Kristin Nienaber (KL/Mage)


I took out my pen and started to draw

All of a sudden someone came up and stared in awe


I formed the eyes, ears, nose, and other body parts of a lion

It was my black and white striped liger character Zion.


“That’s good. Is that Simba?” the person said.

I said a no and a thank you whilst shaking my head.


“Oh, is it Nala then?”

“No.” I replied whilst gripping my pen.


“Well who is?”

“My character Zion.” I said. “He’s a liger, “ I said to this person smart as a zit.


I finished up drawing and added some shading

My patience for this conversation was rapidly fading.


I started in on a picture of KL

It was turning out well.


Then, she said it, “Is that Simba?”

“Nay friend, tis KL not Simba.” I said.


“But it looks like Simba,” My observer insisted.

“Well it’s not, it is my character KL who is much more twisted.


She overreacted when I drew KL stabbed with a knife

It seemed to cause her a bit of strife.


“Why did you draw that happening to Simba?” she asked in a shocked tone.

“Et’s not Simba.” I replied in an irritated drone.


I continued to draw KL’s ears pierced with rusty nails.

“That’s gross,” my observer commented. “Drawing Simba impaled.


I had put up with it, I finally snapped, “IT’S NOT FRICKIN SIMBA!!!!!!”I shouted.

“Whatever, that picture is violent and gross. You must really hate Simba a lot.”she commented then walked out.


I sat there fuming for a moment,

Then proceeded to actually draw Simba, getting stung by a hornet.