TLK2 And ˝: Tanabi’s Gone







A cub lay silently in the marshes. Tears, shining like crystals, were streaming down her eyes. She cringed in pain and

Turned away. "You don’t know what love is, do you Zira? Do you?” the cub, named Myra, whispered. Zira looked up in pity at Myra, her younger sister. “Oh, poor thing..” she said pathetically, bringing her close, “what are you going to do about it? Hmm? Kill someone?” Myra jumped on Zira’s back, claws extended, leaving a bloody gash. Zira turned around and swiped back. “If you ever come close to me again,” said Zira, “I will kill you. You are hateful. You are in pity. And if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be alive.” Myra ran off, crying, knowing she was hated. She would get back at someone….not just Zira…but someone…


                                    Chapter One: Tanabi’s Presentation

A couple years later…


The sun rose above a steep hill, yellow as cheetah’s fur. The spirit of Mufasa swayed through the trees carrying leaves and grasses with it. The giraffes followed the breeze, as if they were meant to go. The hippos followed, dripping wet from they’re early morning swim, and many meerkats followed.


 They trotted towards Pride Rock, to see they’re new king or queen. Zazu flew from his tree down to the ground, swooping up and greeting Simba. Simba smiled warmly and looked back at Nala, who was holding young Tanabi in her paws. She smiled at Tanabi then at Simba. Rafiki was behind Simba, asking if he could take Tanabi. He said yes, and Rafiki picked up Tanabi, smearing the ceremonial crown on his forehead. He raised up Tanabi.


The animals screamed like a crowd. The birds chirped loudly, the giraffes made ‘Ooo-oo-ooh- whoop!’ noises. The baboons and chimps were screeching and pounding they’re fists. The lights from the heavens shined brightly on Tanabi, and Rafiki holding him up. The spirit of Mufasa blew up across the long giraffe’s neck, down below the chirping birds, up to the flamingoes in the sky, reaching Rafiki, blowing leaves in his face.


The wind blew Simba’s mane, Nala closed her eyes and absorbed the gust, and Sarabi and Sarafina stood behind them, a tear down Sarabi’s eye. Timon was conforting Sarabi and Pumbaa was smiling, eating a small grub. “You know,” said Pumbaa, with his mouth full, “It’s times like these that tell me that Simba will be a great dad.” “Yeppo,” cried Timon happily, “he will be.”



                                 Chapter Two: The Kidnapping



That night, all was calm. Mufasa’s star shown brightly. Ahadi’s and Mohatu’s star dimmed a bit, but both was still shining bright. Tanabi slept quietly nuzzled in Nala’s chest, and Simba lay silent next to her. Sarabi stood, half asleep, outside the cave. A shadow was creeping upto Pride Rock.


The shadow looked up into the moon, revealing her face. It was Myra, half crying.

“I’ll show you, Zira! I’ll show you!” she whispered loudly. Myra crept up the jutting rocks, like a spider on a web. When she got to the top, Myra stared out into the moon. “Time to get the cub.” She padded up to Nala, and took the sleeping cub, cackling evily.


Sarabi heard Myra’s cackle. Her head popped up as Myra tried to get away. “What are you doing with him?” Sarabi yelled at Myra. Myra jumped onto her and beared her teeth. “If you tell anyone that I did this, I will kill you no matter what.” Sarabi pushed her off the Rock, and crept back into the cave, defeated, trying not to disturb the sleeping lions.


Myra held the cub in her teeth while she absorbed the blow when she was falling to the ground. Myra checked to see if the cub was alright, and when she saw that Tanabi was, she snuck off into the night.


                              Chapter Three: Sarabi’s Mistake


The next morning was a terrible morning. Simba and Nala stood on the tip of the rock, half-heartedly. All the animals were crouded around the rock, asking questions like “Who could do such a thing?” and “Why would they do this?”. Nala sighed sadly, bending her head down in mourn. “Why would the kings do this to us?” she asked to herself.


Sarabi sat behind them, pretending to cry, only because she knew; Tanabi was not dead, just taken by Myra. She trotted over to Simba and Nala to confort them, only to relize that if she told, maybe she wouldn’t get killed after all. She stood on the top of the rock and was ready to announce. “Tanabi is not dead.” She yelled. The animals gasped in amazement as Sarabi told them. She then relized that she couldn’t tell them; Sarabi was too weak to attack Myra.


“Umm…” She wondered what she could say now. Sarabi ran off out into the savannah, to escape from what she had just said.




Myra was in her den in the outlands, grooming Tanabi’s fur. She cackled again, wondering how Zira would react to her cub. She layed down in the sun, keeping a close eye on Tanabi, who was in the den. Zira padded over. “Well, well, well, what have we got here?” She said evily, “A cub? Oh, surely you can do better than that!” Myra jumped up and growled at her. “You, quiet. Sarabi tried to stop me.” Zira pulled a small, scraggling cub from behind her. It looked at Myra and hid behind Zira’s leg. “You haven’t met my son Nuka?” Myra gasped. Zira already had a cub. Myra looked at her ferouciously, grinning sinister. “I’ll get a second one.” She exclaimed. Zira looked at her with a content look on her face. “Very well then.”



                Chapter Four: Nala’s Having Another Cub


Nala woke up the next morning very early. She was on the cliff of Pride Rock, staring out to the sunset, smiling very warmly. Simba surprised her as he walked up the jutting rocks, laughing. “What are you smiling about?” he said, half laughing and half talking. Nala nuzzled him contently. “I’m going to have another cub.” She said.


Simba grinned so much that it felt like his smile would fall off. “Nala! That’s great!” he yelled. He ran back in and told everyone the news about the new cub. “It’s going to be a girl! We’ll name her Kiara!” Simba yelled, happy as a hippo with endless water. Simba looked at Sarabi. “Yesterday, when you said ‘Tanabi’s not dead.’, what did you mean?” Sarabi looked at him, a smug look on her face. “I was just giving some encouragement.” She said, plainly. Sarafina laughed.





Myra layed basking on a rock, lying there like she was on vacation. She watched as Nuka and Tanabi stared at each other with a puzzled look on their face. Myra laughed. Zira trotted over to Myra. “Hey little sis,” she said, a humorous look on her face, “are you planning to get that cub or not?” Myra lifted one eyebrow. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.” She lied, not opening her eyes.


                        Chapter Four: Kiara’s Presentation


Months later…


Night winds blew towards the South, bringing animals and birds with them. At Pride Rock, Simba and Nala waited on Pride Rock, seeing the earliest animals that would come. Two lone antelope hopped there way over first. Simba smiled warmly at them as they grazed a bit.


As the sun peeked over the rolling hills of the savannah, most of the many birds knew where to fly. The meerkats peeped out of their holes and into the hot morning sun, avoiding the elephants that might step on them by accident.  As the animals crowded around the rock, Rafiki came up and raised Kiara into the sapphire sky.


Animals swooned, whooped and screamed! The giraffes nodded their long necks back and forth, as the birds chirped and flew around. Finally, they all bowed there heads in front of the future queen of all the Serengeti.           

Or so they thought.


End Of Part 1.