The Lion King 3:

Kovu's Reign

Part Two

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On with the show...


Simba wasn't really sure why Vitani was so compelled to join them. The usual answer he got from the other lionesses was "The Outlands were too small."

He now padded over to Vitani and tapped her with an extended claw. She stirred, then grinned. "Yes, your majesty?"

"I was wondering...why did you side with Kia--"

She sighed, ears dropping to the sides of her head. "Mom had changed," she told him, picking at a strand of grass. "She wanted to destroy everything...and then it killed her."

Simba got up with a sigh. "That was the same way Scar was," he reflected. Vitani nodded in agreement, then watched as Simba began to grow smaller and smaller as he padded off into the den.

"Scar was never like that," a familiar voice hissed.

"Mother?!" Vitani turned, eyes wide, her claws sinking into the dirt. There before her were a pair of reddish-brown eyes. Behind them, a tan body materialized. Vitani emitted a glad cry, grasping the familiar forelegs. "Mother! It's..."

Then she looked up. She had expected the evil to have left her in death. But Zira's face was blank, expressionless...dead, in a sense. Her eyes were completely emotionless. They filled her with so much horror that it took her what seemed like an eternity to realize she was still embracing her mother's legs. Zira walked past her without saying a word. But then she did say a word, one that cut Vitani to the quick.