

Kisima was close bye but couldn’t hear the conversation. “They must be allies with Khan.“ he thought. “So I have to kill them.” When Khan had left he pounced onto Sarina who felt his claws sink into her back. She threw him off and clawed his face leaving a scar over his left eye. They fought for a couple minutes before Kisima was pinned.

“Sarina?” he gasped. ”Is it really you?”

“Who are you?” She asked bewildered.

“You’ve changed. You look beautiful.” He said walking over to her. She finally recognized him.

“Kisima? Is that you?” Kiara asked looking at him thinking he looked like his father, scar and all. She moved over to him and they nuzzled.

“Mother?” He asked. “What are you doing here?”

“I had to come and find you but how did you escape?”

“I got bigger. Plus I had some help.” when he said that out of the bushes came the two hyenas. Kiara and Sarina stood in an attack position as they mad there way behind Kisima. Kisima turned around. “Now that I have made it to Family at least, you can go free.”

“I don’t think so.” Shanzi growled laughing, also in attack position. “You killed Ed so now we settle the score.”

At that Kiara and Sarina attacked the hyenas. The battle was over quickly. Sarina took Shanzi and tossed her to the ground with claws extended using all of her might she slashed until the hyena wasn‘t moving. A couple times Shanzi managed to bite her leg but it didn’t stop Sarina from killing her. Bonzi didn’t fare any better. They both lay dead on the ground with gloss over there open eyes. Kiara fell beside Kisima tired and hurt.

“Mother, are you all right?” Kisima asked hoping that she wasn‘t seriously hurt.

“I am fine. I’ll be alright.” She said trying to get up. She managed to stand and then fell again. “I just need to rest a bit. Just go on with out me. I’ll catch up.”

Sarina turned away and started to cry. Simba had said the same thing just before they left. Just before he died. Kisima nuzzled his fallen mother and went over to Sarina.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her.

“Simba said the same thing but he…” Sarina started crying even harder. Kisima nuzzled her understanding why she was crying.

“I didn’t even get to see him again.” he finally said letting a tear fall from his golden eyes.

“I’m sorry. I was hoping it never came to this.” She sobbed.

“In any case we need to go back and prepare for war.”


“Khan was planning on taking over the pride lands.”

“For what? What did we do?” Kisima told her about how Mufasa had taken over Khans land and that Khan wanted it back by any means necessary including war.

“Then we must go warn the pride.” Sarina said after he was done. “It’s our only chance.”

“Then lets go.” He then turned to his mother. “Mother we are going back to pride rock.”

“Then I shall meet you there,” she spoke softly. “I promise.” she managed to say before falling limp. Kisima let out a mighty roar of sadness, bent his head, and wept.

Back at pride rock, Nala had finally gotten over Simbas death and thought of nothing but revenge. Khan would pay for what he has done. That night while the other lions slept she got up and walked out of the cave into the star filled night. Running at full force with anger she ran into two sleeping figures. One of them screamed like a pig.

“Shhh. Whoa its ok.” she tried hushing them so as not to wake up the sleeping herds. She recognized who they where. It was Timone and Pumba. “It’s me Nala.”

“Sheesh you did it again.” whined Timone. “Why do you insist on doing it?” He asked angrily.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Where’s Simba?”

At that Nala hung her head and said sadly. “I hate to tell you this but while you were gone Simba…is….gone” She cried softly. Timone didn’t understand, he was like a child oblivious to death.

“Boy you remind me of the first time we ever met Simba. He was upset about something but he never told us what. Look we told him a phrase that helped him with all of his problems. Now we’ll tell it to you. Now repeat after me.” he cleared his throat and spoke again. “Hakuna-matata”

“Simba told me of that once but that’s not going to help me.” She cried.

“Timone,” called Pumba. “Perhaps we should go to pride rock and leave Nala alone for a while.”

“Yea, perhaps your right Pumba. We’ll go talk to Kovu in the morning.”

“Thank you.” said Nala relieved not having to help them understand that Simba was dead. “By the way where did you two go?”

Timone answered. “Back to see our friends and family. They finally let us come back.”

“Well it’s good to see you again.” Nala whispered sadly before walking off silently. “And don’t tell anyone that you saw me.” she called over her shoulder.

Sazu saw the whole thing and followed Nala. He thought to himself. “Where could Nala be going at this time of night?” Silently gliding far enough behind so as not to be seen, she lead him out of the pride lands. He suddenly realized what she was going to do and flew back to pride rock to tell Kovu.

Kisima and Sarina walked quietly from his fallen mothers side and off into the night. The rain was pouring down on them hard. How could he lose his mother and grandfather in the same day. It was a sad day indeed. They stopped at the edge of the jungle, laid down, and fell asleep. Kisima had a horrible dream.

Kisima awoke just before sunrise and found that Sarina was nowhere to be seen. He felt alone. Looking back into the jungle, having the feeling someone was watching him, he saw a pair of green eyes. The owner of those eyes walked out from a small bush. It was Khan. A voice rent the air like thunder. “You can run, Kisima, but you can’t hide.” Then came an evil laugh. “No one can save you now.”

“Kisima.” roared a voice from the jungle. “I’ll help you.” Then out of the shadows came a lioness that looked familiar to Kisima. It was his mother but how could it be Kiara was dead. She pounced on Khan. They fought for what seemed like eternity. Kisima tried running to them but wasn’t getting anywhere. Kiara was pinned under Khan when he went in for the killing blow.

“Nnnnoooooo!” roared Kisima watching as his mother once again fell to the ground dead. Khan was laughing harder now. He turned to Kisima and pounced.

Kisima woke with a cold sweat. It had only been a dream. He wanted to get back to pride rock before it was to late. He nudged Sarina until she woke.

“What’s wrong Kisima?” She asked him sleepily. It was just after dawn.

“We need to go now if we are to make it in time.” he lied. He just didn’t want to fall back to sleep, into the horrible dream. He never told her about it but noticed the way she looked at him with a certain look in her eyes. It was the look of love. She loved him but he couldn’t tell he had never been in love. While they were walking Sarina became playful and tackled Kisima. They rolled in the fields laughing the whole way. It was the first time they were ever happy together since Khan had taken him that one fateful day so long ago. The sadness in Kisima’s heart lifted now that he was with Sarina. They nuzzled each other then walked on. It seemed that love had taken both of them.

Nala reached the edge of the jungle just after Kisima and Sarina left. She watched as the two walked off nuzzling each other all the way. Upendi, it was a wonderful thing to see. She smiled at the site and thought of her and Simba. The time they were together away from the pride lands when she was out looking for help. Simba was thought dead at the time. The way they had also rolled in the fields and when Simba had pulled her into the lake. Those times were long gone and felt like eternity. Vengeance filled her heart as she came back to the harsh reality that Khan had killed Simba. Turning around she stalked off into the jungle growling all the way.

“What?” asked Kovu. “Why would she do such a thing?” Sazu backed away scared. They were back in the cave.

“Sire. She went to the jungle to find the one responsible for Simba’s death.”

Just then Zazu flew into the den. “Sire they have returned.” The hornbill announced. Kovu was hoping to see Kiara again. He was losing hope over the time they were gone.

“Father.” came Kisima’s voice, sadly, from the cave entrance. “I have some bad news.” He didn’t need to say more than those word for Kovu gave a look of grief not wanting it to be true. Kisima told him how she had fought with the hyena and fell afterwards. Kovu thought to himself that he should not have let Kiara go. He should have gone to get Kisima himself thinking it was his fault they had lost two members of the family.

“I must go.” Kovu spoke to them at last. He walked out of the cave and sat at the top of the promontory. The clouds were moving together forming an image of Simba in the sky. It was now an hour till dawn.

“What’s wrong Kovu?” the image asked softly.

“It’s Kiara. Kisima just told me what happened. Why did it have to happen to her? What’s worse Nala has ran off.”

“Nala will be back as for Kiara,” He actually smiled. ”I have to tell you something.”

Kovu went back into the cave not believing what he was told. He didn’t tell any one what Simba told him. Kisima and Sarina looked at him suspiciously. He was smiling. Why would he be smiling he lost his wife and the queen. At the back of the cave Kovu laid down and though to himself. “Kiara please return safely.”

Briana was pacing at the base of Raffiki’s tree debating weather or not she should tell Sarina the truth , that she was the princess of another pride, still upset that Raffiki didn‘t watch her like he said he would. Raffiki came down to talk to her.

“Has Sarina returned?” Raffiki asked.

“Yes, but is it time for me to tell her?”

“Not until the others arrive for the ceremony. But you must tell Kovu.”

“I will tell him this morning.”

“Then do so but make sure you are alone.”

Raffiki turned and climbed his tree leaving Briana alone.

Kiara awoke by in a strange cave. It was blurry but she was able to make of the shapes of other lions but none that she recognized.

“Where am I?” she asked weakly.

“You’re safe in the heart lands,” came a voice. “In the shadow of Mount Kilimanjarno.”

“Who are you?”

“I am Taka. King of the heart lands.”

“Sleep now and save your strength. Tomorrow we travel to pride rock.”

Kiara fell back into a dreamless sleep only to be woken up by a lioness.

“Are you well enough your highness?”

“Yes. I’m fine. Are we going to pride rock now?” Kiara asked.

“After breakfast.” the lion answered just as A huge lion walked in.

“You look well Kiara.” The lion said with a smile. “You have grown since last I saw you. You were just a cub when I came to talk to Simba. How is he?”

“He…died. Before you found me.” She answered downheartedly.

“He may have died to you but I have talked to him recently.”

Kiara looked up at him with a surprised look on her tear stained face.


“Do you remember when Simba told you that all the great kings of the past look down on all of us from the stars?”

“You mean I could still talk to him?”

“As long as you still remember him and yourself. Simba forgot who he was at one point. His father helped him come back and defeat scar to become king of the pride lands. Didn’t he ever tell you the story?”

“No. He just always told me about life and then said that I would understand…someday.” All this talk about her father just made her sadden even more.

“Look, its almost dawn you can talk to him before we leave. Raffiki is here so he can help you.”

“Why is he here?”

“All will be answered in due time. For now you go talk to Raffiki.” he turned and walked out leaving Kiara alone with the lioness.

“I will show you to Raffiki. He is not far. Can you walk” the lioness asked.

“I will manage.” Kiara got up slowly and stretched out feeling like she ran into a tree.

Raffiki was sitting on a rock in a meditative trance when Kiara and the lioness, Kita, as Kiara was told, found him. The old baboon didn’t move or even seem to take notice that they were there.

“Good morning Kiara.” He said without moving.

“I will leave you alone now.” Kita whispered. “Please be back at the cave before sunrise.” It was still dark out. Then she turned and left.

“So you have come to speak to your father. I see you miss him.”

“You never miss a beat do you?” She smiled.

“Sit on this rock and look to the stars you won’t have to wait long.” Raffiki got up and turned to leave. “I must go and talk to Taka but I’ll tell you everything later.” Then he was gone.

Kiara sat on the spot that Raffiki had pointed out and looking up clouds started to block the stars. “Oh no” she thought to herself. “How will I be able to talk to him now.”

“Kiara.” Came a voice of thunder.

“Daddy?” Kiara started to cry.

“You look wonderful how are things now?”

“I don’t know. Kisima is back and from what I saw last he is in love with Sarina. Kisima looks like his father. I don’t think that the scar will leave our family. It seams it is a reminder of our history so that we don’t repeat it.”

“Huh, so you are ready to go back?”

“Yes If you talk to Kovu before I do tell him I am alright and I will be safe in the pride lands in a couple of days.”

“He already knows that you and the others are coming, but I will tell him that you are alright.”

“I must leave now.”

“I will talk to you again when this is all over. Good-bye for now.” His voice trailed off into a low thundering rumble. Kiara wept. She at least got to talk to her father again. How she felt his presence then felt oddly familiar. Only it was someone different. He had a voice like Takas’ yet he was different. Could it have been Mufasa. The horizon was turning red signifying that the sun was rising. Time to head back to the Pride lands.

Briana found Kovu lying at the back of the cave. His head was between his paws but he was still awake.

“Kovu I must speak with you.’ She whispered into his ear.

“I already know. Simba has told me everything.”

“Then you know when the others will be here.”

“They will arrive by sun-up tomorrow.”

“Then we must prepare for the celebration.”

“It will be a short one for war approaches.”

Sarina and Kisima were near the cave entrance laying together. Kovu looked and smiled thinking of Kiara. How they had met as cubs and then, as an adult he rescued her from a fire, which was part of a plan devised to kill Simba, which was thwarted because Kovu loved Kiara. His mother hadn’t planned on it to happen. The sun arose out off the horizon and Kisima got up and took Sarina to the top of pride rock as they did before his kidnapping. Kovu worried that Khan may attack during the ceremony while everyone was off guard.

Two shadowy figures appeared at the cave entrance. Kovu looked to see who it was. It was Timone and Pumba. They walked to where he was laying.

“Good morning Simba.” Timone said not realizing in the dark that he was talking to Kovu.

“Good morning to you too Timone.” Kovu replied.

“Oh uh.” Timone started trying to compose himself from surprise. “Where is Simba?”

“Simba died…” Kovu said sighing “a while ago.”

Timon’s jaw dropped. Nala tried to tell him but she just said he was gone. Tears welled up in his eyes. Pumba hugged him and tried to comfort him but he too began to cry.

“We should have been here.” Timone wailed. “How did it happen?” he was sobbing lightly now.

“The hyenas are helping a new enemy called Sheir Khan. They attacked Simba.” Kovu explained.

“I wish I could of talked to him one last time.”

“You can.” Kovu tried to cheer Timone up.

“Really?” he sobbed. “But how?”

“I am going to talk to him tonight. You can come with me.”

Timone looked up at him through tear stained eyes and tried to wipe his face. He stood confused.

“How?” Timone asked, still confused.

“You will see for now lets go for a walk so you can hear what’s going on now.”

They all walked out of the cave followed by Briana.

At the top of pride rock stood Kisima and Sarina nuzzling. They watched as the sun rose and Kovu exited the cave with some creatures. Kisima recognized one of them as Briana, Sarina’s mother, but he didn’t know who the other two were.

“I wonder what they are up to.” Kisima said to Sarina.

“Should we follow them and find out.”

“Not now. We may find out soon. Kovu has been quiet about everything since mother died. The way he looked when he came back into the cave,” He remembered a look of happiness and yet sadness on his fathers face. ”It has upset him so much that he’s not who he used to be.”

“I don’t know.” Sarina said. “I have been listening to the conversations going on in the back of the den and it seems that a ceremony is going to happen.”

“Probably for the death of Kiara.”

They both sat there saddened about what they were thinking. A tear rolled down the side of Kisima’s face.

“Why did we have leave her?” he cried. Sarina put her head under his chin trying to comfort him.

“You did what you had to do. It’s not your fault.” Sarina spoke softly.

“I want to see her again.”

They spent the rest of the day at the top of pride rock. Evening was falling now. The day seemed to have passed quickly. The wind was blowing now.

After Kovu left the cave he tried to explain to Timone and Pumba about a surprise that Simba had left behind for every one.

“You see Timone.” Kovu explained. ”Briana is the queen of lions from the heart lands. When Simba left from you to come home he met up with them. He only asked for shelter that day but an agreement was made later. There group was dieing. The last prince was Taka who is now king. And he had a daughter which is Sarina. Sarina is therefore a princess. Before she was born, however, Taka sent Briana hear to be safe. Sarina and Kisima were born on the same day. We had to let them grow up together but Kisima was kidnapped by Khan. Simba thought that he, Khan, had ruined the whole thing.” he told them about the rescue and the attack. “So now Kisima and Sarina must be wed now before the war starts. Just look at them,” he nodded to the top of pride rock where Kisima and Sarina were. They both looked content with each other.

“Wow. Looks like Simba may have completed more than expected.” Timone said.

“But how will we be able to talk to him?” Pumba asked

“Well its almost time so I’ll just tell you what he told me.” It was now dark out on the pride lands and the stars were shining brightly. “Look at the stars gentle men. All the great kings of the past look down from those stars. If you ever need counsel they will be there to guide you. One day I’ll be up there to help Kisima as he will help his son.”

In the distance came the sound of rolling thunder. Clouds were now forming above them and a figure of Simba appeared.

“Ah Timone, Pumba. It is good to see you again.” he rumbled softly.

“But…” Timone tried but could form words. “What you…I thought that….” he thought back to the night that Simba had said that the stars were the kings and Timone started to laugh saying that was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard.

“You didn’t know any better. You were taught differently.” Simba replied. “Tomorrow is the day. I will be there in spirit to bless them but don’t worry about Khan for now. Raffiki is taking care of the problem.”

“Yea it was a job alright.” came Raffiki’s voice. “He won’t be coming for a while.”

“How did you do it?” Kovu asked.

“I didn’t do much.” The old baboon laughed. He didn’t tell them how. But he had told him the prophecy. He wasn’t to attack the pride till the day after Kisima and Sarina were wed. Raffiki winked at Simba.

Nala made her way back to pride rock limping and breathing heavily. She had found Khan and gave him a beating of his life. then he had ordered the hyenas to attack. She just barely ran out with her life. Sazu saw her limping and flew to Pride rock for help. Kisima and Sarina were the first to her.

“Grandma. what happened to you?”

“Khan. I gave him a beating he’ll never forget…then I was attacked by his hyenas.” Nala said weakly. She tried to take one more step and fell. Kovu finally made it. Nala spoke one last time, weakly. “Simba I’m coming.”

“Nala. Are you alright.” Kovu looked at her with pleading eyes hoping she was going to live but Nala never answered.

“Pumba get over here.” he shouted. “I need help getting her back to the den.”

Pumba struggled to pick her lifeless form up with his tusks. The den was quiet, except for the occasional sob from one of the lionesses. Nala laid at the back of the cave on her side, not breathing. Kisima and Kovu had lost so much in such little time. Fist Simba, great king of the Pride lands and now his mate Nala. Kisima still thought that he had also lost his mother. Raffiki entered the den silently and walked to where Nala was.

“Life just seems to take away the ones we love and never lets up after they are gone. You gain new friends and Family but lose them just as quickly.” Raffiki said then turned to perform the last rites when Kisima strolled out of the cave. He didn’t want to see what was happening. He walked back up to the top of pride rock and found that Sarina was there crying. Laying down beside her, he spoke softly.

“Why must these things happen?” he cuddled her and they both fell asleep crying.

The next day was filled with surprise. Kisima woke to see A pride of lions he had never seen before walk out of the distance. He recognized one of them instantly. He jumped to his feet waking Sarina up.

“What is it?’ she asked trying to stifle a yawn.

“Look.” he pointed. “Tell me what you see.”

Sarina’s eyes went wide. She thought she was seeing a ghost.

“But how?” she gasped.

They both ran down to meet the party that had just arrived. The leader was a big lion. He was gray from main to tail and looked like Mufasa.

“Where is Kovu?” the lion asked Sazu. “I need to meet with him.”

Before Sazu could tell the lion anything Kovu came out to speak to him.

“Sazu, It’s alright we have to talk in private.” He said to both Taka and Sazu. “Kiara you need to hear this too.” he added sadly. “Kisima I need you and Sarina to stay at the cave and wait for us to return.”

“Why? What is going on?” he protested.

“You will see but First I must talk with your mother.” Kovu turned to leave and remembered something. “Oh and tell Briana to meet us at Raffiki’s tree.”

“I will.” Then Kisima and Sarina entered the den.

Later, when Briana had shown up at the tree, Kiara was told about her mother. She didn’t take the news to well.

“I should have stayed behind and let someone else go after Kisima. It’s my fault that she died.” Kiara cried into Kovu’s shoulder.

“Shh, Don’t worry she is with Simba now.” He tried to calm her down but to no avail.

“Just look forward to the ceremony this afternoon.” Briana said. “It’s your sons wedding day. This should be the happiest day of your life.”

“Now it is time to tell Sarina what she really is.” Taka spoke softly. They all walked slowly back to the den so that Kiara would be dried eyed before the ceremony.

Kisima and Sarina were at the entrance of the den when the others showed up. Timone and Pumba had left. Timone said that the reason was there was nothing for them here any more. They seemed really nice to Kisima. Briana walked into the cave first.

“Sarina We have to tell you and Kisima something.” She said trying to figure out how to tell her daughter the truth.

“What is it? Is something wrong?” Sarina looked worried.

“No its nothing like that. Its just you need to know the truth. I am queen of the heart lands in the shadow of mount Kilimanjarno.” The others came in as she was explaining. “That would make you the princess.”

“Really?” Sarina asked with surprise. “Then why…?”

“We were…having problems in our land so you were to be betrothed to Kisima.” Taka interrupted her with an answer to her question. “Your mother came here when you were only a day old. You and Kisima were interpretable. Now is the day you two shall be wed.”

Sarina looked at Kisima and smiled.

“I love him but isn’t this a little early.” Sarina asked

“No, you’ve reached the age you just haven’t felt it.” Raffiki answered. “It is time.”

Out side the cave was two lines of lionesses forming a path to the tip of the promontory. Kovu and Kiara walked down it, followed by Briana and Taka, Then Kisima and Sarina. They all stood on the edge and gave a mighty roar.

“Now.” Raffiki yelled. “The two Circles have become one.

Sarina was talking to her mother on morning when Kisima walked in.

“What’s going on?” He asked watching them speak silently for the past few days.

“Kisima, I have something to tell you.” She was excited. “you going to have a son.”

At that Kisima fainted.

“Some king he’s going to be.” Briana said bemused.

“Oh mother how was he supposed to react?”

“He could be happy.” she laughed. “Your father took it like a real lion should.” They both laughed.

Kisima woke after a while. It was a shock to him that he would have a child. He felt like an idiot having fainted in front of Sarina and his mother-in-law. Just then a voice yelled from the skies.

“Khan and his army approaches.” It was Sazu. Everything went downhill from there.

“What’s there position?” Kovu asked Sazu.

“On the border between the pride lands and the out lands.”

“Then we make our move before they make the first strike. Rally up the lionesses and get read for an attack.” He then turned to Taka. “Is your pride ready?”

“We are ready to fight for our future.”

“Alright we’ll assemble in front of pride rock in one hour.”

Every one stood ready as out on the horizon came the shapes of hyenas lead by one tiger. Khan.

“We can avoid all unnecessary casualties.” Khan yelled.

“Either way you still must die under the laws of the pride lands for the murder of two of the royal family members and the kidnapping of another.” Kovu roared back.

“Then so be it.” He snarled. “ATTACK!”

The two sides moved toward each other at high speed and clashing in the middle of the pride lands. It was a fierce battle. Hyenas weren’t good fighters but they out numbered the lions. Khan fought his way to pride rock where Kovu stood watching from the top of the promontory. Though the lions were out numbered they managed to fend off the hyenas and forced them out of the pride lands once again. Kovu didn’t see Khan coming from behind. The lions down below were rejoicing until one lioness yelled out.


Kovu tuned in time to see Khan leap at him. Khan missed and landed turning side ways to face Kovu.

“The time has come for you to meet the same fate as the rest of your family.” Khan growled.

He leapt at Kovu with surprising speed. Kovu slashed at him causing Khan to land on his side.

“It’s over Khan you’ll never win.”

“Then I’ll take you with me.”

With one last effort Khan pounced at Kovu, who stood at the edge of the promontory. They both fell off the edge of the cliff.

“NO!” Kiara yelled as they hit an out crop of jagged rocks.

Kovu was barely alive, he had hit soft earth. Slowly he looked over to where Khan had fallen. Khan laid dead. Half laying on a rock.

“Kovu. Are you alright?” Kiara asked trying not to cry.

“Yes I think I’ll be alright.” He replied while she nuzzled him.

Everybody picked Kovu up and took him into the den. Kovu fell asleep at the back of the cave. Leaving Kiara weeping by his side.

It was now morning. One week after the battle. Kisima woke up and went out side to get some air. The pride lands were now filling up with herds of animals. All of them coming to see the new prince. Raffiki was among them trying to move them along ready for the ceremony. Today was the day to present Kisima’s son. Sarina walked out of the cave with there newborn son in her mouth. Raffiki moved through the crowd up till he had to climb. He met Kisima and Sarina at the top. Kisima hugged the old baboon as Kiara, Taka,and Briana walked out of the cave. Slowly another figure limped out of the den. It was Kovu. All four of them stood behind as Raffiki took the cub and presented him to the herds. They all cheered. It was a very happy day as everybody could tell by the wind, It held Simbas presence. Simba looked down from the clouds on the young price with a wide smile and spoke softly.

“Well done. We are all connected now in one glorious circle of life.”

The Raffiki looked up and gave the image a smile of relief, know that the prophecy was fulfilled. Just then a roar erupted from the pride lands. Everyone turned to see another lion standing at the back.

“Kiara, Sister I am home.” He yelled.

Kiara was stunned. It couldn’t be. Yet it was, Takia, her long lost brother. She was told he was dead. There beside him stood Vitani and Timone and Pumba. Who Is the king now?

To Be Continued…