The Lion King 3:

Kovu's Reign

Part Four

Sauda stepped into the den, her dark green eyes darting from lion to lion. Everyone was either awakened by the storm or struggling to sleep again.

Then she noticed Simba and Nala, huddled against each other. They were limp, cold...


"Aiheu be great," she gasped, then ran to a rather drenched Vitani. Her yes flashed like wildfire.

"Well?" she asked, water dripping from her bangs.

"The king and queen are dead!" Sauda wailed. Vitani embraced the hysterical lioness, listening as her friend's sobs bagan to subside. "It was Zira's doing, I just know!" Sauda whispered, still shaken.

"So now Kovu and Kiara will become the rulers..." Vitani mused.

"I hope they're good at it," Sauda sighed.

"Oh, they will," Vitani said darkly, her eyes narrowed beneath her bangs. "I'll make sure of it..."

" 'Tani? You comin' back to bed yet?" Sauda questioned.

"Nah. I need to think."