One day in a dense forest there was a small family of lions. Their were two lions in that family. Their was an adult lion named Brisa and a young adventurous lion named Taili. She had beautiful dark eyes and a long shaggy tail and straight fur. The day was bright without a single cloud floating through the light blue sky in the morning.

"Mom, I am going out and play is that ok?" asked Taili.

Her mother replied "Yes go out and have some fun."

When Taili walked out of the den she felt the damp and warm air touch her fur. She ran zigzagging around large tree trunks until she ended up in a large meadow with long grass. She ran around the meadow at full speed a couple of times until she noticed a small hill on the other side of the meadow.

She climbed up the hill and saw a path leading away from the meadow. She left the meadow and walked along the dark brown soil that made the path. While she was walking Taili noticed some bright pink flowers on the left side of the path and said " Wow! These are really beautiful flowers! Maybe I should pick some for mom when I come back. Taili walked along the path for a little while, while she was walking she spotted some more pink flowers, a squirrel climbing a tree and a few blueberry bushes.

When she reached the end of the path she entered a clearing. Their were some deer grazing along the edge of the clearing, it also had some brightly coloured butterflies fluttering their wings along the clearing. In the distance Taili had spotted some jagged cliffs on the other side of the clearing.

She ran to the other side of the clearing and looked up at the cliff. While looking at the cliff she said "I think I may be able to climb this, and look there is a ledge sticking out the side of the cliff so if I get tired I can take a break or rest on it." So she started to climb the cliff. While she was climbing the cliff she noticed there were a lot of foot holds in the cliff which made it easier to climb to the ledge to take a rest before she started back up the cliff. She had reached the cliff in what seemed like hours, she was panting hard so she sat down and rested her head in her paws and fell into a deep sleep.


When Taili woke up she found herself floating over some huge mountains! Then she looked up and she was shocked what she had seen was a large bald eagle carrying her and she started to scream.

"Ahhh! Put me down! she cried.

She started to shake in the sharp, dangerous talons of the eagle. She was shaking so much that the eagle started to lose itís grip on her. Then the eagle suddenly dropped her. She screamed the loudest she had ever screamed in her life. It seemed like hours until she finally hit the ground with a loud "Thunk!"




"Ohh, man that hurt!" moaned Taili.

"Where am I? It looks like some kind of desert or something" Taili asked herself taking a glance around the new environment she was in.

"I guess I should take a look around, there could be anything in this mysterious place" Taili suggested.

So Taili walked around, she saw some rocks and the cracked ground that she was walking on. It was now sunset and getting darker by the minute, soon Taili would not be able to see anything.

"I think I should go and look for a place to sleep before it gets pitch black, and I donít want to think about what could be around here at night, ooh that could be a scary thought" Taili suggested. So Taili found a large rock sticking out of the ground and fell asleep.


Next day she woke up and stretched out her arms and legs and walked around the desert some more.

"You know it may be fun to explore this place, but the blazing sun is burning the fur right off of my back, I need to find some shade to sit in." Taili said. Taili found a spot to sit down and on the way to that spot she hit a rock with her back left paw. When she reached the rock she sat down in the shade unaware of the shadow on the rock.

"Roar!" Screamed a strange voice as a body of another lion lunged right in front of Taili.

"Ahh!" Taili shrieked, jumping back and hitting the rock.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" said the strange voice in an angry tone.

"My name is Taili and I am a little lost, could you help me find my way back to my den?" Taili asked.

"Sure maybe you should come to my cave, you must be very hungry by now" The unknown lion offered. As the mysterious lion walked out of the shade Taili noticed a large scar running down his right eye.

As they were walking Taili told the lion the story of how she had gotten here, she also asked what the young lionís name was and he replied "Oh, sorry I never introduced myself, my name is Kiru." So they walked on, Taili spotted some cactuses, a turtle, and a rabbit hopping in front of them.

"were almost there." Kiru said, "It is just over this hill."

As they walked over the hill Taili saw a cave, it was pretty big.

" Mom, I have a friend with me, she is lost, can she stay with us, and when she is ready I can help her find her way back home" Kiru called to his mother.

" Of corse your girlfriend can stay with us." His mother replied. Kiru and Taili stared at each other for a second and burst out laughing.

When they stopped Kiru asked " do you want to go play outside until supper is ready?"

" Sure we can, I would love to go out and play" Taili replied

So they ran outside the cave and started to play

"I will be it, you run and try to outrun me, if I catch you are it ok?" Kiru asked.

"Got it!" Taili answered

" On the count of three I will start to chase you so watch out, One... Two... Three!" Kiru said. So they started playing, at first Kiru was able to catch Taili but after a while Taili got the hang of the game and she was not caught until Kiruís mother called them in to eat.

So they went in the cave, it was lit by candles on both sides of the cave. They all sat down at the stone table and ate in silence.

Taili broke the silence by saying lazily to Kiru "I am getting a little bit tired how about you?"

"Ya it is getting a little bit late, I think we should go to sleep" Kiru said. They walked further into the cave, when they reached the end of the cave there were some beds of sticks and small leaves. Taili curled up and fell asleep.


"Hey yo, wake up, itís time to go and find your way home!" said Kiru as he shook Taili till she woke from her sleep. Taili sat up still feeling a little drowsy.

"ok, letís get started" Taili said. They walked out of the cave, a little while after they had left Kiru asked "what is it like where you live?"

Taili answered "It is a forest, very dense I was resting on a cliff when I found myself here."

"I think I know where the mountains are! Kiru said excitedly. They started running, their fur flying through the air. Suddenly Kiru took a sharp turn, when Taili turned and slid a bit and some sand flew up off the ground. Through the dust Taili squinted and saw a peak of one of the mountains.

"Hey!, there are one of the mountains see the top of it!" Taili screamed in excitement

"Yep I see it, it shouldnít take to long to long to get there at the rate we are running at" Kiru said. In an hour they were at the foot of the mountains.

"Well, that was just the easy part of the journey, now we need to climb over these mountains" Kiru said.

So they climbed up the mountains, when they reached the top of the first mountain they looked down. It was so beautiful, their were so many green trees and bushes all over the forest, and beyond the forest they saw a lake that kept going along the horizon until they couldnít see it any more.

"Wow, I never knew this forest was this big, and I also didnít know that there was a lake beyond it!" Taili said shocked.

They started down the mountain and into the forest.

"My mom would like this place, it is full of animals!" Kiru said.

Taili looked back up at the mountain and noticed that it was the exact same mountain that Taili had rested on and got carried away.



"Whatís wrong?" Kiru asked

"I think I know where I am" Taili replied "follow me."

Taili led the way with Kiru following close behind her.

"Wait" Taili said.

Taili had just noticed the pink flowers that she had seen on the way here, so she picked some of the flowers, after she had enough of them she and Kiru walked down the path and they reached the meadow.

"The path to my den is just a few minutes away from here, címon letís go" Taili said.

So they broke into a sprint and ran all of the way back to the den.

"Well, I guess this is it isnít it?" Taili asked.

"Maybe not, I think I might come by some time" Kiru said quietly.

"Bye" said Taili.

"Bye" Kiru said back.

After they said bye Kiru ran away and Taili flashed him a thumbs up to him and then she went into the den to tell her mother all about her wonderful adventure.