Bloody Paw: Princess of the Outlands

by: Bloody Paw

I m going to tell you the legacy of Princess Bloody Paw, her legend will live on until the end of her days. The legend started way back when Ahadi and Uru were still alive. Ahadi was once the king of the Pridelands, the richest lands in all of Africa. It had fertile plains, many watering holes, and lush prey. Then again, the Outlands, Shadowlands and The Gates were nothing but a barren wasteland compared to The Pridelands. Now the legend begins of Bloody Paw's Legacy.

One day, Ahadi and Uru were striding off together with their children, Taka and Mufasa. "The cubs are getting bigger and stronger, Ahadi." said Uru her brown fur gleaming in the hot african sun. "Yes, I have observed them many times, my dear, although I might suspect that Taka may run off while Mufasa may stay at home and explore the savannah." replied Ahadi, sternly. His brown mane flowing off his neck and back. "No no, not them, Litila and Fire Courage." said Uru nugging her mate in the shoulder. "Oh, yes I also have observed them too, dear." Ahadi replied. Not knowing that Mufasa and Taka were running off deeper and deeper towards The Gates. But your probably wondering whats so bad about The Gates? Well, it divdes all of the land from the good, the bad, the ugly and the elegant. The good live in The Pridelands, the bad live in The Outlands and The Shadowlands, the ugly live in the Swamps of Gloom, the elegant live in the Mystical Waters of Kiya a land off of Africa. The Gates are more dangerous than all of them put together, you pass through you are on the other side and you will never come back. The black portals between the two Gates get activated when you walk toward them. "Papa said to not goto the gates!!!" hissed Mufasa. "Ya, ya ya, we will turn back soon....." Taka hissed back at Mufasa. "I'm turning back," screeched Mufasa running home. "You can't leave me here...Im too-too--a-f-rr" Taka paused. "Too afraid to go on your own?" Ahadi pounced in front of his children, his mate behind. The little cubs gulped down. Thinking in their heads: "Its HIS fault why am I always blamed?"

Meanwhile, Litila was spending time with her best buddy in the whole wide world, Fire Courage. She saw him in the tall grass, she was stalking him. He was walking toward his den. He was orphaned, hardly any home left to call home at his shallow border of The Pridelands. The deepest slum in the Pridelands, it is a disgrace to live there, usually used as punsihment. Litila was stalking him and then she pounced on him. "GRRRR!! I pinned you!" Litila rubbed in his face. He crouched deeper and deeper into the dirt on purpose, his golden fur was now brown. "Let me up, Litila. Im not in the mood for this." He replied standing up and shaking as he walked. "Are you alright?" she asked with sadness in her eyes. He looked directly into her eyes, and said. "Yes, but I get so lonely and hungry where I live, you have parents and a family, I don't." He said begining to weep and look at the ground. "Don't worry Fire, you always get out of this, and maybe we can run off together agian and watch the sun fall!" She said wrapping her paw around Fire Courage. A gleam of happiness washed his face as he said "YEAH! Your it!" He said tagging her arm.

Ahadi and Uru dragged their children back to the den and gave them a huge lecture. Then Ahadi left to find Litila's family and Fire Courage. He was going to exile them to the Shadowlands and Outlands and to The Gates. "Uru, stay here, I will return shortly after sunset." Ahadi said walking toward Litilas den. Once he got there, her family was eating and she and Fire Courage were laying on a rock together. "AHADI!" Said the big male, Litilas father. "Im soooo sorry! We can not offer you any food at this time. We are to hungry to share!" The pride giggled. Even Litila giggled. "Thats quite alright Lore, um eh, I need to talk to you. In PRIVATE." said Ahadi. "Sure." Said Lore as he walked with Ahadi to a shadey spot under a tree. Litila was about to follow but her mother, Taning stopped her. "Lore, it was a joy for you and your pride to live here but, Im afriad that-" Ahadi was interupted. "-that we are a disgrace for your lands is that it? IS THAT IT??!!" Lore got into his face. "I awaited my whole life to live here in peace with my mate and daughter, and you are just going to take that away???? I'm not giving up without a fight!" Lore screeched choking back tears of pain. "Lore, I don't want to hurt you, I just need more room for the Eastren Pride." Ahadi said calmly. "The Eastren Pride is nothing compared to me, or my pride." Lore said turning his back on him. Suddenly, Lore reached out and pinned him. "EVIDENTLY to you WE MEAN NOTHING!" Lore scratched Ahadi in the face. The blood from Ahadi was dark red. Lore let him up and got his pride together as Litila snuck off with Fire Courage behind the mess. Ahadi jumped up and scratched Lore's arm. The blood from Lore was soaked into the ground, and Lore's pride jumped on top of Ahadi. "EXILED OR NOT!" and "I WILL KILL YOU BEFORE WE LEAVE!" were two of the most popular phrases. Then all of a sudden Ahadi's pride jumped on Litila's. The whole battle was bloody. Litila stayed behind a rock with Fire Courage to watch, until Litila saw her mother fall to the ground...l ife less. Litila ran and ran until the night fell. Fire Courage followed sadly.

"It was true! IT WAS TRUEEEE!!!" Screamed Litila. "It's okay, Lity. Im here for you." sweetly said by Fire Courage. "The Eastren Pride was telling the truth!" Sobbed Litila. "Litila, look at me." Fire Courage told her. Her eyes were little blue orbs frozen in a hollow glaze. Then Fire kissed Litila. She still sobbed, but didn't feel alone anymore. After the night sunk in a little bit Litila talked to him. " Thank you." She said. "Forever, we will be together." Fire Couarge said wrapping his paw around her. She smiled for the first time it was a real smile. She kept thinking in her mind: "Thank you, for everything, you don't know what this means to me." But then she thought she might sound stupid for she was only young. That night they slept side by side in the darkness in the savannah. Just like in their dreams of childhood, this was their last night in the Pridelands.

Several years past after the battle and Litila and Fire Courage had children of their own. Mufasa had died recently, so did Taka. Litila was happy for Kiara which was Simba and Nala's first daughter. Simba is king but was heir to throne before the great accident intended by Taka, It changed the life of all of the Pridelanders. Zira was Taka's mate who got preganant and had Kouvu, Nuka, Vitani, and Mokou. Kouvu is the mate of Princess Kiara. Who just recently had a child, Kai. So Litila decided to have a bundle of joy of her own....three to be precite. Her first born was Sparks. A little bolt of lighting he is. He is four years apart from his sisters, Bloody Paw, Sheera and Ginger. Ginger is the adopted Tigeress who is ready to start life over. They live in the Shadowlands but visited the Outlands often for food and other reasons. "So mom, what are we doing today?" asked Bloody Paw. "Dear, you can do whatever you want." Litila said in a yawn sleeping. It was three o clock in the morning. This was normal, for Bloody Paw atleast. She awakes early but stays awakes late. That was one thing annoying her. Bloody Paw left the den, to stroll the early morning, her sister, Sheera, awoke from her being so loud stomping outside. "HEY! Big Sister! WAIT up!" Sheera warned her slowing down. Bloody Paw turned but wanted to be alone. "Can't you see im BUSY?!" Snarled Bloody. "Walking yes, anything else, no...." Sheera said jumping on a rock prissy like. "I'm thinking." Bloody Paw said staring at the cool dewy ground. "and I don't need you to help." With that said Bloody Paw left Sheera on the rock. Sheera was begining to get up, but instead let her be and fell asleep on it. Bloody Paw was going to The Pridelands. She was starving and couldn't wait to get there. "Oh I can IMAGINE that juicy zebra meat, so tender, so delicate. I gotta have it!" Bloody Paw ran off to the Pridelands, one thing was wrong with that. She was a cub. Older than the youngest but the smallest of them, she was brav e, but afraid of Kai, Kouvu and Kiara's new born cub. Adelsocent he is. Then Sheera snuck up behind Bloody Paw as she was about to jump through the gates. "NO! Stop!!!" Screamed Sheera. "WHAT? IM sssSSSssssSSSSSSssstarrrRRR Vvvvvvinnnngggg!!!" Grumbled a scared Bloody Paw. "We have food here." Sheera assured her while her paw still lay on her tail. "Not tender zebra, zebra SHEERA ZEBRA!" Bloody Paw said with her mouth watering. "Well if you dont want to get pounded by Sparks then you may wanna start running home." Sheera said prancing off. "Wait up!!" Bloody said following her.

Sparks was already on his way to find them. Sparks was mean to all of his sisters, esipaclly Ginger. He is racist. Very racist. In fact he couldn't stand Ginger. "GET HOME NOWWWWWWWwwwwWWWW!" roared Sparks as he saw the girls coming. "Whats wrong with you eh? EH?" Sparks protested. Bloody Paw gave off a little roar. Sparks just glanced at her, as the two sisters giggled and laughed at the way Sparks butt moved as he walked. Sparks was a boney 14 year old at the time. There was hardly any food at all there. Bloody Paw and her sisters were starving. They arrived there shortly after sun rise. "Here mother, your little DARLINGs." Snarled Sparks as he was walking on to the dens ceiling. He grumbled to himself to sleep...again. Sparks was soo mean to the girls. They didn't mind though, they just talted on him and they were surely okay. "Bloody, im starving." Said Ginger with an eager look. "So am I Gingy, but we have to wait for mom to get ready for the hunt." Bloody Paw said hungry. "Litila rally the lioness's and get off to the hunt." Fire Courage said. "I will take the girls out for a talk about hunting." The sisters were pacing back and forth through the tall grasses near their den. Bloody Paw was grumbling. Then Ginger, and Sheera jumped on top of the den with their brother. "Get away from me, you little queer." He said. "Stop calling me things like that. Im prettty sad about what you say to me.... and I dont think its right." Ginger said begining to wail. "Oh shut up both of YOU. God you have no.....hmmm lets see what s the word.....MATURITY!!!" Sheera stepped in. "Girls, follow me." Said a gloomy Fire Courage. "Papa, where are we going?" asked Ginger. "I'm going to show you how to hunt, it is your mothers job but she simply has no time." Fire Courage replied. He showed them every move and every sing thing there was to hunting. "Now girls, breakfast is served." he said walking home. "Dad, can we just eat with the family today?" Ginger asked. "Yes, Ginger." He said rolli ng his eyes. They gobbled down fast, the blood from the prey was soaking their faces. "Easy now!" said Sparks greedily. "GIRLS! What has gotten into you?" Litila asked them. "Mom we said we were hungry....!" Sheera said gulping down a small peice of the leg. "Yeah mom." Bloody Paw added. "Well I would like you to use your manners from now on, act like your 10 not 2." Litila said. They all shook their head and were off to a bath. "Mom, we are going to the watering hole near the Pride-" Sheera was nugged. "the! We will be home soon." they said. "No. That is not okay. Let me finish eating and I will do it myself." Litila said slyly. "Oooh. Now your in for the big slobbrey bath! Im sooo glad I dont have to anymore!" Cackled Sparks. "You will be next if you keep it up!" Litlia shouted at him. He almost imdealty shut up. Litila got up from the rest of the pride to bathe her children. "Bloody Paw!" Bloody Paw walked that long road to the rock. Her mother picked her up and began cleaning her. "Mom, why on earth did you name me Bloody Paw?" she asked. "Because its a traditional name on your fathers side." Litila explained. Litila had trouble cleaning the blood off her stomach and feet she eventually got it. "Ginger!" She was next. Ginger walked slowly and boringly. "Ginger get up here!" Then with a quick burst of energy Ginger ran up to the rock. She cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Ginger was spotless. "SHEERA!" Sheera walked up there. She layed there like royality. "You actually like your bath!?" Asked Ginger. "As a matter of fact, yes." she said turning over. Her head was now hanging down off the rock. Her chin was the dirtyest. They were eventaully clean, but now where was their dad?

He was up the mountain, Red Fire. His attention was caught onto the juicyest looking zebra in all of the Outlands and Shadowlands. He was not aware of the Legend. The Legend was that if you walk up the mountain, Red Fire,and catch the Blood Zebra, you will have blood stains all over your body and you will turn white, black or red all over. He chased the zebra down the mountain. He caught it and then he was turned all black with stains. A huge swirling spiral of smoke filled the air, and he caught himself floating in mid-air. His prey had got up and gone. A dragon smugged up the smoke and blew fire that Fire Courage couldn't escape or feel. The dragon had scared Fire Courage across the eyes, shoulders, back, stomach and the unique scar on his tail tuff and mane. He was let down and the dragon vanished. He ran down the mountain and found himself, not alone. Right before his eyes, he saw 7 gigantic dragons blowing fire on his pride. "Bloody Paw! Sheera! Ginger! Run away from them as far as you can!" Screamed Bloody Paw's mother. Bloody Paw knew right where to run, The Gates. "Come on follow me!" Bloody screamed as they were chased by two gigantic red dragons. Ginger fell into a shallow hole. She fainted. Bloody Paw and her sister kept running. "Bloody PAW! We are not going to make it!" Sheera screamed crying. "YES WE ARE!"Bloody Paw screamed back. They kept running and the smokey dragons kept following them. The other dragons back at the pride's den were gone and had already cursed the rest of their family. "BLOODY We cant MAKE THE GATES! WE WILL BE LOST FOREVER BETWEEN THE TWO LANDS!" Sheera slowed down. "NO! We Cant STOP!" Bloody Paw said. The dragons let up off their tails. They were flying high in the air. The two sisters watched in amazement. Their mouths open, they stopped running. The dragons were coming back at full speed and the girls were off to The Gates. They almost entered the black portal. "Bloody we cant!" Sheera said. "We have to!" Bloody Paw said in mid-ju mp. The Gates were opening. The girls jumped in and it was like a whole other story. They were in the Pridelands. The dragons entered too. The girls turned back and they were only through the Gates for 20 seconds one second more and they would have been lost there forever. They ran and ran and ran back to their pride. They saw the hole they thought Ginger dropped into. They were wrong. They fell into a hole and they were trapped. The dragons blew their fire at them and they were cursed forever. The dragons left and forever would they be proud. But for the sisters, they were forever cursed. "Are you alright?" Sheera asked. "Yah. Where in the world did Ginger go?" Bloody Paw asked jumping outta the hole. Blood soaked they looked at each other. "GAuh!H!H!H!HHH!H!" They screamed at each other. Ginger climbed out of a hole near by. "BLOODY! SHEERA!What happened?" She asked.
"Were cursed." Sheera said blandly. "Those firey dragons gave us a Bloody Curse." Bloody Paw said. "What dont think-mom and dad?" Ginger said and the girls prossed that and they ran off to their pride. "MOM! DAD! Dad?? Mom???" The girls were puzzled. They were no where in site. "Maybe they-" Sheera responded sadly. "No! Dont you talk like that! Not now, not ever!" Ginger snapped at her sister. "Stop yelling, you freaks!" It was their brother, Sparks. "SPARKS! You survived the curse?" Bloody Paw asked. "Well, I didnt but it seemed liked I did!" The girls were still just astonished. "Where is mom and dad?" the girls asked. "I havent a clue." He said. "I will figure it out!"Bloody Paw said scampering off as usual. "That is what got us into this mess!" Sparks snapped. "I can't believe im doing this but-" Sparks picked up Bloody Paw and carried her to a rock were he could watch her. "That was the foulest thing I have EVER went through!" Sparks complained in a corner. "Yah right!" Sheera said. "You probably liked it!" Ginger and Sheera sniggered. "Shut UP!" Sparks hissed. "Well, you dont have to be rude, brother..." Ginger whispered to Spark s. "Now everybody just stay where you are. Im going to look for mom and dad...." Sparks left.

when Prince Sparks found his and his sisters parents, they were covered in blood. From head to tail, nothing didnt have blood on it. "SPARKS! Oh thank the heavens! Where is your sisters, are you alright are they alright?!" Litila was panicked. Her fur was rising off of her back. "Yes mother, they are fine, im fine, are you alright?"

"We are fine, looks like we are cursed."

"We kinda figured that one out when being cornered by seven dragons." Fire Courage added to his wifes comment.

"Atleast you are fine."

"And you too." Sparks nuzzled his mother. The only time you would ever see his soft side was now. A midlife crisis.

"We should head to the den. We want to make sure our darlings are alright." Litila said.

The three of them ran back to the den.


The three girls had waited for their parents and brother to get back soon, in silence, until Ginger spoke up. "I don't like how Sparks treats us. We should have gone with him to see our parents. What if they were hurt?"

"They ARE the king and queen of half of the land! I can't think of one person who would try and hurt our family. Right Bloody Paw? Bloody Paw??" Sheera nugged her sister who was fast asleep atlast. "I think we should do the same." Sheera whispered to Ginger. Sheera was next to sleep. Ginger still stirred. What if what happened to her biological parents is what happened to her adopted parents? She worried until she heard her mother. "GINGER! SHEERA! BLOODY PAW! Your alright!"

"Of course they are, they are our daughters!" Fire Courage said.

Ginger felt a great warmth over her. "Honey, its nearly the break of a new day, lets get some sleep and contuine in the morning." Litila whispered. Litila nestled herself around Ginger. Ginger fell asleep.

In the morning, Bloody Paw was the first to wake. She yawned and stretched, and walked to The Gates for her morning stroll. She walked the path she always followed and went directly to the watering hole to look at her reflection. She gazed into it slowly, her eyes closed tightly then she opened them, she took a deep breath and peered in it. She saw what she thought was a blessing. She loved the scars under her eyes. Then she looked at all the scars on her legs and tail. Blood stained but why blood? She thought out the logic but still figured out nothing. Sheera awoke an hour after Bloody Paw. Sheera also peered in the water. She did not like her curse. "Why our family sister?" Sheera asked sobbing. "Because, everything bad has to happen to us." Bloody Paw said awkwardly. Then they heard a noise that sounded like a man. He mumbled: You stupid mutt! Get out of the truck! We are done hunting the lions for tonight! GET OUT SASHENKA!!!!! Bloody Paw and Sheera slowly walked over to where they heard the sounds. It was a big spot of cleared out grass. The man was in the back of the jeep that looked like zebra stripes. He pulled out a gun and shot it at the ground. The two lionesses flinched as they heard it, it rang in their hears, then they heard him say:"THERE! That'll teach you to disobey me! Stupid damn mutt! Get out of the way!" "Who is Sashenka?" Sheera whispered. "It means to be a difender of man kind. Looks like her name is not that of what she is, atleast to the man who owns her." Bloody Paw whispered back. They then realized they did not blend in with the grass anymore, they were white with red scars. That was obvious. They slowly backed away from the mans camp and ran home to the den. Their mother and sister were still sleeping. "Dad, we have to tell you something, man is in the territory!" Sheera exclalimed while staring at her fathers large muscles and black fur. "Dad your the only one who can do anything about it, me and Bloody Paw are white, Ginger can't hunt, no offen se to her, and mom is white too, and Sparks is too inpatient." Sheera said. Sparks was grumbling and cussing in the corner of the den. "Lead me to where you saw this mess Sheera." Her dad ordered. "Come Sparks, you need some exercise anyway." Sheera lead her father to where Bloody Paw had found the camp. The man's Jeep was gone. "I swear dad! A man was here! I would never ever li-" Sheera sat there and wondered why her. "You are not to venture off. Any of you. Not even your mother. I am not discipling you, I just want you to be safe." The sign on the camp's tent said: Lion Hunting

For 10 Days

Sheera gulped down hard. "I will hunt father." Sparks said. "Be carefull son, that man could be anywhere." Fire Courage said leaving his son alone to hunt.

Sparks was grinning as he ran off towardsThe Gates. He knew right where he was going: The Pridelands. "Im going to bring back a large giraffe and the whole pride will love me for it and I will be avenged forever!!" He whispred to himself. He ran up to The Gates and he was reading himself to jump when his tail was stomped on by a smaller paw. A wolfs paw. Sparks slowly turned around and saw a white wolf. "Whats this? A male caught off his guard?"

"Excuse me, but who are you?" Sparks acted scared.

"Why I am man's best friend, I am Yin."

"And I am Yang." Said yet another wolf that walked up.

"And you sir are intruding on private property."

"ME? My father is King of these lands, I am a Prince!"

"And IM the queen of England." Yin said chuckiling.

"Well, I am."

"You still are invading, this is the camp grounds to a proffesional lion hunter."Yang said.

"You would not dare."

"OH, I would." Yang and Yin started to howl a song that Sparks could not understand.

"STOP!" Sparks said panicked. " I will do anything."

"Leave." Yang had said.

"Leave." Yin had said

They started to chant "leave" around Sparks.

"Okay. I will!" Sparks jumped through The Gates and he was drawn in. The wolves were on the otherside, speechless.

Again, Sparks was alone, and confused. The black was swirling around him, fog and darkness was everywhere. He had never seen such a thing before. Sparks began to feel like he was beeing sucked through a little hole, then when he thought it was the end and he thought he was going to goto the other end forever, a paw was on the opposite side he came from. He touched it, and he was sucked through to the other end. He landed on the other side, and a circle of lions and lionesses sourneded him. He gulped down. "Who are you Outsider?" Simba said softly. "I am the-the Prince of-of-of-" Sparks was white with fear. "Of?" Nala said sternly. "Of the Shadowlands and-and Outlands, I mean you-you, no harm. No harm at all." Sparks was shaking with fear and gulping with anticipation. "I doubt that." One of the lionesses said. "But...I..I...I mmeeannn you...noo noo harmm..." Sparks was so scared he felt he was going to die of fear. "And to think your an Outlander and Shadowlander. Your white with fear." Simba and Kovu sniggered. " think that you you are aa a a Pridelander, your your rude and and im that." Sparks said. "How do I get back to to the other side?" Sparks asked sternly without shaking. "You have to try to get back to the other with all your power." Simba said. "But your in it knee deep. You will stay her 20 days and 19 nights." Sparks was fearing that. "But! My family will miss me! I will-" Sparks wanted home. "Very well." Sparks said. "Come on. It can't be that bad." Kiara said. She was carrying her son, Kai. Simba lead his pride to Pride Rock. "And this is where you'll sleep." Simba pointed to a small shadey spot at the tip of Pride Rock. "And if I see any funny business then I will banish you forever to the Eastern Pride." Simba told Sparks. Sparks walked off Pride Rock and ran to The Gates. He tried pushing through but it was closed. He then saw an all white muzzle, an all black muzzle, and a small white muzzle with brown spots. Three canines jumped th rough The Gates. Sparks then tried so hard to jump through The Gates, he got half way through when the three canines drug him back to the other end. "What is it you want from me?" Sparks exclaimed. "Relax kid, we appologize for back there, our owner was watching." Yang said. The little puppy was chasing her tail. "Yeah. He really sucks." She said. "SASHENKA! Watch it!" Yin said to her. Just then, I large tree struck down to Sashenka's side. "EEk! What was that?" Sashenka screeched. "Shhh!! Somebody is coming, run, Hide!" Yang told her. "And you," Yang made a circle around Sparks, his deep voice crawled up Sparks back."Don't think you wont come out of here, because, you will. In less than 20 days." Yang told him with a wink. Sparks stared as the two wolves, and the one dog jumped through The Gates. Why can't he? Sparks hid in the grass trying to hide his black complextion then was startled by, "What are you doing?" It was Kai. Kiara and Kovu's son. "Emm." Sparks said nothing.

Back at the den, the pride was getting worried. Bloody Paw paced with her three sisters. "Where can he be?" Litila and Fire Courage whispered in the corner. "He is hunting, or maybe he was caught by that pocher." Litila jumped up from her spot and yelled: "POCHER? POCHER? YOU TOLD ME THERE WAS NO POCHER! SOME KING INDEED! HE CAN'T EVEN TELL HIS OWN QUEEN WHAT HAPPENED TO HER PRINCE!!! WHAT IF YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME!" Litila was sobbing and the three sisters stopped pacing. "Cheating? Father would never do that. Would he?" Ginger asked her sisters. "CHEATING? ON YOU! I WOULD NEVER! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK LIKE THAT??" Fire Courage came at her. "I just was thinking. I am sorry. I should not have said that." Litila said apologizing. "Yeah. Well I kinda see how you got that impression." Fire Courage nuzzled his mate. "MOTHER! Look!" Bloody Paw stood on her hind legs up agianst a tree. It was Yin, Yang, and of course Shashenka. Fire Courage stood up and ran towards them full charge and roared, the other pride members followed. "Calm down your highness." Yin said calmly as the three of them bowed. "We are here to tell you what happened to your son." Yang said calmly. "My SON! What happened to my SON!! Tell us!" Litila arose to her lunging jump and stood fiercfully agianst Yang. Yang backed a few steps, and started to talk. "Your son, Sparks, is on the other side of The Gates, sadly, he cannot leave until his sentence is over. Simba and Nala, Kiara and Kovu are there. Kai, looks more evil than good. Your son is in good hands, IF and only IF he stays away from Kai, and the kingdoms kings and queens." Yang stopped. "Why can't he get back to the other side?" Sheera cocked her head to the left. "Because, HE is the only one in your pride that can stop them." Yin said. "Stop them? Then why can't he start them?" Ginger said getting angry. Even though Sparks was cruel to her, she did love him. "Because, you two toned girl can start them. You are the only one was not crusesed. Sparks was the last to get crus esed." Yang started back in. Ginger stared with her mouth open. "His sentence will last until you sisters are teenaged." Yin told them. Litila fell to her knees crying, her king sitting down on the dry ground. They all heard a whisper in the distance and a man say the dogs names. "Now if you would excuse us, we have to go." Shashenka said with her ears perked, and they ran to the mans Jeep that was rolling fast across the savannah. The lions ran into their den. Litila was sobbing, and Ginger was crying too. "Why do I have to be choosen? Why me? Why always me?"

A few moths later, the three sisters turned to teens and were strong. Shashenka was still only a puppy, but the the three sisters baby sat the puppy for three juicy steaks that Joshua Dereck, the dogs owner, gave to the dogs. Yin and Yang were still moving in and out of The Gates, they were the messenger for Sparks and his family. "Dear, isn't Ginger finally a teen?" Litila said still woozy from the two months her son had been gone. "Yes dear, she is." Fire Courage said. Litila jumped from her slumber and ran to Ginger. "GINGER!" Ginger turned and saw her mother jump toward her. "You must goto The Gates today and start them!" Litila told her. "I shall." Ginger got up, and walked the path to The Gates with her whole family. "How do I do it?" Ginger whispered. "You just-I dont know actually." Bloody Paw said confused. Luckily, the three dogs were at The Gates. "Well, its about time you got here!" Sashenka said walking to greet them. "Follow me Ginger." Yin said thoughtfully. Litila watched in white fear in her mates paws. "Just stand at The Gates's eye and scream 'Naina!' and it should come to a gapeing hole, run through it and get your brother. Once you have him, scream 'Naina!' and jump back through the eye. Got that?" Yin explained. "I do." Ginger said. She walked slowly up to The Gates. The Gates were turning a deep midnight black and she screamed, 'Naina!' and they opened. Ginger jumped through it and landed on the other side. "Good Luck." Litila, and her sisters said.

Ginger was shaking with fear as she was in the foggy black surface. Ginger was crying then she landed, rolling on her back and sure enough, she ran right into her brother, Sparks. "Ginger?" Sparks wondered as he stood. "Sparks! Oh my God! IM so HAPPY TO SEE YOU! Alive! Your ALIVE!" Ginger was jumping on her brother. "Yeah. Im alive. But barely. You would think these Pridelanders would be more easy on these things. But nooo they feed you once a day! And thats if you dont chew a stick!" Sparks was yelling. Ginger giggled. "Well hurry! Lets get out of here!" Sparks followed his sister, and so did Kai, Kiara and Kovus son. After Ginger screamed 'Naina!' Kai followed. Ginger came back with her brother. "SPARKS! IM SOOO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!" The two sisters said running up to him. "Your-your-Alive." Fire Courage said. "I missed you soo much! I cant believe your alive!!!!!!!" Litila was crying and squeezing her son, like she has never seen him before. The pride walked back to their den, and the dogs followed to celebrate. Kai was spying on them. Kai walked towards their den and layed there and listened. Their voices were muffled, but he tried to anyway. Sparks had almost a full mane, and it was black with red stains. Kai was thinking hard about Bloody Paw. He became infauctiated with her body and scars. He stared at her for more than an hour. Then the pride went fast asleep. Kai moved in.

Kai sniffed around to find Bloody Paw, when he did, he picked her up by the last bit of her scruff and dragged her to an open spot in the savannah on a rock. Bloody Paw awoke. "Shhh." Kai told her. "I will be done soon." Bloody Paw was looking questionable. Then out of no where Kai jumped on her. "Noo! You are a sick lion!" Bloody Paw scartched his eyes and he was bleeding badly. She jumped on his back and sunk her claws deep into his flesh. He was screaming and hissing, blood soaked the ground. "You WILL be sorry, Bloody Paw!" Kai said running off after he threw her agianst a wall. Bloody Paw crawled to the den sobbing and shaking. Her back feet were paralized. In the morning, Sheera was the first to awake to find Bloody Paw sobbing and shaking. "Hey! Hey? Whats wrong?" Sheera poked at her sister. Bloody Paw could barely speak. "Kai-Kai tried to rape me, but-but he threw me agianst a rock after I-I-I scratched him in the face and back. Loo-Look at my fe-fe-feet! They are paralized, I think." Bloody Paw turned to show her sister. They just looked bruised. Not broken, nor paralized. "Bloody Paw, they are only bruised my sister. Hang in there!" Sheera woke her parents up, who took her up and placed her on a large rock. "We will need a bandage, that humans wear." Fire Courage said. It was like a prayer, the three dogs came running. "Hello!" Sashenka said happily. "Sashenka, we need two long bandages. Does your owner have any?" Litila said inspecting Bloody Paw's back feet. "Emm..Yeah! Yeah! I think I saw some goss in the back of his Jeep with tape. Do you want that too?" Sashenka said. "Yeah. That tooo! OW! MOM!" Bloody Paw shrilled. "I will return. Stay here!" Sashenka ran off. "Where will I go?" Bloody Paw mumbled. Three or four minutes later, Sashenka returned with some goss, and tape, and a slash mark across her back. "What happened to your back?" asked Ginger who just joined the group and laying down. "And what in the hell happend to you?" Ginger was fierce when she s aid this. "Ow! GOD MOM! STOP! I was thrown against a wall, after almost being raped..."

Ginger stared and cocked her head a bit and replied with, "Oh." and then she shutup. She had enough fame for the day. "My back was ripped open when I tried to get out, Joshua grabbed my back and pulled me out. I ran and here I am. Now take this and wrap it around her paws, then tape the edges of it down. Oh yeah, before you tape it, cut it from its roll with your claws." Shashenka said walking home. "Where are you going?" Sheera asked. "Home. Before Josh has a herniea again. Bye." Shashenka left. They wrapped Bloody Paw's back feet and she lay there, helplessly. "Dad, I, I feel sick and I want to move." Bloody Paw said. "I know, I know dear." Fire Courage said. "Wheres mum?" Bloody Paw asked with the last bit of energy. "She left, hunting I suspect, would you want me to carry you to the den?" her dad suggested. "Sure." Bloody Paw fell asleep.

As soon as it came, it left. Her back feet were no longer paralized or anything after an hour or so. It was like magic. Then all of a sudden, Sparks came running back home, he was hunting too. "Dad THANK GOD I found you!!! Kai must have struck mum, she is lying there half dead in the savannah!" Sparks said running off. Bloody Paw got up and ran with a limp, her sisters tried to help her run too. "LITILA!" Fire Courage said while running. "Litila, are you alright?" "I think its time for me to go." Fire Courage stared with tears in his eyes. "You can't queen."

"I have to go, Ambika is waiting for me, you were good to me, all of you were, and for that, I want Lalassa to take my place."

"Who is Lalassa mother?" Bloody Paw asked.

"Lalassa is your sister, when you were cubs you went to the gates, and fought with a cub there, you dont know who she is, until today, she is here. Good Bye my family, I will be your gurdian angel forever." Litila closed her eyes and a tear dripped from them. She is dead. Bloody Paw ran off crying as the rest of the family picked up their dead Queen to burry her. Bloody Paw stood at the well of the ring and watched the water surge by. "Excuse me miss?" Bloody Paw looked up. "I was wondering...why are you crying?" It was a male lion. "Im crying because, my mother is dead, and she didnt choose me to be queen. She chose our unknown sister." Bloody Paw sobbed and layed on her paw. "Well thats too bad. I was wondering, and I have been here awhile, If I could join your pride?" Bloody Paw still stared at him. "Don't even know your name!" She exclaimed as a waterfall of tears came running down her face. "Its Zirey." He said. "And this is Taborri." He showed off a wolf. "Hello." she said. "Zirey, I dont think you can become part of our pride just yet." Bloody Paw said getting up and walk toward home. "I will see you around." She said. She arrived home and fell asleep in the den.

Later that night, Fire Courage awoke and watched the stars appear. He walked down to the end of the rock he was sitting on. "Litila, come to me, I need to consult you one last time." Fire Courage said to the brightest star. He saw yellow smoke come from that star and a layer of it was purple with blue glitter. Then a teal lioness came down the steps made from yellow smoke. "Yes my king?" She asked lightly. She was all smoggy and it was Queen Litila. "I didnt think you would come down!" Fire Courage said. "Well, Im what my king?" "I dont think you made the right choice for who to be Queen. I think it should be, Bloody Paw." Fire Courage said. "Yes...tell her that I changed my mind." The Queen said. "I know you've been gone for only a hour, but I miss you, WE all miss you." Litila rose high in the air her paws spread wide open, and stars began to fall out of her grasp, as she sang a tune to her living love. "Tomorow something horrible will happen." Litila said. "I dont know what, but its going to happen." She said she started to run across the savannah and kissed the King and she was raining tears as she went back to her star. Fire Courage went to sleep that night wondering what could happen. The next day came soon, and Sheera went out to hunt. She went way out to the Gates and hunted down the biggest animal there. Then all of a sudden, the huge Jeep, Joshua Dereck drove was driving across the savannah, Joshua got out of the car, and he shot out at Sheera. The bullet hit her, and she crumpled to the ground, she could hear the man say, "Get her Yin!" Yin ran to her and had to drag her to the car, where Taborri and Zirey were. Zirey was there because he was hunting, and Sheera was dying slowly. "Hey, are you alright?" Zirey asked. "Hush up Zirey. Its bad enough you trusted me, Josh's pet dog!" Cackeled Taborri. Zirey mumbled shutup, under his breath.The Jeep kept driving and driving until it stopped at a space under a tree. "Get out of my car you darn mutts! Come get out of here!" He shooed the 4 wolves out of his Jeep. "Go get those two lions, NOW!" Josh demanded. "Dont forget to kill them." He said drinking some whisky. The 4 dogs cornered them in the Jeep. Sheera, still dying slowly. Taborri was the only one to touch them. Zirey tried to kill Taborri, he swiped her across the face and blood soaked the Jeep as Josh walked off to another tree where he cussed at it, before he passed out. Sheera lay dead on the Jeep, but Taborri layed wounded, and Zirey stand blood soaked. He ran to the pride of Bloody Paw. "Bloody Paw! Your sister is dead!!!" Zirey said. Bloody Paw turned to him with tears of shame in her eyes. "What?" "Yeah!" Zirey said. "Come on follow me!" Zirey lead her to where her mangled sister lay, and a hyena stood over her body, Mayon. "Hello mate." Mayon said grining a bloody grin."What brings you here?" He asked. "Thats my sister!" Bloody Paw said running over to her. "Dear sister, please guard our family forever, and make it to the heavens." Bloody Paw said nuzzling her sister and letting a tear drop into her blood soaked body. Mayon swarmed over her and started to gnaw on her leg. Bloody Paw could not bear it and ran to home, Zirey followed. "Uh, hi. Listen, im sorry your sister is dead, and her body is being mangled up by some stupid hyena." Zirey was only making it worse. That night Bloody Paw told her whole famliy what happened. The next day she went to the gates with Zirey and awaited for them to open, "NAINA!" shouted Bloody Paw the smokey eye blinked and opened, then a long and slinder lioness jumped through. Bloody Paw jumped on her and started to kill her. The lioness stood up. "Who are you trying to kill?" Lalassa said. "Your Lalassa?" Bloody Paw asked. "Yes." Lalassa said steeping toward where Bloody Paw's family was. Bloody Paw, Lalassa, and Zirey struted home and Bloody Paw also gave Zirey the news she was pregnant. Zirey just about fainted. Bloody Paw walked up to the great skull rock, as the animals of the Outlands, and Shadowlands came to th e Skull rock. Bloody Paw roared, and annouced her new king, and she also annoced that she was pregnant. The legend will contuine.

The End (for now.)


Egyptain Trail: Bloody Paw's Legacy