The Lion King 3:

Kovu's Reign

Part One

Saffron claws tore at the red sky like claws. She sun rose up through the clouds, breaking the mist as if it was hunting it.

A dagger-shaped rock broke through all of this, and perched atop it was a dark, gaunt lion. He sighed, closing his eyes. A mud-colored paw reached up to touch the scar on his right eye, newly-received. A lightly colored lioness padded next to him. Her scruffy set of bangs dangled down into her flashing blue eyes.

"Heya, Kovu."

"Hi, 'Tani," he responded quietly.

"Kovu," she snarled in disgust, "stop it. Mom's dead, you didn't even know your dad, my dad was killed by your father-in-law...and where's my grief?"

"Maybe you're right."

"Right?" Vitani was practically spitting acid. "Kovu, you killed my brother, my full brother, might I add. You crushed him to death under a pile of logs. And I'm not crying now.

"You went out with all of Mom's intentions and came back betrothed to the daughter of a lion that threw my father to his death. And where are the tears?

"You betrayed our mother...our mother, Kovu, our own mother! And your last gift to her before she killed herself was to turn tail and run to save your precious little flower."

Kovu looked up at her, his eyes like ice. "Love is something a lioness like you will never know,sister. The only thing you love is hate."

He turned and padded into the den. Vitani then sighed, her eyes peering upwards, towards the sky. "Hate," she mumbled, grinning insanely. "He tells me off and then says I'm the hate-filled one!" She chuckled darkly as the sun ceased its climbing through the sky. "He must get it from Mother..."

One might be wondering how Vitani could have been so cruel to her own brother. The fact of the matter was that Kovu was the result of a pairing between Zira and a flea-bitten rogue that attacked her. She pleaded for her life, and had to agree to mate with him to live. Oddly enough, the same lion had green eyes, brown fur, and a dark mane. He might have been Scar's twin if not for his strong build. All of this was passed down to him...the new Scar...Kovu.

Nuka only resented the cub for stealing the position of heir. Vitani adored her new brother--until the day Zira came home, clutching him in her mouth. The day she chided him for befriending...her...Kiara. Simba's daughter.

But then...then...he got away with it. She assumed he was plotting something and praised the boy for how smart he was. And Vitani hated him then. He could've frolicked with anyone else. But no, he had to pick the princess!

And all because of misenterpretation, Zira had loved him more than she could ever love them. The only time she even mentioned Nuka again was when he lay dying under a pile of logs. Sad, yet painfully ironic that Zira had admired her late husband's "courage" for laying down his life. As if it took a lot of courage to lie and then be torn to shreds.

Vitani sighed and closed her eyes, and then let sleep overtake her as she lay in the sun.