Author's Note:
 I have always been a lover of "The Lion King" and "Simba's Pride". Thus I wrote this short story, so that not only I can enjoy it but others as well, not for profit. This story is basically through the eyes of a character who belongs to me and who was never spoken of in either movie. The lion, Jahina, who resembles the great king, Mufasa, is the property of me, and an one else! However, all the characters such as Mufasa, Simba, Sarabi, Nala and all the others belong to Walt Disney Pictures. Any character quotations and dialogue taken from the movies are also property of Disney. I repeat, these two works are just a work on fan-fiction.
     New Characters:
Jahina- The best friend and almost an adoptive son of Mufasa who whitnessed his friend's death. He soon grew up to resemble Mufasa. Though not as huge and heavily built as his friend, he was rather convincing towards Simba who thought he was his father.

     Movie Characters:
Mufasa- The king and father of Simba. A wise lion who eventually is killed by his brother Scar.
Sarabi- Mufasa's loving mate and mother of Simba. Also, a very wise lioness.
Sarafina- Nala's mother and friend of Sarabi.
Scar- The brother of Mufasa and uncle of Simba. He was the mistreated lion who was never understood by his parents or his brother. He kills his brother out of jealousy to take the throne.
Shenzi, Banzi, and Ed: The three henchmen of Scar.
Simba- The son of Mufasa and current king of the Pride Lands. He is the father of Kiara.
Nala- The mate of Simba who is the queen of the Pride Lands. She is the mother of Kiara as well.
Kiara- Future queen, and daughter of Simba and Nala, a headstrong lioness with a love for Kovu.
Kovu- The son of Zira who was chosen to walk in Scar's paw prints. He is the future king and Kiara's mate.
Zira- The lioness who's cub Kovu, was hand picked by Scar to follow in his paw prints. She was also the mother of Nuka, who was killed by falling logs, and Vitani who joined the Pride Landers with the other Outsiders.
Rafiki- The wise old baboon and another friend of Mufasa.
Zazu- Another friend of Mufasa, and an advisor, this bird remains loyal to the royal family.

    The Friend of a King: Part One
       Written by Reda "Lionscape"
     The cool air whirled through the tall grass of the Serengeti. White clouds rolled by as the sun grew higher in the bright sky. Antelope pranced through the grass as a cheetah lay beside a dead zebra, panting from the morning hunt. The trees shaded the young ones from the bright rays of the sun. The water from a water hole relieved the clenched thirst of others. This was Africa, a place of life and death. Where great kings ruled, and their loyal subjects obeyed.
     A cry was heard, a young cry. It was a cry of a young one, a lion cub. The squealing carried upon the wind to the ears of a young lion with a mighty mane. He paused upon his walk, looking curiously around and listening. Nothing. With a shrug, the lion started off once again but immediately stopped, hearing the child-like cry once again. Perhaps it was the call of a young one in search of it's mother or perhaps some hyena's had injured it?
     The lion started to follow the cries to a skinny tree where, nestled deep in the tall grass and roots, was a young lion cub. His eyes were wide open, staring at the grown lion. He seemed not to be afraid, but almost giving the lion a challenging stare. He lay on his back, his tiny paws wrapped around one of the tree roots and his tiny tail, twitching.
     It was by instinct to the lion that he should kill this young male cub. It obviously didn't belong in his pride and wasn't wanted. But, the lion felt pity for the cub, a strange feeling. Perhaps it was because the lion knew he would soon be a father too, and the cub reminded him of his cubhood. The lion sat down and poked at the cub. The cub only stared, unafraid.
     The lion chuckled and bent over towards the cub, putting his face into the cub's. He grabbed with his teeth, the roots which trapped the cub. Then, with very little struggle, the lion pulled the roots free from the ground, realizing the cub from his enclosure.
     The cub rolled onto his paws and stared up at the lion. The lion leaned over and picked up the cub gently in his mouth. He felt the body squirm and fell still. The lion chuckled through the creature's fur. He turned, with the little cub in his mouth, and started back towards his home, a huge rock structure, Pride Rock.
     Mufasa, the king of the Pride Lands, sat upon the peak of Pride Rock. His eyes squinted as the bright sun's rays shone in his eyes. His great body was almost like a statue, silent and still. A lioness approached him, his mate, Sarabi. "Hello Mufasa", she greeted, "Simba was being his silly self today. He wouldn't let me give him his morning bath. Saying I messed up his mane." She chuckled. Mufasa turned his light eyes towards her and smiled. "He is much like me", he said, recalling his cubhood and the two had a good laugh before Sarabi left him to go doze with Sarafina.
     Meanwhile Scar, a scrawny dark brown lion with a black mane and a scar over his left eye, watched the his brother from within the shadows. He scowled under his breath and turned to walk down the ledge. Just as he turned, a younger lion with a brown mane growing on his neck and back, pounced on Scar from behind. Both went rolling down the ledge and landing hard on the ground.
     The young one laughed out loud, tears nearly falling from his eyes. Scar shook his head from the dizziness and growled, glaring at the younger. "You're such a child Jahina", he growled, sitting up. Jahina sat up as well, still giggling, "Come on Scar, it's only a little fun. You know.."
 Scar let out an annoyed sigh, "I despise your silly little games." "Well that's your opinion alone. Simba and     Nala seem to like it. And Muffy loves playing with me! He's my best--" "Friend?", Scar interrupted, "Yes, like I haven't heard it a thousand times already today. Now go away, I need my rest..." "But it's morning. Surely you slept last night?", Jahina protected, pulling on Scar's ear playfully. "How can I sleep with you babbling on all night? Now get off!", Scar growled and shoved the younger one away.
     "Okay, okay Scar. You don't have to get so pushy", Jahina said, a little hurt. Scar grumbled and walked off. Jahina let out a sigh. What was wrong with that lion? Compared to Mufasa, he seemed so dark and lonely all the time.
     Forgetting about Scar, Jahina decided to go find Simba and Nala. Those two always loved to play with him. He followed the path down to where the grass and rocks met. Lioness lay in the sun, asleep. He soon spotted Sarafina with Sarabi. "Hello Sarabi, hey Sarafina." "Why good morning Jahina", Sarabi greeted. Sarafina nodded.
     "Uhmm, you wouldn't happen to know where Simba and Nala are, would you?", he asked with a grin. "Well, Simba said he would show Nala a really cool place", Sarafina replied. "Zazu will be with them of course. They haven't left yet", Sarabi added with a grin. "Thanks, bye!", Jahina said and ran to find the two cubs.
     He soon found them with the impatient bird. "Hey Simba, hey Nala!" The two cubs turned and smiled. "Hey Jahina!", Simba greeted and tried to pounce on him. Jahina laughed. "So where you going?", he asked, curious. "Simba says there's a really cool place around the water hole. Though if you ask me, what can be so great around the water hole?", Nala replied, a little annoyed by the idea. Simba let out an embarrassed giggle and whispered to Jahina, "If I tell to you, will you promise not to tell anyone, not even my dad?"
     Jahina raised an eyebrow. It must be very important. "Yeah sure, whatever", he finally said, lowering himself to the cubs level, ears perked. The cub hesitated and raised his paw to cover his mouth so Nala and Zazu wouldn't be able to hear, "We're going to an elephant graveyard... I've heard that it's a cool place and only the bravest lions can go there, so I'm going..."
     Jahina, surprized and nearly shocked, snapped his head back up. The son of the king was disobeying his father, going to a place where no lion could ever venture. "But Simba..." "Young master, you wanted to see the water hole, let's get going", Zazu called, flapping his wings and waiting for Simba to come. "Please don't tell anyone!", Simba only said and ran off to catch up with Nala and the bird.
     Jahina was left, confused and worried for his friend's life. He had promised not tell and a promise was a promise. He couldn't break it but, this was something different. He had never expected Simba to get such an idea. Could someone else within the pride told him? Zira perhaps? Or what of his uncle, Scar? He remembered that Scar was never really excited about Simba's birth and he never attended the ceremony. Could he be trying to?.... No, it was impossible! Scar was a misunderstanding lion yes, but he wouldn't be capable of trying to be rid of Simba, his only nephew. Still, perhaps Jahina thought, it would be wise to talk with Scar's friend, Zira.
     He climbed the rocks of Pride Rock after awhile and entered the den, discovering Zira, sitting with some of the other lionesses. He padded over towards her and sat down beside her, "Hi Zira." Zira turned her towards the lion, "Oh, if it isn't Mufasa's best friend. The goody two shoes Jahina. What do you want?" Jahina hesitated for a second. His throat ran dry. "Well, you're Scar's best friend and I was wondering if Scar had been telling Simba about the Elephant Graveyard?"
     Zira licked her right paw and lay it back down. "How should I know what Scar tells Simba? I was napping this morning and for much of the day", she told him, sarcastically, narrowing her eyebrows.
    Jahina took a step back, "I'm sorry. I just--" "Y'know, you should really mind your own business!", Zira challegned, pressing her nose sharply against his, "Scar's been through too much! He was inored all his life and Mufasa didn't care one bit! He would always shove Scar's face in the ground!"
     "Now see here--" "And you wouldn't even know because you were raised by Mufasa! You're his best bud, and he cares more about you than his own brother!", Zira continued, tears begining to emerge in her eyes. She growled and turned her back on him, whacking her tail in his face as the other lionesses looked on.
     Jahina shook his head and walked out of the cave with his head down low, seeing that the evening sky had become night, and that the stars were brightly out. He suddenly saw Nala, with Zazu, returning to Pride Rock. He smiled, glad she was okay and rushed to her. "Nala! You're okay! Where's Simba?", he asked, giving a glance towards Zazu.
     Nala was silent as Zazu landed upon a nearby branch. "Simba is being taught a lesson with Mufasa. They should be returning soon." Nala proceeded up the rocks to her mother's arms and was carried to the den to sleep. Jahina was left alone once again and lay down outside the den, awaiting his friend's return.
     Finally, he saw the two figures approach. He grinned and ran towards them, playfully nipping Simba. The cub yawned but managed to cuff him back before climbing up to the den. Jahina turned to Mufasa but upon seeing his friend not looking pleased with him, lowered his head. "I'm sorry Mufasa. I should have told you right when Simba told me where he was going."
     "Yes, you should have", Mufasa sternly replied, "And because of this, you would have also been responsible if he had been killed. You deliberately disobeyed me. I am very dissapointed in you Jahina." "I'm dissapointed in myself too Muffy", the young lion replied, feeling hurt by his friend's words, "It's just that, I promised Simba I wouldn't tell anyone."
     Mufasa's stern face suddenly became concerned and his voice softened, "Jahina, some promises, like the one you kept, should be broken, if it determines a life or death situation. Please promise me, you will always tell me the truth, even if it means you're life is on the line. Don't be afraid to tell me anything that you're uncomfortable with. We're best friends aren't we?." Jahina lifted his head, relieved to see his friend smile. He smiled back, "Yeah, best friends..."
     Mufasa smiled and padded towards the den. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, Jahina saw the dark shadow of Scar slink off. "What's he up to?", he asked himself. Scar would usually sleep in the den or sometimes outside but never slink off during the night. The young lion decided to follow, no matter what.
     "Man that lousy Mufasa! Now I won't be able to sit for a week!" Voices of psychotic hyena's bounced off the rock walls of a deep cavern filled with fire pits and bones. The huge jutting rocks proved quite a climb for Jahina. He sure put his muscles to the test. He heard more laughing from the hyena's and then a familiar voice, Scar! "Aww, surely all lion's aren't all that bad?" "Oh Scar, it's just you." "Yeah, we were afraid it was somebody important!" "Yeah you don't like Mufasa."
     "What?", Jahina asked himself, listening to the voices. Climbing some more, he finally found himself over looking three hyenas, Shenizi, Banzi and Ed. On a ledge above them, was Scar! "Scar making dealing's wth the hyenas?", Jahina murmered to himself but ducked when he thought Scar was looking in his direction. Finally, he looked again and listened.
     "I don't think you really deserve this", Scar said, holding out a zebra's leg. The hyena's jumped up on their hind legs and started panting, begging. Scar continued, "I pratically gift wrapped those cubs for you. And you couldn't even dispose them!" He dropped the leg and the hyena's waisted no time in starting to eat.
     "Well you know, it wasn't like they were alone Scar", Shenzi pointed out with a full mouth. Banzi gulpd down his food, "Yeah, what were we suppose to do? Kill Mufasa?" Scar's mouth curved into an evil smile, "Percisely."
     Jahina stared and listened with shock. His best friend was going to be killed, by Scar, the king's own brother. He was even more shocked when Scar announced, "We're going to kill him, and Simba too." "Great idea!", the hyenas cried, "Who needs a king? No king, no king! Nah nah, nah nah, nah!" "Idoits!", Scar growled, "There will be a king! I will be king. Stick with me, and you'll never go hungy again!" "Long live the King!", the insane hyena's chanted, "Long live the king! Long live the king!"
     Jahina didn't know what to do! It was nearing morning and Scar's plan would take action for sure immedietly. Climbing and wedging his way between the rocks, Jahina became aware that he was lost. High rock walls surrounded him everywhere he turned. He needed to get out and warn his friend, now!
     The sun shone brightly in the sky as Mufasa and Zazu patrolled the lands. They discussed the night's events and what would happen today. Suddenly, the bird heard the sounds of rumbling hooves and the dust flying from the gorge. "Look sire, the herd is on the move", he said, pointing with his wind. "Odd", Mufasa commented but just then, Scar appeared, out of breath. "Mufasa, quick! Stampede, in the gorge. Simba's down there!" Without waisting any time, the brave king ran with Scar at his side and the bird flying above for the gorge.
     Not far, a tried Jahina ran to Pride Rock, discovering his friends weren't there. He had nearly spent half the night searching for a way out of the jutting rocks walls of the cavern and now, past morning, he knew Scar's plan was taking effect. Seeing the gorge and the dust rise, he ran for gorge, faster than he had ever run before! Must warn Mufasa! Must stop Scar!, he thought. He couldn't let his friend die!
     He reached the gorge and climbed down the jutting ledges, seeing Simba, hanging for his life on the branch of a dead tree. He watched in horror as a wildbeast went flying into the tree, splitting it and sending the young cub flying in the air. Just then, from the herd, Mufasa jumped and caught his son in his mouth.
     Jahina lept from his perch, into the thundering stampede. The rising dust stung his eyes as he tried to find Mufasa and Simba amoung the fleeing animals. "Mufasa! Simba!", he called above his lungs, coughing. Suddenly, he was knocked off his feet, the wind nearly knocked out of him. The wildbeast's hooveds trampled upon his body and he struggled to regain his balance, feeling a rib crack from one of the hooves.
     Finally, back on his feet and running with a limp, Jahina searched for his friends. He suddenly heard a roar and looked up, seeing Mufasa fly above him, grabbing a hold of the rock wall and started climbing towards the top of the ledge. His friend was hurt and weak. Hang on Mufasa, I'm coming.
     Jahina searched for a ledge to jump on. He was still in the center of the stampede and it was impossible to find a rock wall. He finally lept for a ledge, opposite of the wall where Mufasa hung. Looking back towards his helpless friend, Jahina's heart skipped a beat. There, above Mufasa, was Scar, looking down. He could tell that Mufasa was begging for help but Scar did nothing.
     "You fool. Climb away, climb away!", Jahina murmered, watching with wide eyes. Scar finally grabbed Mufasa's front paws and whispered in his ear. Then, to the horror of Jahina, Scar let go. Mufasa lost his grip, fell and dissapeared into the thundering stampede below.
     Scar's dark eyes met Jahina's just as the rocks below the young lion's feet began to crumble. Jahina lost a hold of the ledge and helplessly fell into the mass of stampeding animals.
     To Be Continued...